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Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
TORONTO, ON - DECEMBER 07: The Buffalo Bills and the Miami Dolphins play in the first regular season NFL game held in Canada on December 7, 2008 at Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

A Shot to the Heart

It had to be Toronto.  The bogeyman in our collective closets when it comes to the future of our NFL team.  The Bills annual give away of a home game is easily my least favorite week of the year and I mean it's not even close.

I was hoping that maybe this year would feel different.  A new lease had me feeling more secure about the future, at least the immediate future, anyways.  The dramatic changes to the franchise that followed also made me more optimistic than I had been in a long time about the direction the Bills are heading.

That all didn't go away, but this has been a long week.  It started with reports of Jon Bon Jovi partnering with some big wheels in a potential bid to buy the Bills some day and, of course, move them to Toronto.

None of that changes the status of the Bills lease with Erie County.  There was at the time of the announcement of the agreement, just as there is now, reason to be concerned about the 7th year buyout window.  I guess after spending lots of time and energy agonizing over the long term fate of the team I was hoping to enjoy more than 11 months before being reminded just how vulnerable the Bills, and their fans, still are.

Then there was still the matter of this season and the Bills chase of the 6th seed in the AFC.  You know the drill by now.  As long a shot as it may have seemed going in, a win in Toronto Sunday would have left the Bills a game behind a pair of teams they had already beaten.  That's all gone now, bouncing away on the the inferior turf at Rogers Center like so many Stevie Johnson or Scott Chandler fumbles.

You'd think after 13 straight non playoff seasons, staring down the barrel of another one wouldn't hurt that much.  For me, losing to Atlanta would've been bad enough.  The Toronto/Bon Jovi factor has me feeling like pulling the covers up over my head and hoping that the bogeyman goes away.

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