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Bulldog -Snow Day

The Blizzard of '14 is a thing.  As of late morning, not so much in my warm toasty North Buffalo home as it is in South Buffalo.  Oh it's cold and all sorts of stupid windy.  Like the house is shaking so much you can see ripples in the toilet water windy.  But not so much for the snow.
At least not yet.  It is the sort of cold and windy that demands sensible parents keep their kids indoors even though they're looking out the front door dreaming of finding a Tauntaun wandering down the street.  Instead, there is a video game tournament the rules of which I'm not really all that clear on but like that matters?  Besides, my role is only to play some NHL '14.  Get me playing Transformers or Halo and I really don't have the slightest idea which "guy" I am and what I'm shooting at anyways.
These are fun days is the point, provided of course that all your loved ones are safe and warm.  Mom is at the hospital working and the way that goes she may not be home until Wednesday morning, so there's that.  But still, even that feels right.  When she called to tell me that she would likely be gone a while I could sense an excitement in her voice at being in that spot.
Responding to these sorts of days makes us feel good.  Useful, even.  At least that is how it works for me.  There is nothing all that physically hard about my average day.  I mean, really, I sit in a studio and talk.  My uncles and grandpas worked, man. The least I can do is shovel my walk and help push a car or two out of the junk at my corner.
Last night, watching Florida State beat Auburn, I had to fight a completely irrational urge to go out to a bar.  Being out on nights like last night somehow seems like a good idea.  I didn't go so I guess at the age of 48 I've figured out how silly a thought that actually is. 
It's only been about half an hour since I wrote about how it wasn't really snowing here and now it's getting hard to see across my street so maybe the snow band has shifted a bit.  Rather than be bummed out about this development, I feel myself being excited.  Like my neighborhood has been invited to the party.  If you have been shoveling and snow-blowing and pushing cars all day already, reading this probably makes you want to punch me in the throat. 
That's cool.  I understand.  Stay warm. Stay safe. Embrace who we are.
We love this.

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