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Idea of the Day: Replay in baseball

Thom Cich

Every day on Schopp & The Bulldog we're going to float the Idea of the Day at you.  Vote here or follow @IdeaOfTheDayWGR on Twitter. Today's idea:

MLB's expansion of replay including 2 manager challenges per game. Rate it.
1 - The worst. I'd rather chew Lindsay Lohan's used gum.
( 16% )
( 11% )
3 - I'm indifferent.
( 19% )
( 29% )
5 - Incredible. Like getting spider powers without getting bitten.
( 24% )


In light of the recent off field issues, has your enthusiasm for the NFL been affected?
  Yes. I'm not enjoying the games as much
  No. Why should it? Its a very small percentage of players
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