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Idea of the Day: Replay in baseball

Thom Cich

Every day on Schopp & The Bulldog we're going to float the Idea of the Day at you.  Vote here or follow @IdeaOfTheDayWGR on Twitter. Today's idea:

MLB's expansion of replay including 2 manager challenges per game. Rate it.
1 - The worst. I'd rather chew Lindsay Lohan's used gum.
( 16% )
( 11% )
3 - I'm indifferent.
( 19% )
( 29% )
5 - Incredible. Like getting spider powers without getting bitten.
( 24% )


How many games would you give EJ Manuel to prove himself this season?
  As soon as he struggles he's out and Orton gets the job
  He has until the bye week(8 games)
  the full season
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