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Idea of the Day-Super Bowl Media Day is Great!

WGR Idea of the Day-Media Day is Great!
1-Super Bowl 27: Dallas Throttles the Bills, snoozefest from start to finish
( 82% )
2-Super Bowl 37: Bucs destroy Raiders, some big defensive plays
( 9% )
3-Super Bowl 47: The lights go out, semi-exciting
( 0% )
4-Super Bowl 42: Exciting Finish, big plays, 18-1
( 0% )
5-Super Bowl 43-Records Broken, Thrilling Finish, Huge plays all game
( 9% )

What do you think of the Stanley Cup playoffs so far?
  Been glued to the TV and really enjoying the games
  Not watching much because the Sabres season killed my desire for hockey
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