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Idea of The Day-Super Bowl Media Day is Great

WGR Idea of The Day-Super Bowl Media Day is Great!
1-Super Bowl 27:Dallas Throttles Buffalo, snoozefest
( 43% )
2-Super Bowl 37-Bucs destroy Raiders, some good defensive plays
( 12% )
3-Super Bowl 47: Lights go out, semi-exciting finish
( 13% )
4-Super Bowl 42:Thrilling Finish, Big Plays, 18-1
( 16% )
5-Super Bowl 43: Records Broken, big plays all game, exciting finish
( 16% )

Do EJ Manuel's performances at training camp matter at all?
  Yes. If he's going to be better in year 2, it starts now
  No. I wouldn't start evaluating him until the pre-season games
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