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Idea of the Day: Lester Bangs was Hoffman's best

Thom Cich

Every day on Schopp & The Bulldog we're going to float the Idea of the Day at you.  Vote here or follow @IdeaOfTheDayWGR on Twitter. Today's idea:

Lester Bangs in "Almost Famous" was the best film performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman's career. Rate it:
1 - BAD. Like Jim Morrison, a drunk posing as a poet.
( 16% )
( 6% )
3 - Meh.
( 29% )
( 21% )
5 - GREAT. Like the Guess Who. Poetic drunken buffoons.
( 28% )

(Not my words on the muscians.  Those are from PSH/Lester himself.  Though I do think Jim Morrison's poetry was garbage.)

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