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To The Top?

Bills figure prominently in NFL rumor mill

There were two extremely interesting stories in regards to the Buffalo Bills this past weekend.  One suggested the Bills might be a trading partner with the Houston Texans for the number one pick in the draft while the other stated the Bills have serious interest in free agent wide receiver DeSean Jackson.  While either move would create quite a buzz around here, I wouldn't make either move if I were the Bills.

If the Bills moved to the top of the draft, I'm sure we'd start counting down the days in anticipation of their pick.  Who would they be going up for?  A quarterback? Perhaps Johnny Manziel.  Maybe they'd be wrapping up the best pass rusher in the draft in Jadeveon Clowney. What about the local guy, Khalil Mack from the University of Buffalo?  Could it be they'd be jumping up for Sammy Watkins, thinking he's a dynamic addition for the offense and he'd be long gone by the ninth selection?

First off, I don't think the Bills will do it because they won't want to give up the collection of draft picks it would take to go up eight spots.  It would only be worth it if there is a franchise quarterback they absolutely adore and the only way to get that player is to be at the top of the draft.

Back in 2012, Washington moved up from six to two in a trade with St. Louis so the Redskins could draft Robert Griffin III. Washington gave up their first round pick in the 2013 draft, and this year's draft as well as a second rounder in 2012.  

 If you take Bills General Manager Doug Whaley at his word, the Bills will consider every position with their first round choice except quarterback, saying they're happy with EJ Manuel.  Its entirely possible Whaley is just saying that so the Bills don't show their hand.

 It would mean the Bills feel one of the top quarterbacks(Manziel, Bridgewater or Bortles) is worlds better than Manuel and I don't think that's the case.

The Bills could envision Clowney joining Mario Williams as bookend pass rushers.  New Defensive Coordinator Jim Schwartz will employ a 4-3 defense so Clowney and Williams would be ends with Kyle Williams and Marcel Dareus in the middle.  Its an impressive front four for a coordinator who is said to lean on the front four to generate pass rush as opposed to blitzing.

If its Mack, the Bills could see him as an every day linebacker who would be on one side of the defense with Kiko Alonso on the other.  If Watkins is in their sights, the Bills would be getting a player many think is not only the best receiver but the best player in the entire draft.

If I were a betting man, I would say the Bills don't trade up because they'll want to utilize all of their picks.  You can still get an impact player at the ninth pick and you don't have to give up the second round choice.  The second round produced Alonso and Robert Woods last year.

As to DeSean Jackson, no question the Bills would be getting an extremely productive receiver but at what cost?  Jackson was cut by Philadelphia with three years and $30 million left on his contract so I'm sure he will want to get as much of that back as possible.  He immediately became the top free agent left on the market when he was cut loose.

The Bills are already paying a wide receiver big money in Stevie Johnson and it doesn't make sense to tie up that much for two players at that position.  Of course, the easy solution would be to release Johnson if they sign Jackson.  I still think the Bills will address the position in the upcoming draft.

I won't lie.  The idea of the Bills adding Jackson and then trading up to the top spot in the draft and taking the human highlight reel in Manziel would have Western New York jumping and be quite a boon for ticket sales, I just don't think they are the right moves considering the cost.