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Doug Whaley Talks Draft on WGR

Buffalo Bills General Manager Doug Whaley joined the Howard Simon Show this morning to discuss the upcoming NFL Draft. Whaley did share a number of interesting thoughts, including his opinions of prospects Eric Ebron and Jadeveon Clowney.

When asked about the reports that the Bills could possibly be interested in trading up for Clowney, Whaley didn't deny his belief in Clowney's abilities.

"If you're are going to miss on a prospect, I'd rather take a chance on a guy that's 6'5'', 270, and runs a 4.5," Whaley said. "Is he going to be a cornerstone? You never wanna say absolutely because there have been big misses before. But if I'm going to miss, I'm going to miss on a guy like that."

Whaley also discussed Eric Ebron, who is thought of as potential first round target for the Bills.

"I think Ebron is a guy that the tight end postion is trending toward in the NFL," Whaley said. "He's an athletic guy that can make plays in space."

Within his interview, Whaley also compared top wide receiver propsects Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans, discussed the draft-day trade market, and shared his thoughts on the Bills situation at running back and quarterback.

Listen below for the complete audio of Whaley's interview.


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