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Future Bill?

Reading between the Bills lines

I don't have a problem with the NFL draft being moved to May this year.  It gives us two more weeks to try and see through all of the smoke screens from the 32 clubs.  The Bills did their part last Friday during their 30  minute plus pre-draft lunch with the media.  After listening to all of their comments, I'm convinced their taking an offensive tackle with the 9th overall pick.  Or a wide receiver.  Or a tight end.  Or a pass rusher.  Of course, they might trade up.  Or perhaps they will trade down.

At least Doug Whaley was honest about their plan for the Q and A session before it started when he told the media it was finally a time where they could use the media to their advantage based on what we'd be reporting the Bills had said.

Whaley was very convincing with the sell job on various draft ideas that were brought up.  When asked whether or not it was worth it to use the 9th overall pick on an offensive tackle, Whaley excitedly talked about the possibility of having bookend tackles for ten years.

When the subject of Texas A and M receiver Mike Evans came up, the Bills General Manager said a size receiver was a dimension the Bills don't have.

How about an athletic tight end like Eric Ebron?  Whaley talked about the NFL trending to more athletic players at that position and that "you've got to get with the times".  

There are rumors the Bills might try to move up to perhaps the top pick in the draft so they can select South Carolina defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  When asked for his thoughts, Whaley discussed a potential front line on defense of Clowney, Mario Williams, Kyle Williams and Marcell Dareus which might make many Bills fans ecstatic.

I don't think the Bills will trade up because Whaley won't want to give up the picks needed to make that kind of move so that would rule out Clowney.  
 My guess is Evans will be gone by the time the Bills select since Tampa Bay at seven is in need of a wide receiver after trading Mike Williams to the Bills.  The expectation is that Sammy Watkins would be gone so that leaves Evans as the best option for the Bucs.

There's a chance one of the top three offensive tackles are still on the board but that group is among the deepest in this year's draft and I think the Bills can wait on that position until round two.  Cordy Glenn was taken in the second round and looks like he will be a fixture on the line.
So that leaves Ebron.  In addition to saying you have to "get with the times" when it comes to having an athletic tight end on the roster, Whaley also said tight ends and running backs are great friends for a quarterback.  Whaley  talked about doing whatever they could to help their quarterback, EJ Manuel, by surrounding him with every piece to the puzzle for Manuel to succeed.  The Bills do not have a tight end like Ebron on the roster.  
The Bills said there's high end talent and depth when it comes to receiver and offensive tackle but when it comes to tight end, Ebron is the best at that spot and athletically, he's ahead of the next best options at the position, Washington's Austin Seferian-Jenkins and Jace Amaro of Texas Tech. 
In each of the last four years, the player picked by the Bills in the first round, made a pre-draft visit to Orchard Park.  Ebron was one of 29 players who made a visit to One Bills Drive.  For what its worth, Evans, Sammy Watkins and Jake Matthews did as well.  Clowney, Greg Robinson, Taylor Lewan and Khalil Mack did not.