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Another stadium for the Bills is proposed

Buffalo, NY (WGR 550)  -- Another proposal was released on Monday that would include a new stadium for the Bills and a new sports complex. The Buffalo Sportz Corridor has a project that would also include a complex for amateur sports as well as a new Convention Center.
The attorney for the group Greg Pope said, “We’ve been working on the process for the last two years and we’ve met with so many different officials about our plan and every one of them has given us praise and said that our idea probably would be one of the best they’ve ever received for the Buffalo Outer Harbor, so that’s why we feel that we’re positioned as soon as this master plan comes out to really put forth the best idea that will benefit Western New York.”
For some reason this group is very reluctant to take this idea to the Buffalo Bills. Pope talked about taking the proposal to the powers that be, but doesn’t want to meet with the Bills. Pope said, “We have not contacted the Buffalo Bills because we did not envision the Outer Harbor where these stadiums would ever fit, but if you take a look at the way the Outer Harbor is shaped, it is not the best for a stadium. There are areas close to the Outer Harbor that would be perfect.” Pope added, “We would definitely involve the people that are busy selecting the proper sites for the Buffalo Bills. We think it would be a perfect match.”
There is already a proposal that would put a stadium in the Outer Harbor. This group’s stadium would not be there, but close. Architect John Karan said, “The stadium is located just south of the small boat harbor. There’s an industrial park there that is basically empty, there’s a couple of buildings there. There’s enough parking space for the stadium. What we’re planning is a stadium on the east side of Route 5. On the west side of Route 5 would be the Buffalo Convention Center on the waterfront between a couple of grain mills with a platform over the top of Route 5 where the future subway could be extended.”
This would be a massive project that would need to be funded. Pope said, “This funding would be a combination of private enterprise and we would be involving different types of municipalities using bond funding, so some of the money that the state of New York has designated would be used.”
Pope spoke with John Zach and Susan Rose.       

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