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Thurman Thomas optimistic about future of Bills in WNY

Thurman Thomas is optimistic when it comes to the long term future of the Buffalo Bills.  The Hall of Famer said he believes the four person trust tasked with selling the team, is trying to identify the best Western New York based bid as part of the sale process.

Thomas made those comments during an interview on WGR on Friday.  The former Bill has been approached by a couple of groups because of his strong relationship with Mary Wilson and Jeff Littman, two of the four members of the trust.

Thomas revealed he learned more about Jim Kelly's efforts to keep the Bills in WNY during a recent visit with the former quarterback, who continues his battle against cancer.  Thomas said Kelly "really opened up" about what his plans are and added Kelly has spoken with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, potential owner Donald Trump as well as continuing discussions with the group Kelly has aligned himself with.

"When he(Kelly) talks about the Bills staying here in New York and having a group, you can see in his eyes he really means that" said Thomas.   "He’s going to do everything he possibly can to keep the team here in Western New York and to get the group he’s associated with to do a great job of keeping them here.  I have all the faith in Jim and his group that they will continue to pursue the Buffalo Bills and keep them in Western New York."

Thomas and Kelly are among a number of former Bills who have been contacted by groups interested in purchasing the Bills. Thomas said at some point, the players will probably join forces and support one group and its likely they will follow the lead of Kelly when it comes to that decision.

"I probably will tell people that I’ve talked to, that I’m going to let Jim handle this and we’re all going to get behind him because he is the leader, he is the Buffalo Bills" Thomas stressed.  "I think at some point, we will have that conversation with a lot of alumni that are in the Buffalo area and guys that have played here.  We will get behind whatever group we feel is best suited to buy the team and keep it here in Western New York."

You can hear the entire interview with Thurman Thomas who also talked about how his former teammate is holding up during his cancer treatments:


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