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Summer Podcast Series: Combine and draft day trading

Matthew Coller and Kris Baker of SabresProspects.com and Sabres.com discuss Sam Bennett's pull-up struggles, the interviewing process at the combine and options for the Sabres if they want to move up to the No. 1 spot in the draft.




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06/03/2014 10:02PM
Summer Podcast Series: Combine and draft day trading
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06/03/2014 11:49PM
Who cares, nobody in this draft is THAT good anyways.
Grab either Bennett or Eckblad and start thinking about $ucking next season and finding a way to get McDavid. Then, dump the ugly "traditional" logo AND Nolan and go find a real coach that does more than make the local fans pine for the glorydays of (gag) 1996-97. Otherwise, roll out Ted Black and the BS machine to spin this pathetic franchise some more positive news about Harbor Center. Yay us!
06/04/2014 9:27AM
Who cares
Boy troll away. Why don't you pick a team somewhere else so we don't have to listen to your pathetic negativity. Your life must be in need of something.
06/04/2014 12:33PM
Reinhart v. Bennett
The interesting thing to me as a fan btw Reinhart and Bennett is how different I view their respective styles. Reinhart thinks the game on an elite level is just always a step ahead of everyone mentally. Bennett also very smart but he has better skating and a better shot. I think if Bennett were 6'2" 195lbs right now this wouldn't even be a debate among Sabres fans because Bennett has that elite grit/talent we have wanted since black Friday in 07. No matter what player we get I think Tim Murray has the ability to identify the best player available and I think Kevin Devine also has that ability.
06/04/2014 4:02PM
We're not getting McDavid, so forget it
Planning on a good off season with the draft and free agency and getting back in the playoffs in the next season. Four season tickets are not cheap. Am not interested in seeing another train wreck season. The Joke better be over. Am tired of Jeremy Whiteand his worshipers preaching tanking another hockey season. Jeremy needs to get exorcised from being a doopa yash.
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