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Lt. Governor: 90-100% certain Bills will stay in WNY

As the sale of the Bills moves towards a conclusion, possibly by mid July, New York State's second in command is very optimistic about the future of the franchise in Western New York.

Lt. Governor Robert Duffy was a guest on WGR on Monday and said he is somewhat confident the team will stay here.“I always stop short of saying 100% because I really have no idea who is going to buy the team, it has not been determined yet" Duffy said.  "But I would say I’m in the 90% to 100 range of  the Bills staying in Buffalo and Western New York. I feel pretty confident about that, and that’s just my gut feeling.”

Duffy said while he doesn't know the  details of the trust left behind by Ralph Wilson and he believes the mission is to get the most money possible from the sale, he does believe the group overseeing the trust don't want the Bills to leave.

“I’ve heard nothing that had any indication whatsoever that there’s any interest in moving the team elsewhere" Duffy told WGR.  "Again, there’s a lot of dynamics in terms of a sale with the estate, but I do believe that’s what I’ve certainly read in their hearts, and I’m very confident that in the end, the right things will be done.”

Duffy did say he spoke last week with Tom Golisano who has confirmed his interest in buying the Bills.

As to the stadium issue, Duffy, who is a member of the new stadium working group, said the state is flexible and is waiting to hear the thoughts of the next owner about the Bills home.

“The Governor’s position is very clear.  Ralph Wilson Stadium is a beautiful stadium" Duffy said.  "There are millions of dollars being put into that stadium right now. Its probably  one of the best stadiums to watch a football game in, anywhere across the country in the NFL.  But, if a new owner came in and insisted on a new stadium, then everybody is ready to go to work.  Once that is established(a new owner), there’s no doubt the state will be a willing partner and join the local leaders to make sure the Bills stay there."

Duffy added the state is "agnostic" when it comes to a location for a possible new stadium. He also said there are no stipulations that a new stadium must be located in Erie county.  The Lt. Governor pegged the cost for a new Bills home at $750 million and up, if you get all the "bells and whistles"
You can hear the entire interview with Duffy:


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06/09/2014 10:39AM
Lt. Governor: 90-100% certain Bills will stay in WNY
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06/09/2014 11:59AM
Lt. Governor
So, essentially, this is a non-story. Thanks for your lack of input Duffy...
06/09/2014 12:38PM
IF B$ TOM GOLISANO IS THE OWNER.... it 's as simple as this...
06/09/2014 2:25PM
As sure as the Sabres organizationally $uck, that's how sure I am the Bills are staying!
And THAT is a virtual 100% certainty, because WOW do the Sabres $uck.
06/09/2014 3:09PM
positive news
One thing is for sure is; that they will stay here so glad to hear that. All we need is for the bills to start pushing the way back to the playoffs and than the superbowl. The bills have said we need to win now. So to the players who think all this off the feild mess. is helping the team out than you really need a wake up call. And you know what that call is. Keep it up and you will be fired. You are not bigger than the team so stop trying to act like you are. And don't get mad at the press because you put yourself in that spotlight. Just use your mind what spotlight you want to be in. Neagative or postive the choice is yours. I hope you make the right one because it might be your last one.
06/09/2014 3:49PM
new stadium
we need a new stadium and it needs to be in the downtown BUFFALO area and no where else.
06/10/2014 8:39AM
06/10/2014 12:15PM
WNY Express
The fact is Rogers has deep pockets and just paid 5 billion for NHL rights in Canada. They concern me when it comes to buying the Bills and moving them.
06/10/2014 1:28PM
New Stadium
Bob, neither you or the governor are committed to building a new stadium. That is understandable because of public funding. However, you both seem to be missing the issue. The pressure to build a new stadium is coming from Goodell and a majority of the NFL owners. They want the new stadium. They make money by playing-away in each others stadiums. Their revenue comes from larger stadiums that are filled with fans and pay a price for tickets that is closer to the large market stadiums. These same owners vote on who will be acceptable as new owners. It is about the money and that comes first, second and more. In addition, the owners would like a covered stadium that takes away the Bills winter advantage.
06/10/2014 2:38PM
Bills are mad.
Then i say that the players was going to start getting tired of all that noise. You know the same old bills mess or the biggest dime loosers in the world. The walmart boy B.S. So you think they are not going to come out with red in their eyes. And whit steam comming out their noose. And looking at their opponets to push them back to the blue sea. Hey that look like red white and blue to me. What about you lets go ruff buff.
06/11/2014 8:29AM
Is it company policy Bulldog has to rip his bong before his show?
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