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No changes to NHL draft lottery in 2015

Some Sabres news came from the GM's meetings on Tuesday, including that there will not be immediate changes to the draft lottery.


Sabres GM Tim Murray says GMs have agreed to change draft lottery but not as early next year. So he's obviously pleased with that

Also, Murray spoke to LeBrun and addressed the chances

"I can’t imagine I would trade the second overall pick," Murray told ESPN's Pierre LeBrun. "I’d like to get a couple of more first-round picks and I have those three third-rounders to us. I certainly know you can’t trade a second for a first, but you might take some money back in a deal to do that and I do have to get to the [cap] floor. There are different ways to get to the floor so I’m exploring all that."

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06/12/2014 7:47AM
No changes to NHL draft lottery in 2015
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06/12/2014 7:58AM
One other thing to note: Sabres will NEVER win the Stanley Cup.
I think you should probably point that out to the fans in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Winnipeg as well. They have the right to know. I'd throw in St. Louis as the other American team that needs to be made aware.
06/12/2014 11:56AM
I'm very happy with Eichel.
While McDavid is the main prize, no one who knows anything about these prospects should be discouraged at having Eichel on the team. This kid is going to be a great player!
06/12/2014 12:50PM
Sabres Fan in Kingston
I like the suggested idea that any changes to the draft lottery come into effect several seasons from now. In that scenario we do not know which teams will be positively and adversely affected. It does sound like Tim Murray wants the Sabres to gain at least one more first round pick this year and may well be very busy and popular in Philadelphia.
06/12/2014 1:57PM
says all the rights things
...now doesn't he
06/12/2014 2:22PM
Hey Pegula: no matter how much money you have in the bank...
Your hockey team still BLOW$! Having to spend a ton of money just to get to the salary cap floor AND having a low-rent coach is no way to run an NHL team. Do you have any idea how far away from the Rangers you are in terms of talent to say nothing of the Blackhawks and Kings which are far, FAR better teams than anything the Sabres have put forth in the last...EVER!
06/12/2014 8:10PM
Get to the floor?????
Stupid. Here we go........ON THE CHEAP....ANNNNNND.........SUCK!
06/12/2014 8:24PM
What's the difference???
There's NO CHANGES IN BUFFALO EITHER YOU DOUCHE!!! Man, you're worse than Mr Arrogance Hamilton. SHUT IT DOWN MATT!!!
06/12/2014 9:14PM
Buy out 'GR
Dump 'em In the lake with a weight on it. I can't stand this station. What a bunch of Dupes. White, Simon, Bull Douche, Shloppe, Paulrus, Joey B, and Motormouth Capacchio. Imagine having sports teams without radio bulb...... IMMACULATE! Pull the plug on that Joke.
06/12/2014 11:06PM
From My Armchair
The Sabres should trade this years 1st round pick and Ennis to Ottawa for Bobby Ryan. GET IT DONE!
06/13/2014 12:20AM
Have to love "...different ways to get to the floor..."
I thought the Sabres had found all of them already! That was just too easy to pass up.
06/13/2014 9:15AM
No Changes
That's not good. The NHL has to find a way to avoid teams dumping seasons. This McDavid talk has been ridiculous around here. Maybe the NHL should consider having a three game playoff series for the first round draft choice overall. The worst team in the Eastern Conference vs. the worst team in the Western Conference. The winner gets the first rounder overall. The losing team goes into the lottery with the other teams missing the playoffs for the second overall pick.
06/13/2014 9:31AM
now lets get someone who can put the puck in the net
06/14/2014 2:40PM
Have to love "...different ways to get to the floor..."
There in the basement now. They do have to find different ways to get to the floor
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