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Report: Terry Pegula Putting in Bid for the Bills

According to Adam Benigni of WGRZ, Sabres owner Terry Pegula does plan on putting in a bid for the Buffalo Bills. Benigni obtained the information through three sources with knowledge of the sale process, and the situation. He also added that the Pegulas have the desire to keep the Bills in Western New York.

Pegula has not yet officially denied or confirmed the report, and when asked about it, Sabres spokeperson Mike Gilbert would neither confirm nor deny this new information, saying only there is nothing to report.

Pegula purchased the Sabres in February of 2011.

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06/13/2014 6:56AM
Report: Terry Pegula Putting in Bid for the Bills
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06/13/2014 7:13AM
best scenario right here
06/13/2014 7:28AM
This Is Good
Unlike with the Sabres, there is already a good GM, coaching staff and more top end players. Terry Pegula is the best thing to happen to WNY in decades.
06/13/2014 8:31AM
Please No from my Armchair
After the Sabres imploding entering the abyss since he took over the Sabres, it wouldn't make sense to make another franchise implode. The Bills, hopefully are heading in the right direction. The Bills need an owner that would keep it going that way. I'd rather have the trucks back the trailers in to the docks and start loading up than have Pegula take over the Bills. NO TANKS!
06/13/2014 8:43AM
All for it
Pegula is a die hard sabres fan and fan of buffalo sports I think it will be great for city. This could possibly build up downtown with a new stadium, he is already building up the harbour place with the sabres. I dont think where the sabres are at is any indication of how the bills will be run. Pegula spent money in free agency to try and win, he just had awful advisement from his upper management (darcy and ruff). He clearly stated he didnt buy the sabres to make a profit, if he wanted to do that he would drill another oil field. So I think he has good intentions and isnt afraid to spend money on players.
06/13/2014 9:45AM
Pegula is a terrible owner
He meddles in team direction, he disappears, he's controlling, the Sabres are far worse off with this owner. Bills fans are generally a bunch of fools.
06/13/2014 9:48AM
Think of it this way...
He could buy the Bills, tear down the Skyway, replace it with a true Southtowns' Connector, extend the Metrorail to the waterfront (throwing in a couple of pedestrian bridges to boot), build a new retractable-roofed stadium with convention center/Strong kids' museum/aquarium/marina complex on that waterfront AND have Bon Jovi play exclusive monthly concerts in the new stadium for a year or more BEFORE ever going to the State and asking for money! Now tell me, where do I sign up for that?
06/13/2014 10:45AM
Terry Pegula as the new owner of the Buffalo Bills, yes yes yes!!!!!
I agree that Terry Pegula would be a great owner of the Buffalo Bills, no question the best our fans could hope for. Pegula has already made some major investments in improving Buffalo NY. Pegula is an owner that cares about our hometown, what more couldyou ask for!!!!
06/13/2014 11:45AM
only personal opinion but with Terry already owning the Buffalo Sabres I think it would make sense for him to own the Buffalo Bills as well he is making a huge impact in buffalo already why not add the Buffalo Bills to the city of Buffalo where they belong and make that city BOOM!!!!
06/13/2014 11:53AM
Buffalo's Prodigal Son.....
Yeah, he screwed up keeping Darcy, but he puts his money where his mouth is with the Harbour Center Gem he's paying for. The Sabres "have" to get better. He'll try to do the same with the Bills stadium issues. The man is a blessing for Buffalo. Wilson with one foot in the grave raped us for $131 million more in the stadium with his name on it that he never put a penny into. That's not how Mr. Pegula operates.
06/13/2014 12:07PM
It is like he is playing a real life game of Monopoly with the city of Buffalo and I am okay with that.
06/13/2014 12:42PM
Thank you Terry, save our Bills from Bon Jovi or the Rogers Group. The NFL doesn't belong in Canada. Either way we love you.
06/13/2014 12:53PM
Really, Bills fans are this desperate? You want this bozo as an owner?
Pegs has been a very poor owner and leader. Treats the Sabres like his private play toy, does not respect the fans and ticket holders. No way do I want both Buffalo teams in this bozo's hands.
06/13/2014 1:43PM
I didnt think you could own 2 different pro teams, isnt that why Jeremy Jacobs isnt putting in a bid?
06/13/2014 3:05PM
This guy runs his teams into the ground!
06/13/2014 3:36PM
NO! NO!! NO!!!
Terry, stay with the Sabres. We don't want your attention to be distracted by that hot mess in Orchard Park, called a football team. You're a hockey guy Terry - stay that way!
06/13/2014 3:37PM
06/13/2014 5:36PM
Sounds like some creepy form of incest! LOL Pegula owning both!!!
No way, this guy is a fool, and he gets in the way of the real management. For example, as reported on WGR, Murray is ready to buy out Leino, but he needs one last conversation with Pegula!!!! Maybe Pegula is why Leino is still here? Sound familiar? And you fools want this guy to own BOTH teams!!!! Good luck with that, let me know how it works out for ya. LOL LOL LOL. The Browns will win the Bowl, before any Bills team under Pegula "The Meddler" does. Mark my experienced words.
06/14/2014 9:59AM
We are so desperate that Pegula looks like a good choice. How quickly we forget about this man and his toys that he alone gets to play with. No way, Golisano or Trump over Pegula.
06/14/2014 10:18AM
Oh god help us
Hey Terry, why don't you do us all a favor and just focus in on your NHL worst and dead last Buffalo Sabres team instead of trying to buy another pro sports organization. You clearly don't know how to successfully run a pro sports team so maybeyou should sell the Sabres and just get out of Buffalo.
06/16/2014 9:23PM
why why why
why is drewy,doormatt and one punch still here???
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