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World Cup

World Cup: Germany and Ghana battle to 2-2 draw

Estadio Castelão, Fortaleza, Brazil (WGR-550) - Miroslav Klose scored his 15th World Cup goal to salvage a 2-2 draw for Germany after Ghana took the lead in the 63rd minute.

After Germany opened the scoring to start the second half, Ghana responded with goals by Andre Ayew and Asamoah Gyan, but Klose was able to knot it up at 2 in the 71st minute to clinch a point.

Klose's 15th World Cup goal ties Brazil's Ronaldo for most all time in tournament play.

The United States plays Sunday against Portugal at 6:00 PM. If the U.S. wins tomorrow, it will put them in first place in Group G

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06/21/2014 5:01PM
World Cup: Germany and Ghana battle to 2-2 draw
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06/21/2014 5:10PM
Beat Portugal!
US needs to beat Portugal and then let's hope Portugal beats Ghana so we can get rid of both of those pretenders.
06/21/2014 5:41PM
Who cares?
Soccer is the most boring sport I have ever seen, it's awful!
06/21/2014 6:24PM
@Who cares?
Thanks for your insightful input Walmart idiot. Do you ever do anything other than consume alcohol, comment on here, and comment under multiple names at the News?
06/21/2014 7:12PM
The beautiful game....
WC: Don't watch it then. You obviously had interest outside of the USMNT to make comment. I believe...we will win! Yes, yes...we will win!
06/21/2014 11:44PM
Once again
Who actually gives a dam? I know I dun't. This shouldn't be on this site period. We got the Bills going on to discuss, the NHL draft coming up, and a baseball team that crashed after being on top....now on the BOTTOM. Boy, they suck!. Oh, forgot about the Bandits who just got dunn blowing it. The flagship is definitely going to the dogs. SOCCER???? You got to be kidding me. Pfffffft! Excuse me.
06/21/2014 11:51PM
Sabres home opener
Columbus? Nice job Hamilton leaving an empty comment section again. At Chicago after that on the road? Who cares Paul??? OH and TWO. Jeremy creams talking McDavid like an idiot.
06/21/2014 11:58PM
Pegula on maybe buying the Bills
06/22/2014 4:59AM
@Sabres home opener
Once again, for others who may not have known, the Walmart idiot is the reason Hamilton has no comment section. The piece of sh@t knows this, yet continues to whine about it. The night before Paul's wife died he wrote an article on the previous Sabres game and left the comment section wide open kind of like this one. The Walmart idiot then flooded the comment section with disgusting remarks about Paul and his deceased wife. It was as if he tried to think up the most inappropriate and disgusting things to say his sickened mind could form. It stayed open all weekend, disappeared Monday, and that was the last time Paul had a comment section. Surprised? Apparently this greatest example of human trash still is. I am a little surprised by his absence on this comment area. He must have found the illegal immigrant children story at BN and it is keeping his filth filled ignorant mind occupied.
06/22/2014 5:03AM
Hmmmm....Only 7 minutes difference between that trash and the Sabres home opener comment. Could it be the same piece of trash? Yes, yes it is.
06/22/2014 1:59PM
Just hummin' and singing away
...and a partridge in a pear tree.
06/22/2014 5:03PM
Re: Who cares?
...."the most boring sport".... As far as watching the broadcasts, not even close to the most boring sport. The sport called "america's pastime", baseball, is 100 times more boring to watch. And I am a baseball fan. For the last five years I have purchased from MLB.com the right to watch all game broadcasts both home and away. Aside from the tedium of watching 99% of the batters and their superstitious rituals between every pitch, now the announcers take the time to play or read 10 second commercials. That's right, not only numerous ads between innings and between batters, now they they do it BETWEEN PITCHES. Compared to the commercial count during soccer games, that alone makes soccer less boring to watch than baseball and basketball.
06/22/2014 5:30PM
Liking It More and More
Not talking about the MLS league, which pretty much sucks, only talking about the rest of the world's leagues. The more I watch professional soccer, the more I like it. It is quickly moving up the list of my favorite sports. National teams from around the world playing each other is great drama in every sport. It does have its boring moments, but so do all sports
06/22/2014 8:20PM
Re: Liking it More and More
Is that coming from a Sabre fan? If so, I understand. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ...
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