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Cuomo: Number of Serious Bidders Committed to Keeping Bills in WNY

Buffalo, NY (WBEN) - Tuesday morning, Donald Trump took to twitter, again, to voice his opinion on the future of the Buffalo Bills.

In his tweet, Trump called himself the only potential owner of the team that would keep the Bills in Buffalo.

Later in the afternoon, Governor Andrew Cuomo reacted to Trump's thoughts. "It must be true, if he tweeted it," the Governor quipped. "Who could argue with that?"

In reality, Cuomo says there is considerable interest in keeping the team in Western New York. "The bid package is out, and people are considering it. I think you'll have a number of bids that are attractive that will come in. I know at this point, anything can change but at this point, a number of bidders who are seriously considering going forward are committed to keeping the team in Western New York."

Along with Trump, rumored bidders who would appear to have reason to keep the team in Western New York include Terry Pegula and Tom Golisano.

Cuomo seemed less certain when talking about a possible new stadium for the team.

"No one is anxious to build a new stadium if we don't have to build a stadium, more because no one is anxious to pay for the stadium" Cuomo said. "I've been working hard to get the cost of government down... Stadiums are very expensive creatures, and even if you said everyone's going to contribute; the state, the county, the NFL, the new owner, it's still expensive."

The Governor says the team would likely only move to a new stadium if its existence in Western New York depended on it. "You would only build a new stadium if you really, really had to build a new stadium, and then you had a lot of money from other sources coming your way. The state would do its part and the county would do its part, but that's only if you really need a new stadium, hich frankly I'm not convinced of. It would be more a function of what the new buyer and the NFL say is a condition to keep the team here."

A new stadium working group has been appointed to discuss the potential for a new home field, and the Governor has hired a firm to look at potential sites. However, both Cuomo and Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz say there are limits to what the group can accomplish before the sale is complete and the team has a new owner.

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