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Bills sale

Packers Prez: "Everybody wants to see it work in Buffalo"

When it comes time for NFL owners to vote on the sale of the Buffalo Bills, how much will history and market size matter in determining the next owner?

Those questions were posed to Green Bay Packers President and Western New York native Mark Murphy during an interview on WGR Thursday.

Murphy, who will cast the Packers vote when it comes to deciding the Bills new owner, said money will always be a factor but the Bills 50 plus year history in WNY will make a difference.

"I think everybody wants to see it work in Buffalo" Murphy said.  "Obviously so much is going to depend on who ends up buying the team.  Hopefully they’re going to get somebody who has strong Buffalo roots and connections and will want to keep the team in the area."

Murphy added that Ralph Wilson was very well respected in the NFL and Russ Brandon(CEO) and Jeff Littman(CFO) are also viewed very highly in the league.

If you are concerned about the size of the market hurting the chances of the franchise staying here, keep in mind Atlanta Falcons owner Arthur Blank said last month the NFL needs to value small market teams like the Packers and Bills. 

"I think there’s a majority of owners that really do look at the impact on a community" Murphy told WGR.   "Look at Green Bay.  There probably shouldn’t be a team in Green Bay if you’re just going to maximize revenue. Obviously I’m biased but I think a team like Green Bay is good for the league, same with Buffalo. I think there’s diversity with different types of teams and ownerships."

When asked about the possibility a Bills move to Toronto, Murphy, who agrees with the Bills philosophy of regionalization into Southern Ontario,  said he would not be supportive of a permanent move by the team to Toronto.

You can listen to the entire interview with Murphy and hear what he had to say about the Bills stadium situation:


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