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Sabres Murray talks new Draft Lottery

Philadelphia, PA (WGR 550)  -- On Thursday the NHL Board of Governors changed the Draft Lottery. It still needs to be approved by the NHLPA and Tim Murray wishes they’d wait a year, “Greedily I’m upset because I think we have a chance next season of being one of the lower teams, which I don’t like, but I think that’s just reality, so I asked them if we’re going to make a change like that that we not make for five years out as I was trying to make a point. The way it looks like it’s changing, as we’re going up, our odds of winning the lottery go higher, so to me it was win, win if they stayed away from next year, but they didn’t.”
Only one part of the lottery is changing right away and Murray is at least thankful for that, “It’s a two pronged thing, I think they changed the odds of winning if you’re the last place team from 25 to 20 or 19, but in saying that the last place team if they do lose the lottery can only move to two and after ’15, that’s different the last pace team can move to four, so I think it’s kind of OK.” Murray added, “It changes the dynamic for everybody I think. We finished last this year picking second so from the outside looking in, it’s going to affect us. Florida won the lottery, I just think it affects the teams that you see at the bottom now, so you know who you’re affecting and I’m not sure that’s fair. I think if you did it three years out, you know you’re affecting somebody, you’re affecting a bad team, but you’re not sure who that team is right now.”
It was 14 months ago that Darcy Regier said that to get good you have to be at the top of the draft and that there would be suffering in Sabreland. Many feel that’s why the NHL decided it needed to change things. Tim Murray disagrees, he doesn’t think the Sabres were targeted, “I don’t think so at all. I don’t think it was changed for us. We made it clear that we’re not tanking, we don’t intend to pick one four years in a row, I told them I didn’t care about ’16, as long as ’15 stayed the same, so our intention is to not worry about that, to get better here quicker. From my understanding in talking with Gary, the concerns were not about the Buffalo Sabres.”

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