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JW - Poor Asset Management with Ehrhoff


The Buffalo Sabres buyout of Christian Ehrhoff has come as a shock to many fans, and with good reason.  It would appear that the Sabres just gave away one of their most valuable assets because of a fear of a doomsday scenario that might never come, and might never matter.

Color me confused.  The Buffalo Sabres have decided to part ways with their best defensemen because he “didn’t want to be here.”  Be careful with that one.  I’m sure there are plenty of good players that would like things to be different.  This team isn’t very good and Christian Ehrhoff, like so many other veterans around the league likely would be, is frustrated by that.  Now he’ll get the chance to play elsewhere and you’ll see him scooped up quickly by a good team.

So let’s try to make sense of it, shall we?

Ehrhoff is good.  This is not a debatable point.  If your take on this matter involves the word “soft” or something like that…just scroll down to the comments and leave your blast down there.  On a terrible team, he’s the best puck-possession defenseman that they have.  He’s one of the better possession defensemen in the league.  He didn’t lead the Sabres because they’re bad, he led because he’s good.

On our airwaves this story will likely turn into Ehrhoff being some sort of malcontent or a guy that would be bad for the culture of the room.  I don’t believe this and we shouldn’t let it spiral into something that it’s not.  “Doesn’t want to be here” means…”is likely fine here but it’s really a terrible time so he’d rather play hockey somewhere else.”

“Doesn’t want to be here” is a way to personalize a move to your fans.  You make it seem like the player has rejected…us.

You have to chuckle as you hear about something being bad for the room, as they continue to remove the good players from it.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in to stink for a top 2 pick next season, but don’t tell me that having world class players in the room, that want to win, is a bad thing.

That’s how Ryan Miller felt.  Thomas Vanek too.  It’d be hard to blame a player that is good enough to make a difference for a good team for feeling this way.

So the Sabres likely sought a trade, right?  No partners?  No way.  The Sabres could have sent Christian Ehrhoff to the highest bidder and reaped a pretty serious reward.  He’s a top 4, arguably top 2 defenseman that can log 25+ minutes a night.  When he’s on the ice, your team is better.


So what do you do?


Ehrhoff wanted out, so Murray wanted to trade him.  Ok.  A big part of the GM position is asset management.  The buyout of Ehrhoff is absolutely terrible asset management.  If they bought him out because they fear the cap recapture penalty that could hit them, it’s a point that you can easily defend.  I just don’t know why you would.

Why are Miller and Vanek any different than Ehrhoff?  Those two were going to leave town, so the Sabres made a decision to get whatever they could for them.

“What if Miller wins five Vezinas?”
“What if Vanek scores 50 for the Islanders?”

Who cares?  You make the move to get better.  You protect your assets and you get what you can for them.

“What if Ehrhoff retires in one specific season and you get hit with a huge cap recapture penalty?”

If Christian Ehrhoff retires in the final year of his contract the Sabres would be hit with a 10 million dollar cap penalty.  That sounds really harsh right?  How much should the current GM worry about it though?

If Tim Murray is the GM 7 years from now, he’s already been a success and he’s likely laid out plans to take on this potential hit.  The cap will be higher, and there are plenty of teams that are able to operate with a 10 million dollar cushion.  This team is being built through the draft too.  Free agency isn’t likely to be something that breaks their bank going forward.  There will be moves to supplement the roster that add to the payroll, but with all these picks come entry level contracts and the ability to then sign players long term while they’re on their RFA deals.

I’m not sure that worrying about a retirement in one specific year is worth it, and the penalty for it is actually a lot more manageable than it sounds.  Let’s say the hit is 10 million dollars…but the Sabres were able to get another prospect and a 1st round pick next year for it?

Maybe that’s worth it.  It’s not even a guarantee that it’d hit in one year.  It might be 5 per year over 2 years.  Either way we’re talking about 2020 and beyond.

Can you trade a guy knowing that the cap recapture penalty is coming for you (maybe) down the line?

Vancouver did.


The Canucks have an 8.5 million dollar cap recapture hanging on Luongo, but they roll the dice on it.  I’d have rolled the dice.

You can also….


He’s good.  He’s an employee that wishes things were different.  So does every player on the team.  You suck it up and deal with it.  You tell Ehrhoff to deal with it.  In 2 years the Sabres are going to be good and fun again.  Ehrhoff will be able to play well into what many consider old age in hockey.

So he’s unhappy for a while?  Works for me, he can join the club.

I’m not upset that Christian Ehrhoff is gone.  I was almost expecting to hear that the Sabres moved someone off the roster this weekend.  I’m only upset at poor asset management.  The Sabres decided to forego a guaranteed return, for fear of a potential cap recapture hit that might never factor in.

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06/30/2014 6:10AM
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06/30/2014 6:40AM
He wasnt helping us now
I get the frustration but that 10 million could be used on a potential free agent when we should be contending. That 10 million could be the difference between us resigning a few players we need or an important piece we need to a make a cup run. Ehrhoff simply did not make us much better, in 3-4 years when we are posed to be good Ehrhoff will be on the downslide. Him being bought out will not be much of a difference in the W column this year, but the recapture penalty could hinder us when we should be making a real run. His contract was made for him to skip out early. His last few years were at 1 million, given NY taxes why would he not retire and go back to Germany for more? I think he was all but guaranteed to retire early.
06/30/2014 7:03AM
is it possible that Murray did indeed try to trade him and found no takers? I realize Jeremy knows more about this than everyone else but perhaps we should hear from the real GM to find out the facts
06/30/2014 7:06AM
Let Him Go
It's not worth the risk. He has little impact on the team. By the time the team is contending he will be long past his prime. Good move by Murray. Next: Tyler Myers... Over valued, over paid, under achiever...bye bye
06/30/2014 7:24AM
Obviously i must trust Tim Murray's judgement in this matter. The way Ehrhoff floated most of the season was disgusting. He could have mentored the young defensemen but he decided to go the Leino route and take the money without the work. I know many think he was our best defenseman but obviously with his contract he was untradeable. Murray weighed the risk and reward, Luongo was traded because someone wanted him. Nobody wanted Ehrhoff. Bottom line is we are still heading to the bottom again, I don't see how this affects the plan. Play the youngsters and lose games, better than watching vets loaf through another season. Oh and by the way, he's not good. I watch the games too ,JW was the only commentator who liked Ehrhoffs game at GR and I believe the article is not giving Murray a fair shake here. Lets hear what he says today. Hashtag McDavid.
06/30/2014 7:35AM
Top Defenseman with -27 !
Sure, the team was awful, but "top defenseman"? Last year he ranked 880 out of 886 players in the league in /-. Don't mention that he's soft - why? His 38 penalty minutes show that he's a real force on the ice. Oh, and his points per game has been steadily declining over the past 4 years. But, we'll hear that last year was an aberration, too. Other than any of those factors, I'd agree that he's a good player.
06/30/2014 7:40AM
Sorry Jeremy, I think you're way off here. This was a good move. I'm not sure why you chose to only focus on 2020 as the time of the potential penalty. Regardless, the ideal scenario here is for the team to be a consistent contender, year after year. And what happens when a team is a contender year after year? Inevitably they end up having to make difficult salary cap decisions. So, why in the world would they take a chance on having dead money mess with their salary cap when Ehrhoff retires (which he's very likely to do before that contract is up)? You downplay the recapture penalty risk as manageable, but the fact is, if we're a contending team at that time, the Ehrhoff penalty could very realistically mean one more player needing to be traded away to get under the cap. Not worth it; I'm fine with the team wanting to keep as much flexibility as possible in the future. Also, why would you compare this situation to Miller and Vanek? Totally different and you know it.
06/30/2014 8:09AM
We can't really know
I know that this may sound alien to you guys at WGR but maybe this move is a prelude to others. I hope that the Sabres intend to put offers out on the likes of PK Subban and Ryan O'Reilly. Also they are in great shape to overspend to bring in actual NHL talent at forward. Also I guess that this answers the "who to trade Erhoff or Myers" debate. Tim Murray has only shown that he is a competent general manager to this point, so I will grant him the luxury of time after all we gave the last guy a decade and half.
06/30/2014 8:11AM
Same ole Sabres, dumb moves! Can't get anything done draft weekend, now get rid of a good player. I feel sorry for those that have to watch this team next year!
06/30/2014 8:27AM
Vancouver Point.. not the strongest.
Took them years to trade Lo... and now the GM is out of a job... not the most ideal thing to compare this to. 2020 could be a HUGE year for the Sabres, and if Erhoff retires early, you have that $5-10 cap penalty that prevents them from making a move at the deadline to get them over the hump. you cant because of said penalty for a player that isnt on your team anymore. Risk is greater than you make it to be. 5 years... Reinhart is 23, next years 1sts are all 21/22/23.. all ready for new deals around that time too. Behind the Mic GM needs to stop. Leave it to the professionals, JW
06/30/2014 8:30AM
it was a timing thing...
more than anything else...the cap recapture handcuffed his trade possibilities...the return for ehrhoff was probably middling at best and the team right now has plenty of that to sort through...
06/30/2014 8:30AM
Murray's a Sabres guy
Just because Murray may not be here in 7 years doesn't mean he should leave the team high and dry. Having a 10 Million hit on the cap if he retires in the last year of this deal would be devastating, especially when it seems that with whats going on they should be very strong then. No sense in mortgaging the future for a pick or a player now...especially when no one really wants to be here now...good move by Murray.
06/30/2014 8:33AM
Dear color me confused...
He didn't want any part of this rebuild. Obviously Murray tried to trade him and found no takers. Based on his play last year and his not wanting to be part of the team moving forward this move was the right call. PS Stop liking boy bands.
06/30/2014 8:35AM
Im feeling alright with the move. Comparing it to the Miller or Vanek situation is a real stretch becauce hes 31 with 7 years left on his contract and they are younger and were in the last year of their contracts. The sabres are starting from scratch and trying to develop their team both on and off the ice and Erhoff didnt want to be a part of it so he is gone. Thats not hard to understand and I think it has more to do with his off the ice attitude. Let the new kids create their own image and leaders without a negative veteran in the locker room. There is also no doubt that next years draft possibilities played inti the decision.
06/30/2014 8:36AM
Re: Ehrhoff
Jeremy knows NOTHING. Absolutely...NOTHING. He thinks he knows it all, but he knows...NOTHING. What a Joke of an article. I'll wait to hear Murray and this dumb decision. Big day tomorrow with about 40 million to spend now without Ehrhoff. Good players always get the axe when the team blows. Stafford gets a free pass again!!! So does Weber.
06/30/2014 9:05AM
Word is already out
Murray shopped him around and found absolutely no takers - all because of his contract. A ten million dollar penalty can one day cost us Reinhart or another star. You would have kept him, but why? To reduce the odds of getting McDavid? This is another article Jeremy White apparently wrote before knowing all the facts.
06/30/2014 9:07AM
Schoop of the morning
You are becoming the Mike Schoop of the morning show. Your opinions are always off base and you feel your opinion is the only right on and they are usually wrong. (ex. Mike Evans vs. Sammy Watkins and Sam Bennett vs. Sam Reinhart)
06/30/2014 9:19AM
I agree 100 percent ,when your a team as bad as the Sabres you need to get something for your best players and not worry about what may happen in the future.
06/30/2014 9:25AM
The Sabres are a totally pitiful franchise. It will take 10 years to be competitive
It gets worse by the week. How sad it is to be a lowly Sabre fan. Give away everything and nothing to show for it. enjoy 5 years of draft picks, cause that's all the fun you will have.
06/30/2014 9:31AM
Let's do some imaginary cost benefit on what the Sabres could have returned in a trade. Let's imagine the return for Ehrhoff is a mid first and a prospect. A mid-first round pick has a 50% chance of being an impact player, and a second tier prospect has a 25% chance. For the record, the average second round pick has about a 25% chance of playing 100 NHL games, so that's probably about right. So on the "reward" side, we have .50 .25 = .75 impact NHL players. Then let's spitball some probabilities of Ehrhoff retiring. I'd say there's a 25% chance he plays out the deal, a 25% chance he retires before the last year, a 25% chance he retires the year before that, and a 25% chance he retires the year before that. So that's a 25% chance of a $10M penalty, a 25% chance of a $5M penalty, and a 25% chance of a $3.33M penalty. If it's a $10M penalty, you have to let go a pair of $6M players and replace them with $1M plugs. So that's -2 impact NHL players x a 25% probability. If it's a $5M penalty, that's one $6M player you let go and replace with a $1M plug, so -1 impact players x a 25% probability. If it's a $3.33M penalty, that's a lesser player you have to let go, and for ease of arguing the math, we'll just ignore the loss, because we've already equalized the analysis. 0.75 (reward) = 0.5 0.25 (risk) If I'm Tim Murray, I have to imagine these kinds of scenarios in my head and do some kind of evaluative thinking about the risks. I think this is obviously a conservative move, but I also think it's undoubtedly probable we get hit with some kind of penalty, and we've got to think about how to measure that loss. I'm okay with the move completely. Worst case scenario is so completely devastating that it's just not worth the first and the prospect.
06/30/2014 9:33AM
Just listen to your own man, Jeremy...
Paul Hamilton's report acknowledged that Ehrhoff had become complacent and was going through the motions at times last season - and asking him for his trade list didn't help his commitment to the Sabres. That's not the kind of atmosphere Nolan or Murray wants to influence all of the kids they're bringing into the organization. It seems that Ehrhoff's mindset was just as big a factor in the decision as the financial implications - and I respect Murray backing up his words when he said he wasn't going to beg anyone to play in Buffalo if they didn't want to. That's the difference between him and Regier - Darcy kept malcontents like Connolly, Roy and Kotalik around despite evidence that their efforts reeked of complacency.
06/30/2014 9:35AM
I am guessing there was a reason he was bought out following the draft, rather than before it. Murray was likely shopping Ehrhoff throughout the draft and didn't get a return he deemed worthy of the inevitable cap penalty (there is no way Ehrhoff plays for $1 million at the tail end of his deal). This is called long-term planning.
06/30/2014 9:38AM
wooo baby
Slick Timmy strikes again- no matter if he likes it here or not? the Sabres could have gotten something for him- the "old Wheeler Dealer" is not as slick as he makes everyone think- ever notice how a child gets quiet after he fills his pants? well Timmie has had a lot of quiet times ?
06/30/2014 9:40AM
less impact...
Ehrhoff made less of an impact the Dr. Pamela Brown but walked away with more $$$ !! Doh!!
06/30/2014 9:59AM
Jeremy, I disagreed with you last year before the draft but not today.
Last year you actually responded to my comment about "your mother's hairdresser..." part. You are correct with this assessment today. The Sabres aren't going to look good with this move. No way they couldn't trade him and it's very dangerous to say 'if you don't like it here, then leave' because that is what everyone will want to do. This isn't a franchise that has won a lot and certainly not a "destination" franchise. The owner is coming across as a clod when he runs to the "fan favorite" with Ted Nolan after, yet again, not conducting a coaching search. I am very leery of any GM that doesn't have his own coach and especially fearful that this franchise will sputter along endlessly with long-term overpaying of cheap players (I'm watching closely if they overpay to keep a nothing like Tyler Ennis). The term Uh Oh comes to mind.
06/30/2014 9:59AM
More to the story !!! I Hope
Gotta be. This makes no sense and I don't believe Murray would make such a seemingly moronic move.
06/30/2014 10:05AM
I agree with Jeremy
People are saying that in 2020, the Sabres could be serious contenders and if Ehrhoff retires, his cap hit could be damaging. But I would ask this.....if the Sabres are contenders in 2020, WHY would Ehrhoff retire then? He'd want to continue playing and winning!
06/30/2014 10:59AM
@Schoop of the morning
man I cannot agree with you more.I have always said this! Just a couple of babbling idiots.It was a bad contract to begin with and this possible retirement issue and cost should have been thought of way before.We gave Murray the tools to make us better over the long haul and that is the most important thing. Everyone knows (and knew) he is a no nonsense kind of guy. Please don't be stupid. Do you really think there were takers for this contract for the right deal....and I mean the right del?. Sure he will get gobbled up BUT look at what he WILL sign for. I have no problem with the decision as it is no different than how I'd approach my retirement if I had this kind of cash AND on a rebuild team.
06/30/2014 11:37AM
What about his influence in the locker? it could of been negative!
06/30/2014 11:44AM
Can't call it bad asset management just yet
I don't know what your degree is in White, maybe it's in business or finance but I highly doubt that since you come across as lacking the overall intelligence to be a competent business person. I'm not really sure if you even know what asset management is or what it means. Anyway I'm not going to spend this whole post ripping you apart. You are being very premature in calling this "bad asset management". Why? Well because we don't know what other plans Murray has. He could have bought out Ehrhoff to create more cap space for a trade, or surprisingly big FA signing or signings. Just because you consider everything Paul Hamilton says as gospel doesn't necessarily mean that is how it's goint to be. Hamiltion says that no big trades will be made this offseason and that they aren't really looking to make a splash in free agency but you know sign more of the Teppo Numminen, Henrik Tallinder type of over the hill do nothing. Hamilton still reports for this team like Regier is still the GM. I think if Murray does something that is the opposite of what Hamilton says will happen, he would die on the spot of a heart attack. If a trade is in the works or they sign a Brooks Orpik in free agency, then this buyout makes complete and absolute sense. As the saying goes when you assume (as you are White)then you make an a$$ out of you and me. For you though making an a$$ out of yourself isn't terribly hard for you to do.
06/30/2014 11:54AM
Free Agency 7/1
Get me Stastny, Moulson, and Ott...I can handle that. Orpik on dee??? YES!
06/30/2014 12:01PM
Good question
What trades??? I've got that feel in' this is going to be another Joke of a season coming up. A JOKE!
06/30/2014 12:02PM
Terrible article (too much ranting and raving)
Sorry, but this was a terrible article. It was too much ranting and raving and nowhere near enough substance. Here are better examples of why Murray used the compliance buyout: "The defenseman’s front-loaded deal would be subject to the NHL’s salary-cap recapture penalties if Ehrhoff retired before the contract ended in 2021. Up to $3 million per year could have been tacked onto the Sabres’ cap depending on the retirement date of Ehrhoff, who turns 32 next month. The situation made the defenseman virtually untradeable. “Since I got here we’ve talked about this,” Murray said in Buffalo Niagara International Airport after flying back from the NHL Draft. “We’ve talked about his contract. We’ve talked about the repercussions of the contract with the penalties that the league has put on it. It’s been an ongoing discussion.” Ehrhoff was unhappy losing in Buffalo, and Murray was not thrilled with the defenseman. Ehrhoff, as Murray said, made $22 million in three seasons and will get $12 million more over the next 14 years. While he was the Sabres’ top-performing defenseman in traditional and advanced statistics, his output on a bad team was only a fraction of what he accomplished during his time in San Jose and Vancouver. The Sabres also need leaders and advisers for their young defensemen during the rebuild, and the disenfranchised Ehrhoff declined on-ice mentorship, leaving the ice first after practice on a daily basis." http://www.buffalonews.com/city-region/sabres-buy-out-ehrhoffs-contract-20140629 Enclosing, Ehrhoff was a locker room cancer who didn't want to be in Buffalo, plus his contract situation could have really backfired on the Sabres, so IMO this was a no-brainer for Murray.
06/30/2014 12:02PM
Murray makes sense
Is it such a bad move to buyout a great player rather than trade him because you do not want to have outrageous cap penalties? There will be a time when the Sabres need to resign GREAT players. It makes sense. Ehrhoff will NOT finish his deal. Cap penalties avoided. Future negotiations will not be plagued.
06/30/2014 12:03PM
as usual
As usual, you're a complete moron Jeremy. Go back and watch some of the soft giveaways in the defensive zone... he was completely mailing it in and doing nothing for this team. Go back to your numbers, just like with faceoffs. Why even bother watching the games when you can dig up a stat that says he has good numbers. He plays every minute of the powerplay because we have no one else, of course he put up some assists. I'm glad I slept in and didn't listen to whatever nonsense came out of your mouth this morning on the radio.
06/30/2014 12:14PM
06/30/2014 12:14PM
Right On Jeremy!!!! Well said, thank you for speaking up
The political correct, nowadays, is being a good little hopeful and sunny eyed lemming. Darcy is gone, so Pegula and Murray can do no wrong. For, a former 9 year season ticket holder, 20 year fan, I am almost done with this train wreck. I have said that before, but this nonsense and hard line to one extreme or the other,has simply drained the remaining juices from my Sabre soul. Really, is this the only way to improve? To become completely void of any competitiveness, to be the worst and fail with total success? Is this about being a fan, or buying into some post modern idea of a new sports reality? The only way to be a top NHL team is to openly take a dive, for years? Is this what I like in a franchise, is this a team I want to be associated with? Man, this is bad,and this Ehrhoff waivers is transparent, and shallow, and says a number of very bad things about the Sabres. I am NOT on board with this. So, as many of the people who read this, with their official Sabre blinders on, will be muttering, I probably should back away from this trainwreck epic and let you remaining fans dream on, hope, pray, and always look to the season beyond next. Terrible move by Murray, and causes great concern over his perspective.
06/30/2014 12:18PM
He had to go too!!
He held onto the puck to long and made a lot mistakes and wanted out. okay good bye
06/30/2014 12:18PM
So, the NHL's worst team is worrying about the CAP in 8 years.... LOL!!!!
Wow, Murray is the most proactive GM with a team that will be worse next season,wonderful. I'll bet the offices in Montreal, Boston, and 27 other teams enjoyed their donuts this morning. Darcy gone and Murray in. Good luck with that, proud Sabre Nation, a great but very naive fanbase, an owner's dream.
06/30/2014 12:20PM
06/30/2014 12:24PM
emotional response
Some times good managers make kneejerk looking emotional responses to certain situations. More likely than not with Murray being new at the position, he may have just got tired of everything that the NHL and others are doing and made a poor but emotionally charged decision. He will learn when he gets burned. You have to live or die with his type of personality in charge until he simmers down. Let's hope that is soon. But for now, enjoy the wild ride that he will give us all.
06/30/2014 12:27PM
Can you believe this! Jeremy White, Paul Hamilton, Mike Schopp, ON AND ON AND ON!!! When is WGR going to hold these "TALKING HEAD IDIOTS" accountable???? THANK GOODNESS FOR TSN!!!
06/30/2014 12:28PM
Jeremy guilty of poor journalist judgement!!!!!
Ehrhoff doesn't want to be here. Why can't you get that through that thick head of yours???
06/30/2014 12:30PM
Under no scenario would the Sabres get a 10M penalty in one year. Where do people get this? The recapture penalty is the difference in salary paid minus cap hit. When he retires the penalty gets paid over the remaining years of the contract. The last year the penalty would be 3M. If he retired today, the penalty would be 10M, but over 7 years or 1.4M a year.
06/30/2014 12:35PM
Myers isn't going anywhere. I see both sides of the argument and I'm still left confused. However, Murray did say that he could have traded Erhoff.
06/30/2014 12:39PM
SURPRISE TIM!!! YOU WERE TOTALLY REJECTED IN ALL TRADE ATTEMPTS AT THE DRAFT!!!! Murray's learning that his job is next to impossible at WALMART because of years of Darcy's incredible incompetence that will linger in NHL circles for years, and THE FACT that WALMART is owned by THE VILLAGE IDIOT! At the draft Murray just got his first AWAKENING of the INTENSE DISRESPECT THE ENTIRE NHL has for "THEEEE BIGGEST NICKLE AND DIME LOoSER FRANCHISE IN THE HISTORY OF PRO SPORTS". NO ONE wants WALMART'S GARBAGE and the best Murray can do is just "TAKE IT TO THE CURB", just like that STIFF ERHOFF! I AM LOLING ALL THE WAY!!! ELITE MY AZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!! FOREEVERFOREM UP!!!
06/30/2014 12:41PM
Very tradeable
The Sabres would still be on the hook for the recapture penalty even if he were traded. This is why TM would have had no problem trading him. If anyone thinks Christian is signing for less than 4M per this week, then they are lying to themselves.
06/30/2014 12:42PM
06/30/2014 12:47PM
06/30/2014 12:53PM
was this a callers opinion or a on-air host?
"So the Sabres likely sought a trade, right? No partners? No way. The Sabres could have sent Christian Ehrhoff to the highest bidder and reaped a pretty serious reward." Really? You sure about that? There's this thing called a source, AKA, PROOF, etc that some "reporters" will use to prove their point. It's funny when the staff at WGR start to sound like the drunk callers that call in to the show and talk about what a player, coach or the GM "should have done" ....it seems to me that 29 other NHL GM's aren't wrong in giving the Sabres not even a pick for Erhoff. But yet another WGR clown/armchair GM knows exactly what couldda, shouldda, wouldda.
06/30/2014 12:56PM
I agree
Agree that we should have gotten something for him....and its Schopp not Schoop you idiots.
06/30/2014 12:58PM
06/30/2014 12:59PM
Put the two idiots together from 3-7 Schopp and the Nerd?
Imagine those two together on the air. My radio would be sledged in the first minute. Mr Arrogant and Mr Never Wrong. Please don't ever let that happen. That is a bad idea. Sully and the Nerd? Now were talking business. A fight would break out everyshow. Interesting. Sully would have the edge.
06/30/2014 1:03PM
Coomon Sense
Prety obvious Murray tried to trade Ehrhoff but their were no takers. That cap money will come in handy in the years ahead, and keeping Ehrhoff does less that nothing to help us short term
06/30/2014 1:16PM
Trade Him
I was all for the trade him option, and if you get afraid that he's going to retire in the last year of his deal you could trade something cheap (4th or 5th round pick) to bring him back and buy him out. If he's getting ready to retire at that point I have to think the team that owns him will want to get him off their books.
06/30/2014 1:32PM
Please just stop talking and typing all together Jeremy. Please just stop.
06/30/2014 1:48PM
good bye drewey
your next drewey followed by one punch and not to forget that slug door matt ellis !!!!
06/30/2014 1:49PM
Respectfully Jeremy...you can't have it both ways
We all beefed (myself included)on how Darcy got way too married to his players. Tim pulls an anti-Darcy move and we jack him up for that. He's setting a tone for the organization from top-to-bottom. You HAVE to want to be here to put on a Sabres' sweater. That's the standard he is setting. In his mind he didn't feel Ehrhoff wanted to be here...and judging by his body language last season I tend to agree!!!
06/30/2014 2:04PM
Calm Down Jeremy...
Sometimes you just need to let people go. Ehrhoff was unhappy. So we move on. You can't always trade - sometimes a clean break-up is necessary. And, although the recapture penalty may not be something to worry about, it does represent an open-ended liability. So, now that loose end is tied, all of the Darcy Regier moves have been eliminated, the slate is clean and we can do things Murray's way and evaluate him on his moves. I'm willing to give it a chance and, as a Sabres fan, you should as well. Again, Calm Down!!!
06/30/2014 2:15PM
Keeping Ehrhoff=Bad Cap Management
The way teams are struggling to put together cup winning teams within cap space (LA/CHI/BOS all playing with fractions of space right now), there is no way you can chance a 10 MILLION DOLLAR HIT. More cap space doesn't help it. Salaries keep up with cap growth. Players will be more expensive when the cap goes up, thus the 12 mil/per that Kane and Toews are asking for. Keeping Ehrhoff is poor cap management. Not much Darcy of TM could do, the league changed the rules in the middle of the game. I have to completely disagree with this article.
06/30/2014 2:34PM
Unfortunate contract and situation
When the sabres signed erhoff the recapture penalty did not exist. They played the game on along term deal to stretch the cap. They were a team on the upswing and he was one of the pieces. The situation changed. I agree with Murray that the risk outweighs the reward here. Erhoff is not a cornerstone type of player. By the time we need a guy like him he won't be the same player anymore. We did the right thing and moved on. The recapture penalty prevented a trade and Murray had options available.
06/30/2014 2:34PM
what if the return in a trade wasnt a first or second round pick? What if it was a third..or lower? Is it then worth the risk of having a huge hindrance to what should be a contending team in the future? Your whole article is based on the assumption thatthey could get a first or second round pick for him. I'm not sure that is the case.
06/30/2014 2:34PM
you need a trade partner
Jeremy. It is only poor resource management if there is a way to get a resource in return. It sounds to me that if Tim Murray could have received any resource in return he would have executed the trade. Missing that return, he had to let him go.
06/30/2014 2:35PM
The 2011 debacle is over
... so they missed on Brad Richards and DR beat the bushes for an underachieving center who wanted to play wing, a big offensive defenseman who never fulfilled the promise and another big lug of a defenseman who couldn't fight. Move on... as Punch would say "you can lose with a different set of seventeen skaters as much as this group". Isn't it time to let somebody else buy the groceries and see what he cooks for dinner?
06/30/2014 2:48PM
New era...
This is a new era for the team. The front office is cutting all ties to the Reiger high long contracts. They are also moving the players that do not want to be part of the rebuild. Why take the hiton his contract. Better to let him go and bring in some veterans that do want to play for the Blue and gold. There are players that do want to come to Buffalo and be part of the rebuild. Give the GM and front office a chance. Plenty of other GM's are doing the same thing!
06/30/2014 2:55PM
JW Get a clue
You act like we just sropped Doughty or Karlson. He's an average NHL d-man. A #2 on a terrible team. A 4-6 on a good team. You're clueless.
06/30/2014 3:01PM
Erhoff, JW wet behind the ears
You are wet behind the ears on this one Jeremy. Cap recapture 4,5 or 6 years down the road is certainly a concern for this organization. He will sign somewhere else but the term(s) will be for a lot Less than he would have cost this organization in the long run. First off the ice every practice, not willing to mentor the younger players, See ya Christian, It was nice knowing you, NOT!
06/30/2014 3:03PM
PHAM RULES (Paul Hamilton)
I'd rather trust P HAMS judgement on Errorhoff than Jeremys you can be just as bad without him as you were with him.
06/30/2014 3:07PM
This one
Is on the previous GM. It is a bad contract, we are now out from under it.
06/30/2014 3:13PM
I agree, Jeremy
If I were Mr. Pegula, I'd say WTH? I'm going to pay Ehrhoff millions of REAL dollars to play on a competitor's team because I'm afraid it might cost me millions of IMAGINARY dollars in 3-6 years? MIGHT? Hey, I know I don't know what I don't know, but I'm scratching my head for the first time with Mr. Murray
06/30/2014 3:17PM
Just another terrible move
Ever sense the Sabres lost to the Sens in the conference finals they've been one horrible move after another. What ever he may have said or felt was possibly justified but even more so irrelevant. You don't throw away an asset like Ehrhoff gofor nothing. Even if his trade value is down, get something, a role player, or at least a bag of pucks. Just horrible. This helps the NHL cause I think I am going to order the Center Ice package instead of watch this embarrassment!
06/30/2014 3:20PM
Why are you assuming Murray didn't try trade route??
Jeremy do you actually think Murray didn't try to trade him?? Come on! How can you think Murray knows what he's doing one day and then is stupid enough to make a move like this without considering a trade? Your article makes less sense than this move. I have every faith Murray knows what he's doing and I applaud him for thinking so far forward in a positive manner where we will be contenders down the road and the contract would have hurt us. If only Darcy had been so forward thinking we wouldn't have been strapped with a contract like this. Your theory of "I could be the GM of this team" seriously took a hit with this thought process.
06/30/2014 3:27PM
People who say he wasn't helping us are clueless... stats show he helped immensely
Ehrhoff: 33 points, 46.0 CF%, 46.3 FF%, 4.7% ShotsFor Rel, 7.3% GoalsFor Rel, 28.7 QoC, 44.5 ZoneStart%, 23.6 ToI/60 Team had 27.7 shots for & 32.4 against with Ehrhoff playing, and 24.2 shots for & 33.6 without. We got outshot by 4.7 shots/gm with him on the ice, and 9.4 per game without him... This was a BAD move. Anyone who thinks it is the right move are the ones that will agree with everything Murray does simply because he is not Darcy.
06/30/2014 3:34PM
Somebody please explain to me why Paul Hamilton is still writing articles?
Comic relief? Hiring the handicapped? There has to be a reason that someone so wrong so often still has a job. Darned if I know what it is though. What a complete Rube.
06/30/2014 3:38PM
Bad contract
It was a bad contract and Murray probably tried really hard to trade him and make him happy. Maybe Ehrhoof used the penalty as leverage to get out also? Maybe he threatened to retire now if you didn't trade him or cut him loose. None of us are in the room and don't know the answer. We all would have loved seeing something in return but maybe it just wasn't there. At some point you have to trust the powers in charge to take the team in the right direction. Money isn't the issue according to Pegula. Protecting the team long term seemed to be the goal here. $10M later is having 2 fewer good ($5M each) players on your team at some point because of this bad contract.
06/30/2014 3:51PM
He needed to go
did he make this team better? answer is no.Here he was the guy and didn't improve anybodys play.Will he be better on another team? Probably yes because he is better suited as a 3-4 defenceman who can run the powerplay. Will we finish with around the same points this year without him? I would say plus or minus 5 should be about right unless the kids kick it in and are a real surprise. Isn't the goal this year to field a team that will put you in the running for the draft next year?The minutes will go to the kids like Zadorov and Ristolainen and McCabe who need those minutes to develop.This is either Tyler Myers year to step up or say good-bye no more excuses.He came along under Ted Nolan if he takes the reigns and runs with it keep him if not deal him at the deadline for what you can get for him cause that's where his value will be the highest.Could ya dig another high draft pick? We still got Weber and Pysyk and Ruhwedel who need minutes which they will now get. Could Murray have gotten something? Sure in time but the player doesn't want to play here, he wants to try to win a cup, so Murray granted his wish.I think that's a solid in players eyes but hey we are not trying to build a reputation across the league are we?You make this sound like it is all about money of course that's a factor but hey it easy for an analyst to say sure blow ten million dollars ... just think about that state for a minute...you are kidding right.Just some random thoughts peace
06/30/2014 4:09PM
06/30/2014 4:35PM
New Boss......aint like the old Boss
Good on ya Tim.He has just sent a message that reverbs all the way down past Rochester.......Non Desire will not be allowed at any cost!!!!The most pressing need that formerly coddling excuse for Mngmt.never ever had the cahones to apply.
06/30/2014 4:44PM
This is what I do not understand. Goomzy here folks.
Now when was he expected to retire? Next year? 2 years? 3 years? 4 years? Maybe 5 years? I'd say 5 years or after. So why not keep him here for 2 more years and then buy him out? Please some one who thinks they are so smart. Please. We all Christian was not retiring in the next 4 years. So why not buy him out in 2 years. Get to the cap floor. It has to be his attitude. I think they will push for a big time free agent and they will over pay to get to that floor. When one is signed please no band wagon jumping Jeremy or what ever the writers name is. I love what Murray and Pegula are doing so just sit back and watch how it is done.
06/30/2014 6:23PM
Exactly - Cancer in the room. Not the culture, attitude, or lessons you want your youth coming up around. You don't want to be here - get lost. Who does he think he is? Bad attitude kills any organization
06/30/2014 7:22PM
They'll waste no time re signing losers like Ennis, Foligno, Ruhwedel, and bust Adam. What a Joke!
06/30/2014 7:23PM
Mind made up
Jeremy has his mind made up. Why bother to try to try and change it? Obviously, Murray did not feel that the return for Ehrhoff was greater than the risk of his retirement and a salary cap hit when they might want to add a final piece to the puzzle. This is NOT about a trade; this is NOT about Ehrhoff not wanting to be here (mostly);this is NOT the same as Vanek or Miller. Does it really matter if Ehrhoff is on this team in the next three years? No it doesn't.Murray is quite aware of asset management. Jeremy is emotional and petulant once again.
06/30/2014 7:56PM
You are Short Sighted JW
You are just as responsible as the babyboomers are in leaving all kinds of debt for the next generations to try and clean up your mess. The contract was horrible in that it was designed for him to leave the NHL early. He was not going to be playing for 1 Million dollars per year in the last few years of his contract. There is no way!. He would have retired early and gone back to Germany and played there as celebrity into his 40's. We would have definitely been hit with the penalty and with players now asking for 12 Million per season, what will it be like around the next CBA? We may have an allstar team by then and you want to ruin if for a player who will be around for 4? You are not just wrong, you are dead wrong!
06/30/2014 8:13PM
he was terrible last year
The minus 27 was not due to his surrounding lack of talent (alone). It was well deserved. I often came away from games disappointed with his play, and many goals against were directly attributed to him. And not only last season, but mostly then. I have no idea if they could have gotten anything for him. One would assume they tried to see if the possible retirement problem would be worth the risk. I don't see keeping him as an option. If he played so poorly because he didn't like playing for a bad team, how much worse would it be this year? Clearly not the guy to lead by example playing that way.
06/30/2014 8:38PM
I don't want McDavid on the Sabres
Another whiner like the NHL's poster boy Crosby. No room for that no matter how good he might be. Its all about team players. Not individuals.
06/30/2014 9:43PM
Any trades yet?
What trades? All is dead here, just like ere when Regeir was here. Other teams are in action while we do nothing. Business as usual. Status blow. Dimes, nickels, and cents = Joke! Smile...put on a happy face!
06/30/2014 10:11PM
it would be interesting to see the article you wrote years later when their on a cap re capture pena
its easy for you to complain, but it would be interesting to see the complaining you would do when we're cup contending and are at a cap dis advantage to everyone else. sound familiar? how about when we were at a cap disadvantage and lost both druryand briere
06/30/2014 10:46PM
Business Decision
Jdub - I understand the emotional pull here.... we want something for our assets. In this case, the business manager - Tim Murray (in consultation with Mr. Pegula) made decision that this was best option. It make for good radio to bust on Tim, but let him do his job... he did not bring on the contracts that are here. To get better first you have to clean house. Relax... better days ahead....
06/30/2014 10:56PM
Dear Jeremy
Stop being such a malcontent know it-all. It works for the guys in Boston, but you are no Jerry Callahan. You are simply annoying.
06/30/2014 11:28PM
I want to see youth
I don't think that Ehrhoff was that great, bad passes to the other team, couldn't play defense in his own zone. Never really panned out as the offensive threat I thought he was gonna be.I am glad he is gone,I want the younger guys to make an impact.I don't like the fact that we are further from the floor but would rather have the extra money in the future.
07/01/2014 6:20AM
Tim explained it perfectly for me. The cap recapture issue on this deal he inherited. This type of deal will NEVER happen again as long as he is GM. Terry's team...Darcy's deal...it is was a dumb deal to begin with with the cap recapture. No loose ends ...it is finished.
07/01/2014 7:55AM
Go away
JW, you really need to stay away from writing or talking about things you know nothing about, which means stick to football and stay away from hockey! You are one of the reasons that I no longer listen to your station except for when Hockey Hotline is on.
07/01/2014 8:43AM
Benefit of the doubt
I think it's fair to say that neither of us know what assets were offered for Ehrhoff. Assuming it wasn't a 1st round pick or significant prospect, my guess is that Murray said it wasn't worth the cap recapture penalty of $10M to make thetrade. Again, a betting man, would have to assume Ehrhoff won't play 3 years for $1M/each when he's 37. The penalty is $10M, the only question is whether that penalty is over 1, 2 or 3 years. Good decision Tim.
07/01/2014 9:09AM
@ Dear Jeremy
There are others that are know it alls over there at 'GR besides White. Paulrus, Shillvester, Peters, and Schlopp. White is more of a smart aleck imbecile to go with it. Very annoying...well said. I've got two radios on the bottom of Tonawanda Creek just to let you know.
07/01/2014 9:45AM
Not done yet...
I hope more of Darcy's mess gets ousted. Stafford, Foligno, Ennis, Weber, and Ruhwedel are on my list. Better yet...Culture change? Change the whole darn thing! Remove all the losers.
07/01/2014 9:51AM
Sabres will be the worst for 3 more years, what a joy to be a fan
Murray is as blind as he looks. Sabre fans are idiots. Can you say F O U R?
07/01/2014 12:07PM
07/01/2014 12:16PM
RE: People who say he wasn't helping us are clueless... stats show he helped immensely
Very impressive data! But what about W-I-N-S and L-O-S-S-E-S!!!! HOW COULD YOU FORGET THAT???? Erhoff was a LOosing presence on Vancouver, then a Stanley Cup contender, and continued being a LoOSING PRESENCE ON WALMART-"THEEE BIGGEST NICKLE AND DIMELoOser FRANCHISE IN THE HISTORY OF PRO SPORTS", AND when she was made available by Murray, NOT ONE TEAM WANTED HER!!!! ERHOFF IS A LOoSING CANCER JUST LIKE THE "ELITE ONE" WAS! WAKE UP!!!
07/01/2014 12:20PM
RE:I don't want McDavid on the Sabres
07/01/2014 1:13PM
Jeremy's comments make no sense
I get that we should have gotten something for Erhoff BUT here's the thing, Murray said it best, in a few years, when they are REALLY good, because they will be, we'll be looking to keep some of our higher end picks (ie Rinehart and hopefully MacDavid) because their contracts will be up and we'll need to fork out a fortune for them so we dont need to worry about $10 being locked up on us. This was a brilliant move by Murray! This guys a decisive thinker and decision maker. I love it. Looking forward to the vets he'll bring in. He's got a lot of cash to throw around to some solid vets to raise up our youngn's
07/01/2014 1:28PM
Ehroff Debacle
Jeremy you are right on! For anyone to legitiize what Murray did has his or head up Murray's behind. Drinkin the koolaid already. So what he inherited the recapture deal! Murray has to play big man and give up an asset because he doesn't want any loose ends. Its his team!!!!!!!! Then, gete rid of Risto, Gergenson, and all the other up and coming players REGIER drafted. When the Sabres young talent come to frution, you have Darcy to thank, not Murray!
07/01/2014 3:13PM
Do you watch the game
Sweet deal for Ehrhoff handcuffed this mamngement team. He may appear on paper as a quality guy but watch the games on rewind and he is soft! His passes are in guys skates or set's them up to get hit or in bad position. Will look worse on next team.
07/01/2014 3:46PM
Who Cares?
I completely forgot today was the start of free agency. The Sabres will be irrelevant for at least another 5 years. All of this nonsense is academic. You'd think 'GR would get the hint and expand some World Cup coverage instead of wasting our time with a football franchise that will be relocated in a year or two and a hockey franchise that belongs in the ECHL.
07/02/2014 2:35AM
Egg on your collective faces
It must be nice to be wrong almost all of the time and still keep your job, Tim Murray just put on a clinic on how to rebuild a team (really good managing of assets). Someone call the CDC because there is an epidemic of Foot in Mouth disease at the WGR studio. And can you please stop promoting this fail first attitude, and just embrace the fact that Tim Murray just might be a bad a$$ GM, and that you know very little about hockey.
07/02/2014 10:55AM
Sort of miffed here
Who is the elite one? I see plenty write ups on here with that word or phrases. Noticed the boys on WGR are getting ripped on here pretty good. It's like there is a war between WGR and the fans it seems these days.
07/02/2014 12:16PM
Jeremy, time to move out of your parents basement
Better to take the hit now for $10 mil rather than be stuck with the money during your competitive years. This also gets rid of another regier mess.
07/02/2014 12:38PM
Smart moves
Mr. Murray deserves much more credit then he is getting for all the good and shrewd moves he pulled off at trade deadline, and now going into free agency. getting piles of good draft picks really sets the future up nicely...and he got back the only guys he got rid of that I want back except I am awaiting Ott to sign as well. we now have guys that want to be here, and that have heart and actually CARE!!!Been awhile since the Sabres have had so many players with heart...The moves he made deserve much more credit then he has got thus far. Getting a first and Matt Moulson from the Islanders was perhaps the most lopsided trade ever. Then he sends Moulson and McCormick to MInnesota for picks and then gets both back! Signing Gionta and all the other moves makes this team much stronger on defense, where they really needed help. Anyone can clearly see that Murray has and will continue to make very good moves too help the team. This is a far cry from Darcy's days when he seemed to do just about nothing year after year. Funny Vanek ends up sitting in Montreal in the playoffs just as he did here...guess both teams must have been wrong LOL. The team is better for getting rid of overpaid primadonnas who think they are better then the rest of the team as did Vanek, Miller (especially), Errhof, and I trust Murray will continue to work to make this team better. It already is leaps and bounds better then last year.
07/02/2014 3:06PM
Can I Get An Amen?
Right on, wonder what all the moaners are thinking w/ Murray's deals yesterday? Darcy would never have done this. short term he brings in/back quality veterans, long term, laying the foundation of a real contenter, not trolling every year for the 8th seed & 1 & done playoff. T.Murray Is BadA$$, bought time we had a GM like this.
07/03/2014 2:47PM
LOL world class player?
33 pts and a minus 27, not exactly 'world class' in my book. And he was supposedly the first person off the ice after practice and didn't want to help younger players. I don't know if that is true since I'm not inside the organization, but I've heard recent interviews from this guy and it was crystal clear he didn't want to be on this team, so it certainly goes with the idea that he's not a good team player. Then on top of that, his contract would have inevitably hurt our ability to sign players in the years to come. Getting rid of him was absolutely the right move.
07/03/2014 2:55PM
Not debatable?
Actually, it is very debatable - sorry whitey, you don't get to decide if something is not debatable. I would argue he is not good, certainly not good for this team. With the ice time he gets, any offensive minded defensemen should be able to get around 30 points and beat a -27. And they could do it with a better attitude which helps the team. They could stay on the ice after practice and help teammates get better. And another player won't be a drain on the teams cap now and even moreso in the future. The fact is, ehrhoff is an average offensive defensemen (whose numbers are inflated due to lots of ice time) that regier over paid for and who was a negative factor on this team due to attitude and an overbearing contract. And while whitey may not agree, it is, at the very least debatable.
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