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Report: Rogers will not make bid on Bills

A report from the Toronto Sun Tuesday morning, has indicated that Edward Rogers III will not make a bid on the Buffalo Bills.
"Even though the Rogers family fortune was estimated last fall by Canadian Business magazine to be $7.6 billion, two sources said Rogers himself was not in a position to be a sole bidder for the NFL club," John Kryk reported.
Even though Rogers won't be heading the Toronto group to bid for the Bills, it is unclear whether Rogers will end up becoming a minority investor under Jon Bon Jovi and Larry Tanenbaum.

However, the Toronto Sun reports that "the groups once unwavering intention apparently has changed in recent weeks," when it comes to relocating the Bills to Toronto.
"The Bills aren't leaving western New York this decade, and probably a lot longer that that. Even to Toronto."

07/01/2014 6:21AM
Report: Rogers will not make bid on Bills
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07/01/2014 7:31AM
thank god
Keep them where they are
07/01/2014 8:48AM
07/01/2014 9:02AM
There is nothing like...
hearing Howard and the other clowns continually speculate on the Bills future like anxious school boys. One would think being the only sports station in town that these guys would have some inside information. Howard is too busy taking naps afterwork and Jeremy is too busy bar hoping with his hipster friends. It would be nice to have some real journalists in town...
07/01/2014 9:17AM
Great News keep the Buffalo Bills in Western NY Dadson powermode fan
I hoping this news is true, we need to keep the Buffalo Bills in Buffalo NY where they belong.
07/01/2014 9:36AM
Hmmm, "unwavering intention...changed..." Meeting with Goodell...
I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that Mr. Jovi's meeting went something like this: "We're going to put a bid in and then move the team." Goodell: "Love the chicken here. The NFL won't let you move the team, Pegula's bid will win; find something else to do with your time." That sound more likely to me than anything else I've heard in the past few months.
07/01/2014 9:59AM
Pegula scaring them off ?
When Pegula liquidated his some of his assests to cash and said they are interested in keeping the Bills in Buffalo, other potential owners took notice. I believe Pegula would be willing to overpay for the Bills like he did with the Sabres. Why else would Pegula need $1.75 bil. in cash suddenly ? I believe he was setting the stakes to sit at the Bills bidding table.
07/01/2014 11:31AM
Toronto Money
I have one question. If Bon Jovi plans on keeping the Bills in Western New York, who will finance him? Lets be honest, he needs investors. I really do not think anyone from Toronto will loan him that type of money with the intent to keep the Bills in WNY. That means he would need a investor state state. Who is willing to give Bon Jovi a Billion Dollars? Lets face facts you need CASH and the only person who has that type of Cash on hand is Pegula. If Bon Jovi comes up with a Billion, Pegula will bid 1.1Billion and I don't think Bon Jovi will come up with another 200million. The team will go to Terry and Kim Pegula and unless Bill Gates wants to join his cofounders and own a professional sports team.
07/01/2014 12:00PM
CANADIANS DON'T LIKE AMERICANS! They will NEVER SUPPORT an NFL franchise! The NFL let them know that THEY KNOW THAT! BYE BYE HOSERS!! Now... if we could just keep them out of OUR STADIUMS! Go watch your CHEESEWHIZ CFL!
07/01/2014 1:39PM
The Team Stays.
07/02/2014 12:48AM
John Kryk/Toronto Sun
When he is not plagiarizing stories form the News to print in his own column, he is making them up. Don't believe this story for a minute.
07/02/2014 1:44PM
Wow, you all know so much about the liquid assets, which you all call cash, of billionaires
All this nonsense speculation, none of you have a clue what the assets or financials of any of these people are. And, Pegula is weak, good luck with him owning all of Buffalo's teams. Losers forever.
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