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Ehrhoff signs with Pittsburgh

It didn't take Christian Ehrhoff long to find a new home after being bought out by the Buffalo Sabres over the weekend.

TSN's Bob McKenzie reports that Ehrhoff has agreed to a 1-year contract with the Pittsburgh Penguins reportedly worth 4 million dollars. More details to come.

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Locations : Pittsburgh
07/01/2014 12:20PM
Ehrhoff signs with Pittsburgh
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07/01/2014 12:30PM
Who cares?
Only concerned what's going on here in Buffalo. Has Murray overslept??? WTF!!!
07/01/2014 12:36PM
Are we in on Stastny?
Good Question.
07/01/2014 1:14PM
murray was left with no choice but to buy out ehrhoff
the fact that ehrhoff only signed a 1 year deal leads me to believe that murray couldn't find another team to take on his contract, especially when you consider that the cap hit would've been the same under either contract.
07/01/2014 2:03PM
Hey GR
Stop giving the WALMART guy the space to write his dribble
07/01/2014 4:14PM
Gorges will be better for this team
Gorges is more along the lines of the type of veteran defenseman you want on a cup team down the road. Ehrhoff had his opportunity with Vancouver 3 years ago and really was not all that great in the cup finals against Boston. Murray noticed that. Is this the type of player you want to have as your linemate when the stakes are the highest? Probably not. Pittsburgh was smart to sign him only for one year.
07/02/2014 6:26AM
Using the words Erhoff and world class defenseman togther really makes me question your sanity. And he could have gotten a big deal but chiose not to??? That is doubtful as well. Keep flying the Erhoff banner Jeremy.
07/02/2014 3:45PM
Re: Hey GR
When the Walmart Guy writes his stuff, I just read it as a clip from Comedy Central to get a laugh or just take it like it is a repeated commercial break from reading the sensible material on here.
07/03/2014 8:37AM
Walmart guy
What a dupa yash.
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If report of Toronto bid being maxed out at $1.2 billion is true, what would you think?
  Toronto is dead. The Buffalo Bills are here to stay!!!!
  I'd still be guarded. What if a bidder comes out of nowhere?
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