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Miller to Vancouver

It's official. Ryan Miller is now a Vancouver Canuck.

Miller has been linked to Vancouver ever since pending free agents could talk to teams, and Tuesday morning TSN's Bob McKenzie reported it was likely Miller would be heading there.

The deal became official just after 1 o'clock. The deal is reportedly worth $18 million over 3 years.

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07/01/2014 1:16PM
Miller to Vancouver
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07/01/2014 1:49PM
No one cares...
07/01/2014 1:54PM
Why report Miller and Ehrhoff? Pay attention to the culture change here. Next you'll write about Vanek to where you knew would end up... Minnesota. Track down to see if Ott and Moulson are coming back. Heard possible LeCavalier.
07/01/2014 2:05PM
And the Kings, Hawks, Sharks, and Blues are ECSTATIC!!!
07/01/2014 2:22PM
And here I thought Jim Benning was a good talent evaluator. I stand corrected. He just signed the most overrated goalie in NHL History to 6 MILLION annually. Cryan's thievery continues...
07/01/2014 2:36PM
Canucks will regret this, just like the Blues did...
Another bad move by Vancouver.
07/01/2014 5:30PM
Good for Ryan
Glad to see Miller sign for a few more years with another team. Everyone seems to forget the great years and games he has given us. Good for you Ryan
07/01/2014 6:59PM
Great years and games? Wait...when? I must have forgotten...sorry....
07/02/2014 8:45AM
I will always remember the punkin's he got by Alfredsson, Crosby, and the soft goals he gave up that cost the Sabres important games. The last playoffs the Sabres were in against the Flyers and losing should have never happened. Game 6...Miller blewit.
07/02/2014 11:05AM
Those Down on Miller .......
For all those people who think Ryan Miller was so bad during his time ..... I bet you really enjoyed the goalie play after he left, right? This coming year should be a real treat as well!
07/02/2014 12:24PM
Vancouver Assured themselves of not getting back to the cup
The best team Miller was on in 2005-2006 couldn't even get to the cup with him in goal during the early prime of his career. Now that he is way past the prime unless Benning signs the top players at each position in the NHL, it's going to be absolutely impossible in the next few years for Miller to get the Canucks past LA, Chicago, Anaheim or St.Louis (I'll even throw Colorado and Dallas into that mix as rising teams that could certainly knock off one of the others). Miller was a good to very good goaltender most of his career but he was never, ever great and to label him as such shows your overall lack of knowledge when it comes to NHL players and the games played. It's not just the fact that physically he is not as good as the likes of a Jonathan Quick but the mental part of it is more the problem. Vancouver would have been better off waiting a year or two and signing Tim Thomas to backstop the team when they may be good enough to contend in a few seasons.
07/03/2014 12:46AM
Next years draft...
Sabres and Canucks will be within two spots of each other.
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