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Sabres stay busy, add Meszaros

With Brian Gionta, Josh Gorges, Matt Moulson, and Cody McCormick already added to the roster on the opening day of free agency, General Manager Tim Murray has added yet another player to his team in defenseman Andrej Meszaros.

A former first-round pick, Meszaros split his season between Philadelphia and Boston last year, with 22 points in 52 games.

It's a 1-year deal worth $4 million per TSN's Darren Dreger.

07/01/2014 4:17PM
Sabres stay busy, add Meszaros
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07/01/2014 4:30PM
You're an idiot..
He needed to spend a minimum of 20 million just to get to the floor. He still hasn't hit the floor even with the signings yet. Get a clue.
07/01/2014 4:31PM
It is called a salary cap floor. The idea is to make all teams competitive by not spending too little and too much...
07/01/2014 4:54PM
Trade bait
This almost seem like a move designed to get to the floor and hopefully we can trade him for a respectable pick to a contending team at the trade deadline. I'm not sure how Meszaros fits into any long term plan here.
07/01/2014 5:19PM
RE: Trade bait
That might be why he was only signed to a 1 year contract? Obviously he's not long term
07/01/2014 5:26PM
too many simple people with local bar attitudes
07/01/2014 5:29PM
Tough Guy
Remember Ottawa MESZAROS I do and he was a real pain and very tough and strong in the def end I like this guy
07/01/2014 5:41PM
Can you...
...go under the cap during the season? If you want to trade all these dudes for picks later but you are going under the cap while u do so, are your penalized?
07/01/2014 5:43PM
This is the first step
Having players to want to come here is a new beginning. That's a good sign. Meszaros fits fine and if he does well, he'll fit in the plans and get an extension. He played pretty good in Boston last year and in his career. He's a winner. Weber is the one that better start worrying and the same goes for Myers or the pylons Ruhwedel and Pysyk. Those four can be the trade bait here. They'll be pushed. Murray knows what he is doing. Some fans on here better adjust and get out of their Regier ways of suck and lose. The new beginning has begun. Wake up! I've been waiting for action like this for years. Now go and get new talk show hosts.
07/01/2014 5:47PM
Wake Me Up
When the BS stops! Let's "loose" in the hockey season coming up so we can have a shot at the super star kid in the next draft coming up? You think the season ticket holders want to "sacrifice" their money to loose???? Buffalo stop drinking the kool aide!!! Win Now, not to go through the motions to sell a bunch of BS!!!
07/01/2014 5:52PM
Re: Wake Me Up
They're not getting McDavid Jeremy. Get over it.
07/01/2014 5:57PM
wake up to you
your right they are getting Ickle
07/01/2014 6:18PM
History Lesson
Finally! Anyone remember the last time the Sabres were good? They did it by adding Drury, Briere, Grier, et al. Adding these vets to teach the young guys is a first class move. Love it.
07/01/2014 6:29PM
I like the moves
Great job Mr. Murray I like your aggressive approach lets hope it equates into some more points for the team this year.Good Luck
07/01/2014 6:45PM
good moves today
Good that they acquired some hard working highly motivated players. Players that will show the likes of Gregorenko to shape up or ship out!!
07/01/2014 6:52PM
OK with this
The Sabres will have 3 chances to get McDavid. Murray is building this team in case they get that pick and also in case they don't which is the most likely scenario. You can build a team to suck, but that only puts you 1 year further away, especially if you don't reap that coveted pick.
07/01/2014 6:56PM
Once again
The Sabres are NOT going to get McDavid. Get over it.
07/01/2014 6:56PM
Is he really quivering saying "these veterans are going to make me play against how I want to play" No, he'll sign with Russia or something if it does not work out here. He will be the player he is until he can no longer play. He reminds me of Gaborik...a tremendous 2nd line player.
07/01/2014 7:29PM
Too Funny
I like that the Walmart guy was called out for using caps, so he just keeps submitting the same awful comments w/o the caps like we're confused it's the same person... please stop posting, if it was creative or entertaining, I'm all for sh!ts and giggles, but you're just negative, annoying, and not nearly as creative as you think you are.
07/01/2014 7:55PM
In With The New...
Good, a G.M. finally with the cojones to clean house -- even the better players (Erhoff) can get used to losing, so out with the old. Don't be like the Leafs, as confused as ever, attached to mediocrity, bringing back third-liners who never won with them before. Gionta is a good short-term move, and also takes away a division rival's captain, doesn't look very good on the Habs... but I still wish the Sabres would go after big Foonman, who's still available according to his parole officer.
07/01/2014 8:16PM
Forget About Connor McD.
You can't build a winning attitude on a young team by "pretending" you want them to play hard and play right while winking and whispering that no, it really is better if we lose a lot, lose more than anybody in the league. You'll take the heart out of those players, their dreams and ambitions sabotaged by their own front office. Brutal for the fans too (especially season ticket-holders), who just went through one "pretend" season -- but the main thing is, for all your efforts to tank while never using that word, there are way to many variables to count on getting that No. 1 guy anyway: a couple other teams being worse or hit by key injuries, or even a serious injury in the next year to Connor McD. himself. The next Crosby? Great as he's been --- have you noticed, teams have been winning Cups without him, the Pens now just an mid-round out. One superstar does not make a team, or even two (Malkin), not even close. Not having a Crosby or Gretzky sure hasn't hindered the L.A. Kings. Foolish to put all your eggs in one basket, and I'm hoping Tim Murray understands that.
07/01/2014 9:08PM
@Forget About Connor McD.
I do like your post....the most sensible posted here! Ppl need to get off this stuff about McDavid & Eichle as it won't do any good to lose. You got players that want to win and so do I! As a season ticket holder you expect me to spend my money to watch them lose? I pay for my players to win and give me a good game..otherwise why go?
07/01/2014 9:51PM
Bulldog loves that Ice Cubes and Beer he loves that Ice Cubes and Beer he loves.............beer!
07/01/2014 10:56PM
Why would I forget about Eichle and McDavid????
The players being signed today along with the draft picks from last and this year (once they mature) will NOT win a Stanley Cup for Buffalo. No matter how much reminiscing about '95-'96 and '96-97' people do, it won't bring those years back. The Sabres are NOT getting by the Rangers, Canadiens, Penguins, Bruins, Detroit, Florida; to say nothing of the Western Conference teams which will destroy anything we throw at them. So why should anyone forget about the hope for a game changer like either McDavid or Eichle? I certainly am thinking and hoping all the time. I'm a season ticket holder as well and while I like to win, I sure as he11 don't want some half-a$$ed attempt at it like with the current roster we have now. Fine, don't tank. Play close, boring offense-clogging hockey (just like Nolan always plays). But lose, just lose and get a potentially great player not just pretty good.
07/02/2014 1:43AM
past the floor
They didn't need him to get past the floor, at least not once they sign Ennis. However, it does enable them to trade someone before the season and still be above the floor. Have to think that's possible or likely, because they now have too many NHL bodies, probably on F and D; at least if they want to give anyone from the AHL a chance to even make the team.
07/02/2014 10:06AM
Ennis could be a sign and trade
More to come...
07/02/2014 11:39AM
Typical Buffalo
Buffalo pays him $4 million and his next best offer was $1.5 million. Ha!
07/02/2014 12:01PM
The heck with "The Floor" from my Armchair
Go all the way to the max and that's not Afinogenov. Water bug hasn't been signed yet. It's a new era in Sabres hockey and I like it. Haven't seen a change like this in a long long time and I don't think Murray is done yet. I just might start to enjoy hockey again here instead of bichin' about it. It's about time not hearing Flyers, Rangers, and Canadiens all the time getting players and in rumors and etc. What Murray did yesterday shocked Eklund and all his cast of idiots and the league. It totally put them in a confused state of mind. This Murray guy isn't messin' around. Time will tell. Playoffs??? It's a possibility.
07/02/2014 12:47PM
Still hope thanks to Islanders
It seems that the Sabres. with al of Murray's good moves, are a much improved team and their blueline will be especially which is really important. Every team seemed to make moves to improve themselves but the good old Islanders, yes the same team that gave us the first pick next year in that amazing deal Mr. Murray pulled off with Vanek. The Islanders are so bad they just might be dead last next year. It would not surprise me in fact..they are pretty sad. We complain here but those poor fans really have a clunker there. If not for Traveres they would for sure be last. Here's hoping they suck and we get first overall from them.
07/02/2014 12:53PM
Why Would I Forget McD?
You're naive if you think McDavid is all that stands between the Sabres and the Cup, and nothing else counts until and unless they get him -- he's not a Messiah, it's a team game, and there are always superstars left on the outside watching another club win the Cup. Tampa needs more than Stamkos, the Isles need way more than Tavares, and the Pens even with Crosby and Malkin couldn't even beat the Rangers and sure don't match up with the Kings and those Western teams. Fans who try to turn a team game into a one-man show don't understand sport. (They do it in football too, as if all you need is a QB -- Joe Montana in his prime took the 49ers into N.Y. for a title game and lost to the Giants 49-3.)
07/02/2014 12:56PM
SO... lemme get this straight... MONTREAL experiences a renaissance and then just lets Jeff GOURGEOUS and WEEBLE GIONTA just walk out the door? BOSTON with injuries all over their defense last year JUST lets Metsaros walk out the door? MINNESOTA WHO'S WITHIN INCHES of beating Chicago just lets Moulson walk out the door? And the last piece of "GARBAGE" picked up BY WALMART was none other than "Cody McCormick" who WE ALREADY KNOW can't skate? YESSS INDEED!! Murray did a FINE JOB PICKING OFF THE NHL'S "SCRAP PILE" Someone PLEASE TELL ME QUICKLY.... WHICH ONE OF THESE LATEST "BALD TIRES" acquired by WALMART'S NEW GENIUS was EVER AN NHL ALLSTAR!! Here's the real story, Jeff Gourgeuos, Gionta, Metsaros, are all on at least their "FOURTH DIFFERENT TEAM"!! TALK ABOUT "RETREADS"!!!! OH but WAIT... WALMART LOVERS are absolutely SCREAMING ABOUT HOW MUCH different MURRAY is from THE DEADHEAD!!!! Yeah maybe so, but ONE THING WON'T EVER BE DIFFERENT... get ready for DEAD LAST PLACE AGAIN! Wait a minute... do you hear that...? THE SOUND OF THE BOSTON BRUINS "LAFFING" HARD AT WALMART AND THEIR NEW LITTLE USED TIRE PURCHASES!!!! WALMART= "THEEEEE ONLY BIGGEST NICKLE AND DIME LOoSER FRANCHISE THAT'S $30 MILLION DOLLARS "BELOW" THE CAP IN PRO SPORTS HISTORY"! ELITE ME AND SAY MY NAME! WHERE'S ELITE? WHO'S ELITE? HOW'S ELITE? EEELITE MY AZZZ!
07/02/2014 1:05PM
WALMART boy is....
a jack arse. Plain and simple.
07/02/2014 1:30PM
07/02/2014 1:58PM
Bill Hajt
Bring back Bill Hajt as a powerplay specialist. he can also teach the boys how to drop the mits.
07/02/2014 2:03PM
All you McDavid tank fans beginning with Jeremy
Let the Islanders blow and tank and go from there because the Sabres are NOT tanking. Some people on here can just be plain idiots. Welcome to the rebirth of Sabres hockey!!! It's looking like the Senators will enter crash mode. Toronto??? No comment.
07/02/2014 4:31PM
Did we get Ott yet by the way?
Since his appearance at Walden Galleria the other day, I haven't heard $hit. He wants to come back. What's the hold up?
07/02/2014 7:21PM
@ OK with this
Correct that to one chance to get McDavid. Hope the Islanders finish in the bottom six and win the lottery.
07/02/2014 8:05PM
Obviously, Just Speaking For Myself
I do not know how many games this Sabres team will win. I do not know how well the players will perform. But I will enjoy watching them play. The whole group of players seem to be a likable lot, people I can root for...Of course, to maximize my enjoymentof the up coming NHL season, I will religiously avoid listening to and reading anything and everything that all the wgr on-air personalities have to say or write.
07/03/2014 8:30AM
I am glad they added a couple decent players.I still do not think they will be worth spending money on but they maybe occasionally watchable.About rebuilding with all young guys with "potential" ,grigerenko and oilers, enough said.When does Jeremy go on vacation so I don't have to listen to his ridiculous ideas?
07/03/2014 9:12AM
Re: Potential
They will be worth it. Great for the young guys to know what it takes to be an NHL player. Hockey will be fun again in Buffalo. I can't rule out the playoffs. If the kids pick up fast, it could happen. I still would like Steve Ott to get signed and then put Ellis and Flynn on waivers and see if there are any takers. If none, then they can go to Rochester. When Jeremy does go on vacation, I'm hoping its permanent. I don't like pi$$pot smart alecks.
07/12/2014 11:34PM
walmart wizard
presidents cup to FIRST ROUND DUD (looks to me,the Kings and Hawks are the POWERHOUSES of the league! HEY HATER, SPEW ON WITH YOUR IGNORANT,MINDLESS RANTS! You make it look so easy.
07/12/2014 11:50PM
wal wiz
Your words obviously don't come from your grey matter and even more obvious, it does not come from your heart,so they must come from somewhere further south. Anyone agree?
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