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Blackhawks lock up Kane, Toews

The Chicago Blackhawks announced Wednesday that they've signed captain Jonathan Toews and forward Patrick Kane to 8-year contract extensions that run through the 2022-23 NHL season.  Dan Cohen of WREX reports the deals come with identical salary cap hits of $10.5 million per year.  Sabres fans can now rule out bringing Patrick Kane back to Buffalo as a free agent in 2015.

07/09/2014 1:15PM
Blackhawks lock up Kane, Toews
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07/09/2014 1:29PM
Say it ain't so
That stinks. Although we'll probably get him at 34 when he's washed up.
07/09/2014 2:27PM
RE: What?
Go back to bed...Troll
07/09/2014 2:29PM
Wow !!
I am amazed at how many people waste their lives trolling online eeeeeevery day to just be negative and mean. Grow up and move out of Mom's basement trolls.
07/09/2014 2:49PM
Moderator needed
WGR, please moderate abusive, offensive language. How dare someone make fun of anybody about their physical features, especially weight, let alone not even have a relevant point.
07/09/2014 3:14PM
Contracts, Schmontacts !
So what. Players are bought out early as team decides, they are FA's again. Not to mention trades. Kane can make it back to Buffalo way before this deal expires. Marriage is forever too, remember?
07/09/2014 3:17PM
07/09/2014 3:31PM
1/3 of there salary cap is tied up with 2 players. How much does Chicago expect the salary cap to go up? i thought this was why they struck in 2004 and 2012....to keep salaries in line?? did they not learn a thing?? have fun trying to fill out your roster Black Hawks in a few season when all your "other" players want new contracts!
07/09/2014 3:58PM
Oh Well
I guess Kane's intentions were to never ever play for Walmart. Cab drivers celebrate!
07/09/2014 4:04PM
If anybody is going to complain about anything today how about the 20 article arbitrary bills ranking system - they should just shut down the station after hockey ends and go back on the air the day before Bills training camp starts.
07/09/2014 4:11PM
Re: Seriously?
They should shut the station down period. FOR GOOD. They're all a bunch of douchebags anyway.
07/09/2014 4:59PM
What idiot put this news on here? Is it just to ruffle feathers as usual over there. What a Joke!!!
07/09/2014 5:56PM
Look at the bright side
The chances of a Stanley Cup coming to Buffalo can continue when Patrick Kane brings it here during an off season after winning it maybe a few more times. In the meantime, we can continue to carry our golf bags for at least 9 more years unless the Sabresdo happen to get to a final vs Chicago. But then...Chicago in 4 with Kanes party again on the Lake front. Keep booking those tee times!!!
07/09/2014 6:10PM
over cap now
they are over the cap now what are they going to do to get under it with those contacts.
07/09/2014 7:10PM
Re: over cap now
Good teams figure it out to get under. The Sabres got approx 17 million to spend yet to hit max cap.. Chicago will have to dump good players. Example: Sharp and Seabrook could get moved. Again...The Sabres got approx 17 million to spend yet to hit max cap. I think you get my drift.
07/09/2014 8:09PM
I really thought Kane would be a Sabre starting the 2015-2016 season. I was really counting on that happening. Now what? A Matt Ellis extension? Pathetic!
07/10/2014 8:45AM
Does Chris "Bulldog" Parker smoke weed?
07/10/2014 9:06AM
I heard "Bulldog" is on his final warning at the station, because he's always coming in under the influence of marijuana and eating all of Mike Schoop's treats.
07/10/2014 10:42AM
Drug Testing?
You're telling me the guy on the left doesn't smoke marijuana? http://i1.ytimg.com/vi/Rcjh4s9OniE/maxresdefault.jpg. I find that very hard to believe. Curious on what the drug abuse policy is at WGR because I suspect Bulldog smokes dirty marijuana.
07/10/2014 10:54AM
Re: Bulldog
Only at Lazy Lakes and before Bills post game shows, otherwise, he is pretty clean.
07/10/2014 10:58AM
I heard that he actually grows it at WGR headquarters, which is disappointing. He's probably the one who gave it to Marcel Dareus. Thanks a lot, Bulldog.
07/10/2014 1:36PM
Just saw Bulldog at Terrapin Station buying Zig-Zags and glass paraphernalia that's commonly used by marijuana enthusiasts. Now he's going to go play some obscure vinyl album and tell us how good he thinks the music he listens to is. Smoke another one Bulldog.
07/10/2014 1:52PM
Really feeling high
Knowing Bulldog isn't my dad. I couldn't imagine growing up with a father who uses marijuana on a regular basis like he does. I pray for his children.
07/10/2014 2:17PM
Weird, Bulldog is off the same day the state of Washington legally begins selling marijuana. Wow.
07/10/2014 8:15PM
We're stuck with Cody McCormick. With 17 million to spend, the Sabres couldn't bring back Steve Ott. With Ott signing with St Louis cheap, that couldn't be why the Sabres didn't bring him back or could it??? CODY MCCORMICK??? WHAT A JOKE!!! Where was Murray??? In the Bahamas??? YES...WHAT A JOKE!!!
07/12/2014 11:20AM
That's odd
LeBron went home. Why not Kane for 2015??? Hmmmmmmm.....A little help here...
07/13/2014 11:35AM
My reaction to Kane re signing with Chicago
Just look at the freeze frame of the call it like Rick winner on the home page. I thought it would have been possible that he would come to Buffalo in the next off season via free agency. Very disappointed.
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  Toronto is dead. The Buffalo Bills are here to stay!!!!
  I'd still be guarded. What if a bidder comes out of nowhere?
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