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Kelly Talks Recovery, Bills' Future

Amherst, NY (WBEN) - Today, at Sweet Home High School, Jim Kelly took part in his annual Football Camp.

The Hall of Fame Quarterback is about 50 pounds lighter than normal but was in good spirits, at times getting in the action and playing with kids. He gave an update on the next big step in his recovery.

"In due time I hope I'll be back to normal," Kelly said. "The big test is coming in August, in the second or third week of August, when I go in for my first MRI after my chemo and radiation to see if the cancer has left my body."

Kelly has not been shy talking about his battle with cancer on various social media. However, he said it wasn't his idea to share so many updates. Instead, it was his wife Jill who pushed him to open up. "I've had to stop her a couple times, like, 'Jill, just for your sake and all of our sake this is not going on Twitter or Facebook.' I've had to say that a few times, but I do know that the support I've got and the letters, emails, and prayers especially have helped me get to where I'm at."

Throughout his battle with cancer, Kelly has been keeping close tabs on the future of the Buffalo Bills. "We've talked to a number of people, and I'm not going to mention any names," Kelly said. "I'm just doing what I can to make sure the Bills stay in Buffalo."

Kelly remains optimistic that will happen in the long term. For now, he's keeping his options open when it comes to teaming up with potential bidders.

"I don't want to team up with just one person right now, I'd be stupid to. I don't know who's going to get it. I don't have the money to buy the Bills," Kelly said. "There's a number of people that have approached us about my role and what I would do. I know what I want to do but that will be said down the road a little bit later."

Kelly says he thinks the $2 Billion price tag on the NBA's LA Clippers will make a difference in the Bills sale, but says he knows where he thinks the price "should be."

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