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Bills Q\'s

5 key questions about the 2014 Bills

Where has the off season gone?  Come Sunday night, the Bills will hit the practice field at St. John Fisher for the start of their 2014 training camp.  There are a number of questions about the 2014 Bills but the biggest question doesn't have anything to do with on field performance.  

Who will be the next owner of the Bills? That will loom over the team and the season until there is an answer, which could come as early as October or perhaps as late as March.  Depending on who that next owner is, the next question would of course be whether or not the Bills are staying in Western New York.

I came up with more than 30 questions/story lines in regards to on field matters but don't worry, I won't bore you with all of them.  I'll just go with my top five. The first one is a repeat question and one that we've been asking every year for far too long.

 Will this finally be the year the Bills end their playoff drought?  No.  As is usually the case when Tom Brady is healthy, the Bills will be fighting for one of two AFC wildcard spots as opposed to a third possible post season  avenue via a division title.

To make a long story short, the quarterback is unproven and the defense took three major hits in the off season with the loss of Mike Pettine to Cleveland, Jairus Byrd to New Orleans and Kiko Alonso to a season ending injury.  The defense will have to make due without the coordinator who restored life to that side of the ball, as well as its two best playmakers.  I don't think its strong enough to carry the team should the offense be inconsistent which leads us to the next question.

Actually its a two part question.  Can EJ Manuel stay healthy for a full season?  If so, will he do enough to convince us he's the man for the job going forward?  If Manuel makes it through the pre-season without getting hurt, that would be a good start since he couldn't do that last season.

 As to his performance, I like what I heard coming out of the OTA's about Manuel having a better feel for the offense thanks a full off season to prepare and I was glad to see he had throwing sessions with some of the wide receivers before OTA's began. I like the idea of a quarterback coach to help Manuel so Nathaniel Hackett can concentrate solely on coordinating the offense as opposed to doing both jobs as was the case in 2013.  But none of that really matters.  It will all come down to how the former Florida State star looks on the field during the regular season.

I'll stay on offense for the next question.  What kind of impact will Sammy Watkins have?  HIstory will tell us not to get too excited since rookie receivers don't typically light up the league and Watkins numbers will of course rely in part on the play of Manuel.  I think the better question might be how many different ways can Hackett and the offense get the ball in the hands of Watkins whose speed, playmaking ability and run after catch skills were constantly on display at Clemson.

The next question also comes from the offensive side of the ball.  What will the offensive line look like come opening day?  Its possible three of the five starters will be different from game one of the 2013 season. We know there will be a new left guard.  Free agent pickup Chris Williams will hopefully perform much better than the tandem of Colin Brown and Doug Legursky.

 The major O-Line battle at camp will be at right tackle where incumbent Erik Pears will attempt to hold off rookie Cyrus Kouandjio.  My guess is the second round pick from Alabama will have the job by opening day unless he looks completely lost in the pre-season.

 The third possible change on the line is at right guard where Kraig Urbik has been the starter.  At the very least, Urbik will likely retain the spot by default.  The competition doesn't look too stong, with the group including Chris Hairston who has been a tackle and missed all of last season with an injury.

For my final question, lets go back to the defense.  Pettine's departure was a punch to the gut that knocked the wind out of the defense. Byrd bolting was like an upper cut to the jaw which left the group a bit woozy and staggering.  The word of Alonso suffering a torn ACL while working out was the blow that put the defense down on the canvas.  The question is can they get up to continue the fight?  The answer is yes, they'll get up but the damage may have been done and the Bills might end up losing on the card.

The Bills should still have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL but Alonso's play as a rookie was inspiring.  Its been a long time since Bills fans saw that kind of overall, playmaking ability from an every down linebacker.  Alonso was on the field for every single snap last season and it was hoped his shift from the middle to the outside would bolster the run defense.  It remains to be seen who will start in Alonso's spot with free agent pickup Keith Rivers just one possibility but no matter who wins the job or if its outside linebacker by committee, there'll be a big drop off in productivity at that spot.

There are plenty of other questions about the 2014 Bills which is why we invite you to join us as we venture out to St. John Fisher and cover training camp on WGR and at WGR550.com.

07/13/2014 9:08PM
5 key questions about the 2014 Bills
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07/13/2014 9:34PM
Too Early
Just Wait and see- the season is just about to start- Marrone will show what he is made of with the team THIS year-it's sink or swim- lots of good pickups in free agents and the draftees might surprise us? so Howie? relax ! too early for "Doomn Gloom"- my biggest concern? is if EJ can not move the team? I don't want to see the repeat of last year- give Tuel a legit chance- Marrone benched him after the KC game (a loss) would he do that to EJ?
07/13/2014 9:43PM
Wow? Real Bills fan
So gloom and doom. It's like reading all the other "Bills fans" portending the end of the world. So the new owner moves the franchise...they still get paid to play, no worries. Our defense is a one man (Kiko) team? Sorry, they just let oneselfish safety walk. New boys are one year older and wiser. Did Levy and JK go to the super bowl after their 1st season?
07/14/2014 1:02AM
There's only 1 Question
If EJ doesn't improve, the playoff drought will continue. The Bills normally give their 'new' QB 3 years. I guess the logic here is after 3 years management runs out of excuses trying to protect the new guy. I'm pulling for the kid but it seems he doesn't have 'it'. The 15 year search will continue.
07/14/2014 5:57AM
By far the most important
factor for the Bills is EJ Manuel. Is he the guy that can finally get the team in the playoffs. The rest of Howard's questions pale in comparison to that one. I don't think that he can and boy do I hope that I am wrong. Time will tell.
07/14/2014 7:45AM
The Proof is in the pudd'n
If our QB isn't lighting up the league in the NFL. We don't stand a chance. That goes for every team that enters the playoffs and wins a superbowl. You can have bruce smith, you can have andre reed, you can have Thurman Thomas.... but without the jim Kelly. you will just have a mediocre rob Johnson or a doug flutie.... or a tailgate party to look forward to. Lets F'n go E.J.! be JIM
07/14/2014 9:43AM
You're much too negative.
Yes. Buffalo lost Kiko for the year but added the best MLB in the league vs. the run which was a weakness last year. Yes, Buffalo lost Pettine but we signed Schwartz, no slouch as a D-coordinator and added a QB coach for E.J. Our coaching staff looks better this year in my opinion. Yes. Buffalo lost Byrd but Byrd missed 5 games last year due to foot problems yet Buffalo won two of those five with E.J.'s first starts in the NFL. One of those losses was to the dreaded(??)Patriots in the last seconds of the game on a field goal. New England unbeatable?? Should Buffalo enter the season thinking New England can't be beaten as you do? I don't think so. I'm certain the team does not think as you do. Gilmore, baring injury, will be entering his third year when many players realize their full potential. Aaron Williams will be an excellent replacement for Byrd and Buffalo has better reserves in the secondary this year. Finally. Buffalo has Watkins. If he is only used as he was at Clemson, running the same plays he is accustomed to, he will be a threat every opponent will have to focus on. Having him and a healthy C.J. running behind an improved O-line will be a revelation to off beat writers like you who can't see the future, only the past. Go Bills.
07/14/2014 11:34AM
Don't concede the division!
I trust the Bills have a much more confident attitude than the writers. If they don't look at themselves as more talented and able to beat Brady or anyone then they just are not good football players. I expect them to start acting and playing like they can (and should) beat anyone they play on Sundays!
07/14/2014 2:10PM
Where has the off season gone?
Time goes fast when you take too much time off from work. Businesses close as a result of that problem.
07/15/2014 2:05AM
Show me attitude
I thought HS's article was fair and reasoned, albeit more a case of the glass being half empty than half full. As noted by most scribes, the key will be (wait for it)... can EJ stay healthy, improve, and inspire? We'll have our answer soon enough.
07/15/2014 11:00AM
It's not the end of the world.
Ok mind you we lost kiko I can understand that loss. But to bring up byrd and mike is crazy to me. Bryd would not of had seasons like he had if willam and the cast wasn't their. And mike ok he put our defense back on track. but he couldn't stop the run. The way howard wrote this artcle is like we are in troble. Bro they haven't took a snap yet and you are ready just writing them off. Of course their are question that need to be answer. But let just wait until the season begins for all that nosie. Why not think positive than negative. Because as fans are sick and tired of the bills and sabres bashing. Let go ruff buff
07/15/2014 9:37PM
You are an idiot! Go back on vacation. It was nice around here without your drivel.
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