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Acknowledging my own hipocrisy on Batman Day

A big "happy birthday, teammate!" to the Caped Crusader as DC celebrates the 75th anniversary of Batman's creation today.  Everyone loves Batman.  People who barely know anything about him think he's cool.  Have you ever heard anyone say "Batman is dumb?"  I know I haven't. 

Why, then, do I feel a little bit dirty about how much I like Batman?  Because he has a lot in common with my least favorite person in the world: Tom Brady. 

Photo Credit: chicagonow.com

Think about it.  They're both incredibly wealthy, physically gifted, empirically handsome alpha males with a penchant for dressing up in funny costumes and beating the ever-loving tar out of their opponents.  Brady's had his share of boyish sidekicks (looking at you, Danny Woodhead.)  Brady even earned his fortune rather than inheriting it, so I should probably be more impressed by him than I am with Bruce Wayne.  But I'm not.  I think Batman is the cat's pajamas and Brady is said cat's excrement. 

Why?  Perhaps it's easy for us normal folk not to begrudge the wealthy their riches when they are in fact fictional.  Maybe it's because Brady has a certain "smarm factor" that Batman lacks. I don't know.  I don't really want to explore the depths of my own thought processes.  We'll save that for later.

It's likely the most obvious explanation is the correct one: Brady beats up on the Bills and Batman does not.  After all, to paraphrase the Dark Knight films, it's not who we are underneath but what we do that defines us.  Maybe if Brady were MY quarterback I'd be psyched up about this connection I've made.  Maybe having a great QB on your team makes football feel like following the exploits of your favorite superhero.  Sadly, that's just not how things are in the real world, so that picture of Brady under the Bat-Signal is going to haunt my dreams for a bit.  And possibly make me choke down some bile.  Happy Batman Day, everyone!


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