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Lions Blank Bills 23-0; Watkins Injured

The Bills lost Thursday's preseason finale 23-0 to the Detroit Lions and also lost WR Sammy Watkins with another rib injury.

Watkins was hit hard by Lions linebacker Ashlee Palmer on an incomplete pass and immediately clutched his midsection. After being examined by trainers on the sideline, the rookie wide receiver headed to the locker room and did not return. Later in the half, Bryce Brown went down with an apparent knee injury and had to be helped off the field by Fred Jackson and C.J. Spiller. Moments later, however, Brown was jogging on the sideline and re-entered the game on Buffalo's next offensive series.

Most of the Bills starters were pulled from the game early, including EJ Manuel who lasted three series. Manuel was sacked twice and went 3 of 7 for 56 yards as the Buffalo offense struggled to move the ball. His replacement, newly-acquired Jordan Palmer, fared no better. Palmer was picked off by Isa Abdul-Quddus and four plays later, the Lions were in the end zone, a 1-yard touchdown toss from Kellen Moore to Jeremy Ross. Detroit went up 17-0 on Moore's second scoring pass of the evening, a 25-yard attempt to Corey Fuller.

Nate Freese connected on a pair of 53-yard field goals, one in the second quarter and the other in the third. Freese also hit a 28-yarder in the fourth, making the score 23-0 in favor of the Lions.

Palmer played the entire second half, finishing 9-22 for 73 yards and three interceptions. Jeff Tuel did not take a snap on Thursday evening.

The Bills open the regular season on Sunday, September 7 against the Chicago Bears. John Murphy, Mark Kelso and Sal Capaccio have the call on WGR 550 and the Buffalo Bills Radio Network.

1st Quarter
No scoring

2nd Quarter
DET - 14:08 - Nate Freese 53-yard field goal attempt is good - DET 3 BUF 0

DET - 5:55 - Jeremy Ross 1-yard TD catch from Kellen Moore (Freese PAT is good) - DET 10 BUF 0

DET - 0:09 - Corey Fuller 25-yard TD catch from Kellen Moore (Freese PAT is good) - DET 17 BUF 0

3rd Quarter
DET - 3:24 - Nate Freese 53-yard field goal attempt is good - DET 20 BUF 0

4th Quarter
DET - 10:43 - Nate Freese 28-yard field goal attempt is good - DET 23 BUF 0

Individual Stats

Kellen Moore - 17-28, 172 yards, 2 TD, 0 INT
Dan Orlovsky - 7-11, 39 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT

Jordan Palmer - 9-22, 73 yards, 0 TD, 3 INT
EJ Manuel - 3-7, 56 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT


George Winn - 12 car, 43 yards
Mikel Leshoure - 8 car, 18 yards
Theo Riddick - 3 car, -2 yards
Kellen Moore - 3 car, -4 yards

Anthony Dixon - 8 car, 46 yards
Bryce Brown - 8 car, 12 yards
C.J. Spiller - 2 car, -3 yards


Corey Fuller - 3 rec, 48 yards, 1 TD
Patrick Edwards - 3 rec, 47 yards
Ryan Broyles - 3 rec, 31 yards

Robert Woods - 2 rec, 36 yards
Bryce Brown - 3 rec, 21 yards

Team Stats
Total Yards

DET - 258
BUF - 162

Passing Yards
DET - 203
BUF - 108

Rushing Yards
DET - 55
BUF - 54

DET - 10/68 yards
BUF - 10/70 yards

Time of Possession
DET - 36:42
BUF - 23:18

08/28/2014 10:00PM
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08/28/2014 10:06PM
Just Pathetic
New Owner needs to clean house. Period. EJ is absolutely brutal. Another wasted 1st round pick, not to mention our wasted 2nd round pick who is woefully outmatched at OT. Same old Same old at One Bills Drive.
08/28/2014 10:08PM
Looks like another winning season for InBev and Moulson as the fans will have to be plastered to watch the whole game/season
08/28/2014 10:10PM
What a Joke!!!
I hope this was the last of EJ Manuel. Theres no more to say.
08/28/2014 10:17PM
Did'nt Think Things Could Get Worse
But things are, Watkins hurt, we all know EJ is horrible....we have no #1 reciever, which in all honesty, isn't such an issue (not that we want Watkins hurt) we have no QB that can throw him the ball. Doesn't matter if Sammy is 100%, he isn't getting the ball this year anyway!!
08/28/2014 10:24PM
Even the Titanic...
got out of the harbor before sinking, lol. I'm expecting one of the worst seasons we've had, and that is saying a lot for a bills fan. Can wait for the do-over when the new owner shows up, and the season hasn't even started yet. At least we don't have a first round pick next year...
08/28/2014 10:24PM
Interview with the coach on now
Marrone sounds defeated, Bills are NOT ready for prime time. Lost the 4th pick in the next years 1st round.
08/28/2014 10:26PM
Good plan at QB
Sounds like we are all set at QB for next five years..
08/28/2014 10:29PM
Get Ready For Maximum Suck...
You read it here, first - 5 and 11. That's if they're lucky.
08/28/2014 10:32PM
Most teams back up QB's are better than our starter
Talk about taking the sails out of our wind - could we have another horrible coach / horrible QB combination ?? Why are we jinxed in this friggin' city !!!!
08/28/2014 10:36PM
We learned nothing? We actually learned quite a bit. After one year of NFL experience, Manuel hasn't improved at all. If anything, he's gotten worse. The offense is pitiful and the guy we spent two first round picks on did absolutely nothing and is now banged up before the season has even started. I think in reality you just don't like what you are learning because you wanted to believe Manuel is just going through a 'process'. The reality is, he just isn't a very good QB, but as usual, the bills and many of their fans, are just slow learners...
08/28/2014 10:39PM
soon to be 15 years
we are so screwed. 3-13 here we come. At least we get the top draft pick. Oh wait. Note to new owner: please clean house. It can't get any worse. We are the only NFL team without an NFL caliber QB on the roster.
08/28/2014 10:46PM
Better Odds?
Sun rising tomorrow or Bears beating Bills?
08/28/2014 10:50PM
We're Screwed
Says it all.
08/28/2014 11:06PM
Broken Record
Every year around late summer, Bills fans ignore facts with the hope that they're team will be decent. They take issue with the experts that say their team is no different then past years and won't make the playoffs .... and then when its clear that their team isn't any good, those same fans are shocked. Thanks Bills fans - you're great to laugh at and you're team is always prove that losing is entertaining when you're a fan of any other team in the league.
08/28/2014 11:20PM
Do the Bills practice in effort to get better?
Why does Manuel still throw the ball like a he's picked up a football for the first time? Why is Watkins playing in a meaningless game with tender ribs? Why do the Bills stink up the joint two games in the row leaving the fans extremely pessimistic going into the season The Coaches keep telling EJ he did a good job...This type of management/coaching only leads to subpar performances. Why can't the Bills even SNIFF a playoff spot in 15-16 years? Why didn't my parents settle in Boston instead of Buffalo?
08/29/2014 12:18AM
Sammy "Paper Mache" Watkins
This season will be scary bad. But they are still way ahead of Pegula's worst ever edition of the Sabres. This Manual situation is a massive case of denial by Bills brass.
08/29/2014 8:57AM
The Bills are on the clock for the no. 1 pick in the 2015 NFL Draft. Oh no - that goes to Cleveland. The choice of all the players in college football. Pettine got the best of the Dougs.
08/29/2014 9:09AM
WoW I cant Billeve how many people are throwing in the towel already, relax and at least give the kid a chance in the regular season, he was good out the gates last year as a rookie without a training camp, injuries plagued him but he returned to form against the jets, manuel beat the panthers,ravens,jets,jags,and had new England and Cleveland beat as well. what are you all going to say when he does good this year???
08/29/2014 9:18AM
Hmmmmmmmmmn that's odd
After this debacle, I really thought this comment blog would be overloaded with fed up fans.
08/29/2014 9:50AM
Going To Be A Long Year.....
EJ is horrible, absolutley horrible. He may be the nicest guy, but on Sunday's that doesn't matter. Instead of fretting over our 3rd string situation, we need to figure out how we are going to get a starter? Right now Tuel is in the running to lead this team, and that is scary!! EJ is is actually worse than probably 10-15 teams back up QBs!!!! And every starter in this league.....
08/29/2014 12:23PM
Only the delusional don't recognize this Bills mess
It's absolutely amazing that the vast majority of the community can recognize what the Bills coaches and management can't: we don't have an NFL-quality QB on this team. How many other NFL franchises would pull this nonsense on their fan base? Going into the season with not just one, but three QBs who can't play in the NFL is absurd. Pretending that EJ is a legitimate 1st rounder instead of the 3rd or 4th rounder he was meant to be is also absurd. If he had been drafted where the rest of the league had him graded, would we still be hanging the entire season on him? No, because as a later rounder he would have been quickly shuffled off the stage by now after these performances. But because the Bills reached and took him in the first round, now we're stuck with them treating him as if he's some blue chip draft choice that team has to suffer with for years. Come back to reality, Whaley and Marrone. You don't pin a franchise's future on a 4th round draft pick. Abandon your weird experiment and go get a real QB, and put EJ down as your backup.
08/29/2014 3:11PM
just sickening..
Well..... looks we are going to be the laughing stock of the league this year. Another JOKE team wearing Bills red, white & blue. NEW owner needs to clean house....this team is a mess. What will it take to be a winner???? I have no ideas anymore.....
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