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Photo: Kirby Lee - USA TODAY Sports
Posted: Monday, 05 December 2016 6:07AM

Bulldog: The unraveling

You could kind of feel the lug nuts coming loose over the back half of the third quarter and into the fourth. A 24-9 lead for the Bills in Oakland was starting to get away. A touchdown drive for Oakland followed by a three-and-out for the Bills offense and a bad punt. Touchdown Oakland and the lead is down to one. Rinse, repeat on the Bills next possession, including the bad punt if you want it and goodbye lead. A 15-point lead became a six-point deficit just like that. A third straight three-and-out followed and you had to wonder if the Bills defense had a stop in them.

They did, but the Raiders punt landed at the Buffalo 4-yard line. That's when whatever was left of the roof fell in on the Bills. Tyrod Taylor dropped back into his own end zone and was looking for Marquise Goodwin long down the left sideline. Khalil Mack, who had been pretty quiet most of the day, got around Jordan Mills, got a hand on the ball or Taylor's arm, and we had a pop fly interception for the Raiders.

Now I'm not exactly the guy to break down flaws in offensive play design, but single blocking Mack in your own end zone doesn't seem like a great idea. Especially when your fullback is right there to provide the double team on Mack when the ball is snapped. But rather than do that, this play called for Felton to drift out to the right flat as a safety valve. Never mind that the play was going far downfield to the other side. You never know, maybe Felton catching the ball for no gain would've been a desirable outcome. What do I know?

So that's how it turned around. A 24-9 lead turned into 38-24 loss. If you were watching this game with friends and one of them said something about being uneasy when the Bills had their third quarter lead, tip your hat and keep moving.  Because it is days like this one over the course of 16 straight non playoff seasons that causes a fan to feel uneasy ahead by 15 points and seemingly in great shape.

Such is living with the longest playoff drought in North American team sports. Wanting the Bills to come through in a game like this is in part about ending the drought, not that a win in Oakland would have cemented that at all. To me, it is also about allowing your fans to actually feel good when things are going well instead of bracing for the inevitable collapse. I despise this existence and often try to fight against it. What happens then is you end up feeling like a chump for actually believing the Bills wouldn't blow it. And nobody likes being a chump. 

So here we sit. 6-6, still, perpetually, annoyingly, annually, "In The Hunt". We'll continue to debate the future of the quarterback. Some fans will start to come looking for Rex Ryan. It's the NFL's circle of life in Buffalo. There is still a quarter of the season to go. They could run the table and end up with the most wins since 1999. They could completely unravel and a housecleaning that includes the quarterback being kicked to the curb could really gain some traction. They could, and most likely I'd say, will spilt those four games and finish 8-8.

I'd say anything but the complete collapse brings more talk of continuity, the kicking in of Taylor's contract extension, and a fan base that will be more challenged than ever to figure out when this drought will ever end.

Good times.

12/05/2016 6:15AM
The unraveling
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12/05/2016 6:42AM
16 years
and counting of not even getting a sniff at the playoffs, yet they sell out the stadium year after year. what other team can say that? Maybe if the fans stay home and the stadium is empty will the powers that be will get serious and go out and put together a real team. They seem to do just enough to give the fans hope in the offseason and of course sell out the season. Stop going! This team is years away from being a playoff team.
12/05/2016 7:00AM
Russ Brandon
The failure (of both teams) starts at the top. Call me when one of Russ' teams makes a post-season.
12/05/2016 7:23AM
Same old bills
Need I say more
12/05/2016 7:27AM
No QB for 17 years!
Sick of excuses! BAD G.M.!
12/05/2016 7:27AM
Russ Continued
The only thing consistent in 17 years without a playoff is Russ Brandon yet he continues to be promoted and given more responsibility.
12/05/2016 7:31AM
makes no sense
Bills had a great D before Ryan- QB can't find open receiver- throw down the middle- can't throw accurate- cut Rex and Tyrod - draft 2 or 3 QB's and sign Jim Schwartz as head coach like the Bills should have
12/05/2016 7:32AM
12/05/2016 7:35AM
It is not Russ its the Fans
Why fire Russ who is a marketing genius who every year convinces everyone (me included) that this year's time will be different. He fills everyone with hope that fills the stadium and therefore the Pegula's Wallet. If I were the Pegula's Iwould not fire Russ but keep promoting him. After 17 years we keep getting suckered in, not Russ's fault its ours.
12/05/2016 7:46AM
Why were the Raiders laughing on the sidelines?
Because they knew our QB couldn't be them.
12/05/2016 7:47AM
Bills 1st round DRAFT BUSTS contributed
Mike Williams, Lee Evans, JP Losman, Donte Whitner, John McCargo, Marshawn Lynch, Leodis McKelvin, Arron Maybin, CJ Spiller, Stephon Gilmore, EJ Manuel. A history of high 1st round picks that produced average or below average results for THE BILLS. If they went somewhere else the Bills did not get anything in return. This is all about history and that's why we are and who we are
12/05/2016 7:48AM
RE: Play C.Jones now.
I agree.
12/05/2016 7:50AM
Tank the last (4) games.
Better draft choice.
12/05/2016 7:55AM
Im all OUT on TYROD
Who knows what happened to this guy as it seems that he was much better last year early in the season. Seems like he stares at our wide open receivers and doesn't do anything. Me thinks this guy got his bell rung last year and he is fast tracking down the Trent Edwards chute. Many other quarterbacks are just 1" higher than Tyrod have no issue with throws over the middle. I think this guys head is the issue. I also think his agent knew this before the season so he could at least cash in a one payday. Regardless its the same stuff with Tyrod every week. So who has the problem with the ball that went into the beer tent now? Oh that's EJ. At least he throws it out of bounds when necessary.
12/05/2016 7:56AM
Time for change
2017= New coach, new G.M., new Q.B., cut Dareus and Clay for cap space. Time to start over or results next season will be the same. Why would you think anything different?
12/05/2016 8:02AM
Play Cardale Jones. The Tyrod exoperiment is over
At this point TYROD is HURTING THE TEAM. He is also taking sacks all over the place because he holds onto the ball too long because he cant process information. I have now seen way too many plays with receivers wide open and this guy keeps dancing around.
12/05/2016 8:06AM
I am making my case here for TYRODS issue
OK SO BASICALLY IN EVERY GAME HES SORT OF OK THEN ALL OF A SUDDEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT AS THE GAME GOES ON. COULD BE THE OTHER TEAM MAKING ADJUSTMENTS BUT THIS GUY JUST STARES AT OUR WIDE OPEN RECEIVERS AND DOESNT THROW TO THEM. As the most recognized sports concussion program in the region, we are ready for you and dedicated to your complete recovery. Concussions need to be diagnosed and treated as soon as possible. Because concussion symptoms can lay dormant and then reappear at unexpected times and because concussions can cause long term brain malfunction when not handled correctly, making the time to get quality care right away is truly critical. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns and/or to schedule an appointment today.
12/05/2016 8:20AM
Our W.Rs. are waiving their hands another game?
Throw them the ball!
12/05/2016 8:38AM
Then again Anthony Lynn sets his guys up for failure
So this guy has a feel for the game according to the players in week three after Roman was canned. Really? This guy has as much game sense as a slug. He does not call plays based on his player’s strengths as he calls plays that exacerbate the Buffalo Bills player’s weaknesses. Tyrod has been Tyrod all year so he keeps going to him instead of sticking with Mike Gillislee even after its obvious that Tyrod flamed out yet once again yet Gillislee was pounding though the line also in spite of shady who IS NOT A GROUND AND POUND TYPE OF RUNNER. They also keep playing Mr. useless; AKA Goodwin another Rex favorite. I am beginning to wonder if Rex is calling the offensive plays. He dropped calling the defensive plays weeks ago so he could fire someone else and put his brother in charge. Could be he’s getting bored. What’s strange is that the feel and tempo of this offensive is exactly how it played out last year when Roman was calling the plays. The weirdness and inability to get a 1st down for almost an entire quarter was happening last year, sometimes for a complete half. Nothing has changed and it’s as if Roman is still here. Or is that man behind the curtain calling the plays? Ole Rex? Since Rex has be diagnosed with a dysfunctional disorder and his team plays that way for long stretches including while he was coach of the Jets you have to wonder if the plays run are being censored by Rex as the offense is absolutely dysfunctional at times; just like him.
12/05/2016 8:47AM
Coaches, Continuity and Clowns
Can anyone name one Buffalo Bills player who has improved since REX RYAN arrived here in 2015? Seems that outside of one guy; Alexander I cant name anyone. Please help me guys, girls and identify someone
12/05/2016 9:20AM
Rex is a chuckle head....
How'd their run defense do against our offense.....well Rex, it really don't lost!! DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT REX.....YOU LOST THE FREAKIN GAME, REX....that retort from him to reporters is exactly why this team sucks...he's so proud of his run game, and yet we the fans are looking at 17 years of " I know we lost, but did you see that run game of ours" the the Coach and his twin... the rest of the staff. 2017 needs to be a real fresh start, not just spit and polish on the same old turd.
12/05/2016 9:25AM
GREAT play call ANTHONY LYNN on 1st down Bills 5 yard line.
It seems that every time you get cute you get scorched. Instead of running Mike Gillislee from that danger zone you call a pass to Goodwin. Goodwin is a man made disaster. Whenever he's out there bad things happen more often than good and it happened again. Just what the hell is wrong with you calling these low percentage plays with two players that are average or below average. Hope you get a head coaching job by another team.
12/05/2016 9:34AM
No dont study the tape Rex
Week after week the same coined statement from you yet NOTHING CHANGES so YOU your coaches and players DONT LEARN FROM IT. You do it because that's all you know what to do just like eating breakfast every day. Same thing happened when you were with the Jets. So you bring in your brother and Ed Reed and things get WORSE. Sorry but you’re a mediocre coach going nowhere but down because you surround yourself with mediocre coaches. Mike Pettine was the only one on the Jets who could run a defense and you replace him with a yes man.
12/05/2016 9:37AM
What to do
Bills have issues at several areas. We don't draft well. We keep players that have discipline issues that consistently get suspended. The team is always high in penalties. The Defense is terrible. The QB is a back up QB. Why doesn't the team see that. He is not a finisher. Do we fire GM and Coaching and start over. Who can replace them.
12/05/2016 9:42AM
Only when Whaley goes or changes will this team get better. It's not getting a better QB that comes first because in order to accomplish that you need a competent GM or at least one that doesn't have such a big ego that he can't admit mistakes.
12/05/2016 9:45AM
How long will we continue to put up with this
I for one have come to the conclusion that this front office is happy to just keep the fans sucked into buy their bull. Russ isn't the answer, Tyrod isn't the answer, Whaley, Rex, the list goes on and on. Until the fans stop putting up with this and stop going to the games and lining the pockets of the bean counters, they wont be pressured to field a competitive team. It has been the same sorry franchise for 20 years now. My kids have grown knowing only a losing team here and root for other city's teams. What a shame.
12/05/2016 9:50AM
Easy to defend
All TT can do is throw to the outside and opposition DC's know it and game plan for it!! Take the primary outside receiver away from Taylor and the panic sets predictable! Where are the fast hitting slant or short middle crossing patterns that the Patriots use to beat their opponents???
12/05/2016 9:53AM
A message from Russ
To the Fans, Don't worry about the challenges our team has faced this season. I'm going to rebrand this thing, market the heck out of it sell all you suckers on "hope" for next season. We'll move plenty of inventory in the process. We're going to line up some more commercials for Rex and Rob, Whales with trade up for some player he overvalues and we'll be be playing for the Superbowl come January 2018. Order your tickets NOW!!!!
12/05/2016 9:54AM
Forget about Pegula
firing Rex with three years remaining on his contract - that is not good business policy. Instead, look for them point to the need for continuity, free agency, the draft, and how injuries cost them. Whaley will claim the future bright with Lawson & Ragland being bonus players to the 2017 Bill's draft - which they reluctantly will admit must include a QB. Additionally, we will have cap space to overspend on deadbeats ....... I mean, stars of tomorrow.
12/05/2016 10:01AM
How Long?
Before McCoy demands a trade out of town? He's clearly wasting his prime years playing for a non-contender.
12/05/2016 10:42AM
These games are long as you people keep buying tickets to a loosing product they'll keep loosing...when you stop they'll move the team on to Fresh suckers that want a team and the same thing happens...they might start winning in the short term but will be losers again. When the Bills were losing in the 70's and 80's, crowds stopped going to the Bills needed to win and they that people will buy tickets to a loosing team there's no need to win...Suckers!
12/05/2016 10:43AM
Tyrod Taylor=NO QB!Yep,having Taylor as our starting QB is like having no QB at all.Maybe they'll try Dareus @QB.
12/05/2016 10:53AM
Front Office, Coaches & Palyers
Time to readdress the coaching staff and play calling. It is definitely time to address the [players on the field especially the high paid often injured, suspended or weak minded. Time to look at the scouting staff, GM and the rest of the front office where losing is accepted along with questionable talent being kept on the team. I am tired of paying good money to watch a bunch of clowns that could possibly be beat by a high quality high school team.
12/05/2016 11:50AM
Merry Christmas Buffalo, I hope you don't mind coal in your stockings again!
12/05/2016 12:03PM
Shilldog 550
why do you continue to use the word "debate"? Do you afternoon guys ever listen to national media? Taylor is seen as a joke everywhere. He needs every other aspect of the game plan to work for hum to succeed. he is what he is! He was in the NFL for 3 years prior to coming here and what you see is what you get. Nothing changes until we get a franchise QB. As bad as the Jets are drafting a "Hackenberg" at least they know what they need and go for it in the draft. Here we will know he's not that good but extend him anyway hoping well figure it out somehow. This is big reason I can't listen to the station and watch games. Get the Franchise QB and let me know when you do.
12/05/2016 12:08PM
your as much the problem dog
After the loss I tune in the WGR and there's no emotion, where's the outrage? You keep talking "debate" and "well what if we go 10-6? Maybe the station should get a little more fire under them and stop being shills and afraid of Bills brass and hold them accountable and wave the flag for "let's get a franchise QB in here and different coach". Your glass half full routine and emotionless rants are getting tired and part of the problem as well.
12/05/2016 1:11PM
"a fan base that will be more challenged than ever to figure out it's far past time TOO STOP BUYING EFFING TICKETS!
12/05/2016 1:22PM
12/05/2016 1:22PM
They say bleach is great for cleaning up huge messes. I guess they've run out at one bills drive. Here's to another January on the couch! Good thing I have some bleach left for myself. Cheers!
12/05/2016 1:25PM
Last play of game says it all
Checkdown pass of 5 yards to Shady. Tyrod has become Trent Edwards II. No wonder Sammy doesnt want to play. Same old tired movie at One BD.
12/05/2016 1:28PM
Spot on with Whaley.
12/05/2016 2:46PM
Look - I get it
Look, I get it, Tyrod was/is the best choice we had at the start of the season. Nothing of note in the free-agent market to replace him. No veteran QB on the roster to mentor him. The reality is he is average and has not taken any strides in his development. He needed to have a break-out year not so much TDs to INTs, but his pocket presence, his reads, ability to take the team downfield in the 4th Qtr and command control. Carr is light-years ahead in his development over roughly the same time. Either you have "it" or you don't and Tyrod does not. A good QB can make an average receiver look good, just look at Hogan with Brady now. Buffalo has to all-out commit to getting "THE" QB, I would draft a QB every single Draft until we land one, because we aren't going anywhere with a string of average quarterbacks.
12/05/2016 3:18PM
EVERYONE can see this. Get a real, PROVEN, championship-level GM on board, and let him fire/hire at will ... that goes for coaches, players, scouts, and staff. Tank these last 4 games for better draft positioning (because even "if" we win the remaining 4 games, a 10-6 record will NOT be "good enough" to make the playoffs). Our last real chance at qualifying for the playoffs mandated victory in Oakland -- and every thinking person not in denial knew that going in. Since the Bills failed, every "victory" now is meaningless and only worsens our draft position.
12/05/2016 4:16PM
Continuity be Darned
This coaching staff is clueless and the team is a complete mis-match in terms of players and scheme they really need to start over or when we do three years from now (at the end of Ryan's contract) we'll be in even a bigger hole. There are some building blocks here with this team once a real coach is hired. Spend next year figuring out who fits the new coaches scheme and then trade or jettison the rest. By 2019 (maybe 2018 if we get a bit lucky) this team can then make a play-off run.
12/05/2016 4:30PM
Any Question Why
this is the least valuable franchise in the league? It'll be at least another 3 years before the latest rebuilding starts taking effect. And even that 'll predicated on whether the Bills will have actually found a REAL starting QB .... and not the pretend kind that they've had since the Kelly days. At that point it'll be 20 years without going to the playoffs. Bills fans have no right to mock any other teams as it is.
12/05/2016 4:32PM
The same game
Not one person has mentioned the real reason the Bills lost. Can't believe only I saw it. The PUNTER! How can you you kick 3 punts and give starting possession at the 50 yard line to the Raiders and expect to win. A terrible game punting. The last 3 games have been bad. What happened to Colton?? The game still could have been won except for the field position he gave them. Taylor.... well we gotta move on. Too many players hurt. Depth is not there to cover on offense or defense. And why is Reggie Bush still on this team???!! Why re-sign Percy Harvin??!! What a mistake that was. Get rid of the bums for crying out loud! Gonna be tight against the cap next year. We better do something.
12/05/2016 4:42PM
Marv Levy
Maybe the can get Marv to come out of retirement and fix this mess.
12/05/2016 4:57PM
Antiquated offense and a QB who is not a real NFL QB
This offense is a replica of the 1982 Washington Redskins offense that was built around John Riggins running the football. It's predictable, it's boring and they run for a ton of yards. The only difference between Washington in '82 and the Buffalo Bills in 2016 is that the Bills are not winning with this same style of offense. This is an entirely different era in the NFL. Nothing about this league is the same as it was 20,30,40 and 50 years ago. The same standards do not apply for winning games. For the past 11 years the game has been predicated around making big plays in the passing game. A lot of people want to blame Rex Ryan. I am probably in the minority in that I am not going to blame Rex Ryan for this team's limited offensive capabilities. When Rex Ryan was first hired here he had no QB. The only choice with QB's like Tyrod Taylor and EJ Manuel was to utilize the "ground and pound" offense. Tyrod Taylor is not a real NFL QB. Rather he is a very good athlete playing the QB position. He can't bail out this defense when it falls apart late in games like it did yesterday. In an NFL where there are absolutely no more great defenses, QB's on a regular basis have to bail out their defense and win games. Brady, Brees, Rodgers and Manning when he was still playing made a living out of bailing out their defenses with spectacular play. The Seattle Seahawks didn't close up shop when Marshawn Lynch retired after last season and produce only a 3-4 win team this season. They instead adjusted by having Russell Wilson open things up and make big plays in the passing game. The bottom line is that the Buffalo Bills are a team that is behind the times and their management and ownership continues to fail in understanding that they need much better talent at the QB position if they are ever to contend for anything ever again.
12/05/2016 5:01PM
All those three and outs in the 2nd half kind of took the sails out of the Bills winds.
12/05/2016 5:19PM
Tom Brady
I like the Bills. they make me laugh
12/05/2016 5:58PM
omg if i made this many f ups at my job i would get fired. so fire any person that tries to say coaching is not an issue wk in and wk out in the organization. period. the last 5 or so minutes when you need to score twice is all coaching and you will never win like that. we had zero chance to win due to bad coaching.
12/05/2016 7:00PM
@ The Same Game
With all due respect, I completely disagree with your assertion that "the PUNTER!" is "the real reason the Bills lost." Perhaps there is a sound reason why "only [you] saw it" that way. This is not to say Colton Schmidt wasn't atrocious -- he was terrible, and he certainly CONTRIBUTED to the Bills' woes. But this fact is quite simple: the Raiders SCORED AT WILL FROM ANY DISTANCE once they got on track, AND THE BILLS FAILED to STOP THEM (and/or at least match the Raiders with new/additional scoring once the Raiders started humming along). Don't forget the Raiders marched down the field from their own 15 yard line in less than 30 seconds to score a chip-shot Field Goal just before halftime ... so they were going to score lots of points whether they started at the 50, our 16 yard line, or their own 15 !!!!!!!!! The punter was not "the" singular reason we lost !!!
12/05/2016 7:07PM
The Bills make me wanna
The Bills make me wanna PUKE! Kick your heels up and VOMIT! Throw your hands up and PUKE! Throw your head back and VOMIT! C’mon now the Bills are makin’ it happen now… Stand up c’mon and shout Yea….. Say you will- BARF it right now baby Say you will-C’mon C’mon Say you will-And PUKE Say you will-Yea… CHOKE! Buffalo’s happen’ now VOMIT! We’re on the move now CHOKE! The Bills are happenin’ now PUKE! They’re makin’ it happen now CHOKE! We’ve got the spirit VOMIT! A lotta’ spirit, yea CHOKE! We’ve got the spirit PUKE! Just watch it happen now Hey…Hey… Hey Let’s go Buffa-lo…Let’s go Buffa-lo The Bills make me wanna PUKE!
12/05/2016 7:44PM
HURRY!!!!!! HURRY!!!!!
12/05/2016 8:15PM
Anyone Else?
Anyone else see Sammy Watkins doing his best Call It Like Rick Winner expression yesterday after Taylor's throws? Classic.
12/05/2016 9:21PM
DROP: Taylor, Manuel and Clay....PAY FOR: Carr or Cousins...pick up J. Gordon
DROP: Taylor, Manuel and Clay. PAY FOR: Carr or Cousins... PICK UP: J. Gordon if reinstated and have Darius Sammy and Shady mentor the kid...... PROBLEM SOLVED WITH CARR OR COUSINS...THEIR CONTRACT IS UP AND THEY'VE BEEN DISRESPECTED BY THEIR TEAMSWITH CRAPPY OR NO OFFERS.....
12/05/2016 11:10PM
No Choice
This team leaves me with no choice but to get sloppy drunk at the next home game and scream my displeasure and advice to Doug Whaley. Should be a great time and beautiful weather.
12/06/2016 5:52AM
READ THIS: Cant Cover a Tight End since the dawn of the Rex Ryan era
As reported by the NY Jets sports writers and their mention of Rex Ryan. HUGE eye opener: It's a coaching staff that still can't figure out how to cover a tight end — an issue that has haunted them since the dawn of the Rex Ryan era. Dwayne Allen caught three touchdown passes in the first half. The Jets haven't had a touchdown catch from a tight end in the last two seasons combined.
12/06/2016 7:12AM
Can't Wait
For schlopp's article. I live for them--can't observe superior intellect like that anywhere else. He'll figure this out for us and then he'll tell us what to think. Ever hear a bigger dupa? Not me.
12/06/2016 8:35AM
Wish list! The real radio Sport D.JS.
Love to hear Coach Chuck Dickerson and Art Wonder comments on the Bills mess of the last (17) years? I bet they wouldn't be so (KIND) and make excuses for the QB situation or lack of one. Who knows, but it would be very entertaining and fair to the fans to hear the truth. Nothing personal against anyone here, just remembering the good old days.
12/06/2016 9:20AM
equipment manager needs to go....
By the third quarter I had serious doubts that he equipment plane had made the flight,but then by the end of the third I noticed that all the Bills players had slipped into their "big yellow clown shoes"....the legacy was saved.
12/06/2016 3:34PM
Taylor has to go.
If Taylor stays, ticket sales will drop b y half. I'm tired of hearing all the excuses as to why our QB can't seem to throw the ball. Injuries,weather, o line, refs sun in his eyes, not enough all pro receivers, play calling, chemistry. What he really needs to do is get that chicken bone out of his throat & stop choking.
12/07/2016 8:17AM
Tyrod needs a Front End Alignment
Tyrod you have lost me. I protected you all season but I have watched you during the last several games look down our wide open receivers and all you do is look down and then either scramble or take a sack; this is on you. I simply feel that you were not always like this but you have taken enough hits that have loosened your ball joints along with your steering linkage to warrant your departure. You do not have a NFL body to absorb the hits just like Trent Edwards so you will just fade away. Too bad because you used to be exciting.
12/07/2016 8:35AM
Oh and REX RYAN cant coach defense
Despite all of the injuries to the defense and this and that I have never seen any sort of defensive game plan for a particular team from any team that you have ever coached. Rex you can blow your spout but I have been watching football for years and can tell when a game plan is introduced along with adjustments. Between you, your yes man Coordinator, your brother and Ed you guys have no idea as to what you are doing. When others including the national Media called you a defensive Guru going back to last year I called you out as a Fraud, a Phony and a Con man. I based that on your historical statistics with the Ravens, Jets and Bills. You have apparently ridden the coattails of others when you had a good year and have a knack to ruin something that was already set as in Buffalo. Your only good years was when Mike Pettine coached the defense with the Jets in spite of your meddling, and Mike proved himself when he was here. You never have done anything here nor have you ever proved yourself and in fact it’s all been downhill. You also chased out Jim Schwartz and Donnie Henderson. Rex if you are a Guru we would have a defense that was not out of position and gets outcoached every week. I can tell and so can others. Take your money and get lost because you are simply just another useless guy on Defense.
12/07/2016 9:18AM
Is BUDDY Turning over in his grave?
Now Buddy was a .500% coach and so is his son as he continues to regress to the mean. BUT. Buddy ran a good defense but Tweedledum and Tweedledee can’t even match their father’s defensive statistics because of their lack of coaching skills and that’s one of the reasons the Bills will not make the playoffs. Both Rex and Rob should not be so disrespectful towards their dad as evidenced by their gluttony for food, but hey who cares in their mind. Seems to me that Rex is not really a cerebral coach going back to the 2015 Patriots home game when he spouted to the world that his game plan was already in place and he would not be burning up the midnight oil to plan for them. Yea it showed. So thanks Rex as it’s quite apparent that you are in it for the fun and found another host from which to feed off of after leaving the Jets. Bad defense caused part of the end for Chan Gailey and your party has not brought much more to the table as two years of having a good defense was no fluke before your arrival. It’s obvious that you and your assistant coaches are the Flukes.
12/07/2016 9:47AM
Tyrod is not Brady...
...but the Bills have lost 5 games after scoring at least 24 points. They are also #9 in overall scoring.This with a patchwork of WR all year. I understand the vindictive simpletons at TBN like Bucky and Sully (cute names) want to throw the blame on the QB who doesn't give them good interviews but I think it's the coaching and defense that are more to blame. You do not have to pay Taylor top dollar. Contracts can always be renegotiated. What free agent or 2017 draft class QB will solve the Bills problem if they cut Taylor?
12/07/2016 1:35PM
The head coach supports Trump
that says pretty much everything. Both people who've eaten WAY too many member berries.
12/07/2016 5:03PM
Re: Supports Trump
So do Belichick and Brady. Notable Bums fans are all too familiar. Only losers would support an unindicted felon and/or an adulterous sexual predator.
12/07/2016 5:06PM
Get Over It!
For God's sake! Much like the Bills' season, the election is over! Deal with it. Trump won. How's that recount coming along? Stein is a loon of the highest order.
12/08/2016 7:28AM
12/08/2016 7:30AM
RE: Marv Levy
Yes, let's rehire the same guy that hired Juron as coach and drafted Donte Whitner and John McCargo in the first round.
12/08/2016 8:41AM
We dump Tyrod and Jets will sign him within a week
Any team that has to start Goodwin as a wide receiver is in deep trouble. So how do you think Tyrod feels having to play with stiffs who trip over their own feet like Choke Goodwin did in the Olympic trials? Yet Bills fans listen to a very former ESPN employee now working at WGR who continually beats the drum on running Tyrod out of town. I am in favor of it but for who. A rookie draft choice? A free agent market absent of talent? Come up with a name before you run this guy out of town. I would look at changing the coaching 1st because how many of the Bills players have elevated their game under Rex and his staff. None? Oh maybe one guy in Alexander but how’s the entire defense doing? Not so good eh? WGR announcers need to name a real name for a quarterback before they cut on Tyrod. Call Uncle RICO?
12/08/2016 9:18AM
REVIEW: Read what the RAIDERS did
It was a four-year plan that, when it was instituted back in 2012, really had nothing to do with Jack Del Rio. Maybe that's why it seems like the Oakland Raiders are a year ahead of schedule. The way owner Mark Davis and general manager Reggie McKenzie plotted things out, the first two years in the wake of Al Davis' death would be a "deconstruction" of the Raiders, with McKenzie tearing the roster apart and starting anew while dealing with many "out of whack" contracts. Then the next two years would be the reconstruction, making Oakland a desirable destination for free agents along with McKenzie unearthing jewels in undrafted rookies and hitting pay dirt in the draft.
12/08/2016 11:07AM
Reggie McKenzie
Whaley needs to go. Reggie McKenzie appears to have done great things for the Raiders. Maybe the Bills could hire Reggie McKenzie of The Electric Company fame and he could do the same for the Bills. If nothing else, he could throw darts at a board prior to the draft and achieve he same result, potentially a better one.
12/08/2016 2:10PM
Not the same Reggie
Please pray for us, Jesus.
12/08/2016 3:19PM
RE: Not the same Reggie
Alas; Jesus can't help them; these are the same IDIOTS that keep buying Russ's "INVENTORY". What a shame this place has become.
12/09/2016 8:54AM
Dont blame the JETS fans
They along with their sports reporters warned us on the hire of Rex. It’s really sad when the fans know more than the front office who pushed to hire this .500% coach. Yep he sure is a defensive guru because after he loses yet another game because of his poor defensive scheme he ends up being so defensive in front of the media. Actually it’s his specialty; being defensive in front of the media. It’s really too bad that Rex sucks because I don’t mind his personality and antics bit he can’t seem to bring the bread home and his legacy of good defenses was nothing more than a rumor. Rex and his bro are nothing but overrated hogwash propped up by the legends in their own minds. So they walk away with a wheelbarrow full of money laughing at us. They both need to be publically humiliated. White wash his Bills truck. Oh and fire the Quarterbacks Coach now as he never did squat throughout his career. What you don’t trust me? Just read the dudes bio. Then after that read the Defensive Coordinators bio. It says it all with respect to accomplishments
12/09/2016 8:55AM
NO ONE shakes the POMPOMS better Than..............
John Murphy. He deserves a raise for keeping an excellent game face.
12/09/2016 9:02AM
Hey Tyrod: REMOVE the VISOR
Then maybe you will see our wide open receivers. Me predicts the Bills will win this week per the NFL agenda. Keeps cash flow, interest, hype and most of all hope for the masses when there is no hope.
12/09/2016 9:12AM
Here about that little birdie in Terrys ear ?
Its called a Polian Anna Parrot. Its wise, successful and able to thrive in adapting to any environment. Last year Polian offered free lifetime consultation advice to Terry so I bet they are talking. Everyone has ole Rex returning next year and that sets the stage for the unexpected. I believe it remains dependent on how they finish the last four games out for a winning record. Buffalo Bill was never a fan of our offensive line. I agree I also feel that our scouts are terrible. Just look at what Miami did. Oakland had a plan. Whaley has a roulette wheel and nothing more.
12/09/2016 9:47AM
OLD PROVERB: Birds of a feather flock together
Don't know what that means? Look it up. It explains the relationship among Rex, Terry, Whaley, entire coaching staff and Trump. When you refuse to accept reality and your own failings and faults you approach life through a window of delusion. So two guys are Billionaires and Rex is a multi-millionaire. So from a financial perspective he's a success and so are they. As a coach he's not successful but he continues to ride it out while he accrues millions of dollars while underachieving. So in his own mind he won. Guess what? When you look at the entire world according to Rex it may not be all about football because he does nothing to improve himself as a coach so that lends to prove that it’s all about the money as coaching is just another job or the means to him. Buddy this and Buddy that. Talk is cheap. The ends justify the means because actually how do you fake out a Billionaire to give you a 5 year guaranteed contract worth millions when you have never really won anything? Rex takes credit for others achievements, is an expert at padding his resume and will use others weakness to neutralize his incompetence’s. Like a national sports reporter wrote. Rex is a Con Man in an honest man’s town.
12/09/2016 10:06AM
Baltimore at #1 and Bills at #12. In between and ahead of the Bills are New England, Seattle, Arizona and Jacksonville. The Raiders are ranked last at #32. Miami at #25 and Jets at #15. Even though or D is ranked 12th they lost the games in which we had a lead; Miami, Raiders and Jets. In those games they tore through our defense like toilet paper either via air or ground. based on the Bills ranking and their wild swings in getting blown out in losses. It appears that coaching is the root cause of the losses as the Bills did not play to their mean as a 12th ranked defense in games against the Jets, Raiders and Miami.
12/09/2016 2:55PM
We dump Tyrod and Jets will sign him within a week
12/09/2016 6:18PM
RE Old Proverb
Quite a stretch there, friend. Been a while since I've read so much that said so little.
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If the Chargers actually traded Philip Rivers, would you want the Bills to get him?
  Absolutely! Big time upgrade at QB
  No thanks. 21 INT's last season. He's a turnover machine
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