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Bills travel a familiar path

Same old Bills.  I think that pretty much sums up Sunday’s loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, the last two games, and the 2016 season.

Its mid December and another Bills season has gone down the drain.  The playoff drought, soon to be an unfathomable 17 years, continues and it feels like there is no end in sight. As usual, the Bills hung around long enough to keep you interested.  Then we had the soul crushing loss that ripped your heart out followed by the "yup, this season is toast" debacle.

The Bills still don’t have an answer at quarterback and should be in the market for another one.  Searching for a new head coach should be on the Pegulas off season list of things to do and could be based on multiple reports that came out just before the start of the Bills game against the Steelers.

Which, by the way, turned out to be the latest in a long list of forgettable performances in a drought that is approaching having to sign up for selective service.

Pay no attention to the 27-20 final score.  That was the most one sided seven point game I’ve ever seen.  The Bills were thoroughly outplayed by Pittsburgh and would have been blown out had Ben Roethlisberger not thrown the ball to Bills defenders.  His three interceptions kept it respectable and the Bills got a pair of 4th quarter touchdowns that made it look better than it actually was.

If the Oakland game didn’t convince the Bills brass not to pick up the option of Tyrod Taylor’s contract, this game should have.  With his full complement of weapons back on the field, Taylor was downright hideous.  The return of Robert Woods, who played alongside top wideout Sammy Watkins for the first time since week two, didn’t make any difference. 

Through the first three quarters, Taylor was 7-14 for 71 yards.  That is not a typo. 71 yards passing (in a passing league ) after three quarters and eight Bills possessions. To his credit, Taylor did complete numerous throws over the middle of the field and did get the ball to Charles Clay but Tyrod once again showed inaccuracy, an inability to find open receivers and a willingness to leave the pocket too quickly.  

The domination of the Bills included the Steelers completely shutting down the vaunted Bills rushing attack.  LeSean McCoy had 27 yards on 12 carries but he faced a loaded box with blitzing safeties.  And why not? Why would any opposing defense be scared of the Bills passing game? Its amazing McCoy has put up the numbers considering the offense is so one dimensional.

Its time for the Bills to break out the rookie and see what Cardale Jones has to show over the final three games of the season.

As for the Bills defense, they did not bounce back from the second half collapse in Oakland.  The Bills were run over and around by Le’Veon Bell. This was a clinic in get a hat on a hat.  Pittsburgh’s offensive line manhandled the Bills defensive front, creating holes for Bell who set a Steelers franchise record with 236 yards rushing.  

There were missed tackles as well and plenty of other runs where Bills players looked like they no desire to attempt to bring down the bruising back.  If the Bills are indeed thinking about firing Rex Ryan, this will only make their decision easier.  The 236 yards were the most ever by a running back against the Bills, breaking the old record of 228 held by Ricky Williams.

Before the last two drives by the Bills offense, both of which resulted in touchdowns, Bell had more rushing yards(225) than the Bills offense had net yards(118). 

The Bills knew what was coming and yet they still couldn’t stop or even slow down the speeding train that was Le’Veon Bell.

Now that the season is all but over, it will be interesting to see if Ryan is indeed on his way out.  Perhaps the Bills brass has looked at a defense that remains worse than the one Ryan inherited and decided this isn’t working out. What's the point of keeping around a head coach whose expertise is defense when the defense remains inconsistent and confused.

Maybe its more of a Ryan/Doug Whaley discord that is the root of the problem.  Either way, if you’re going to make a change, you might as well do it now.  This way, the Bills can give Anthony Lynn a shot at the job for the last three games and see what he can do, assuming Lynn would be a candidate for the position. 

A search for a quarterback and now a possible search for a new head coach.  Where have I heard that before? Go Sabres!(please)

12/11/2016 6:51PM
Bills travel a familiar path
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12/11/2016 7:00PM
Go, Rex!
And take Doug with you.
12/11/2016 7:06PM
Dig up Harvey Johnson
Come on. Rex is one of the best coaches in the storied history of the Bills. The teams hits, attends games and singes the national anthem. Only hiring Harvey Johnson or the famed Tommy Hudsmith can save the Bills. I have shovels and know he will put life into the team
12/11/2016 7:10PM
Fire them all
Clean house, get the big broom and shop vacs. Start with Brandon, Whaley, Ryan & his staff. Enough already. Find good football people to right this team and build a winner for years to come. Then stop passing on Quarterbacks in the draft we need atleast 2 and a veteran backup. The 3 we have are terrible. So Terry & Kim the ball is in your court what are you going to do?
12/11/2016 7:15PM
Wait a minute you forgot someone
What about Doug Whaley the GM who can't find a QB. He drafted EJ and has made some bad draft day moves. Whaley belongs on the same flight out of town as the Ryan brothers.
12/11/2016 7:15PM
so true
what is the point of letting Ryan finish out the season? Why let Tyrod finish out as well. Rex should be shown the door with his brother right behind him I would bet dollars to donuts that Rob Ryan will never be a coach in the NFL again. I wonder if Rex will ever be hired as a coach as well. If you can't make it in Buffalo then you sure cant make it anywhere else. What more needs to be seen? Play Jones and start preparing him for next year. Game time experience will be of great help. Maybe we get lucky and have a Dak Prescott. lol
12/11/2016 7:54PM
A (Very) Clean Slate
It's clear that this franchise is going nowhere. The entire atmosphere, yea, the very ground upon which Rich/Ralph Wilson/New Era Stadium sits is irrecoverably saturated with losing. The very name "Bills" has become a by-word for it. So what is to be done? Fire the coach? Look for a quarterback? Yeah; those schemes have worked real well. Let's keep doing that. Face it: losing has become part of the entire organization's DNA. Here's how to get rid of it: 1. Pile every physical item that belongs to the Bills into the stadium. Set fire to the whole mess: stadium, file cabinets, helmets, jerseys, desks, the whole ugly bit. 2. Bulldoze the debris into a giant hole and cover it with concrete. Fence the site with razor wire, surround it with guards' shacks, and turn it into a refuge for endangered vulture species. 3. Go 25 miles in any direction you want and select a stadium site. Dig a one square mile hole. 4. Send undercover agents to each city that has had a Super Bowl winning franchise. Buy 100 boxcar loads of soil from sites as close to each stadium as you can get. Fill in the new hole with this soil. Build a new stadium on it that doesn't look or feel anything like the old (losing) one. 5. Petition the league to change the name to something like "Buffalo Beasts." Forbid the manufacture, use, or ownership of anything with "Bills" on it. Completely change the team colors. 6. The Pegulas select 7 team officials and/or players that they want to keep. All others are let go. These 7 accompany the Pegulas to a secluded Tibetan mountain stream, where they bathe while the Dalai Lama chants a ritual cleansing. 7. Return to Western New York and start anew, like an expansion team. Stupid? Maybe. Ineffective? Possibly. But try it. What (more) have they got to lose?
12/11/2016 7:57PM
thank you Howard, you are correct on all fronts. A horrible game when they needed it the most direction. This will never work....
12/11/2016 8:07PM
to a caller
wow someone agrees. this is all the pegulas fault. they kept russ brandon. sure hes an administrator. he cant run 1 team let alone 2. sure put your faith in kim pegula. lets have more women coaches. i love rex personally. he just is too out dated as a coach.
12/11/2016 8:14PM
Bills Fans
... and the WGR cheerleaders thought Wrecks was nothing more than a load mouth joke while with the Jets. But, somehow as of Jan '15 Wrecks was viewed as a savior that would return the Bills to glory. Shame on Bills fans and the WGR cheerleaders for buying into the Wrecks Ryan scam. Any word on when the 'Bully' that Wrecks promised is going to arrive? Start the rebuild - again. 20 years of missing the playoffs - here we come.
12/11/2016 8:17PM
My vote for new head coach...
is Pete Carmicheal, Off. Coordinator of the New Orleans Saints the last 8 years. Just don't let him bring any def coackes with him, please. And fire the guy responsible for bringing in Reggie Bush, Percy Harvin, and letting Fred Jackson go. Thankyou!
12/11/2016 8:22PM
yeah and wgr tows the company line. blame the little guys not ownership. its all greg romans fault. i really hate kim pegula
12/11/2016 8:39PM
Season was over after Miami
The season has long since been over, this game just confirmed it. They couldn't afford to lose that Miami game as it was assumed they would lose to Seattle, Oakland and Pittsburgh. More than likely they were going to drop one to either Jax or Cleveland because that's what they do. Please draft multiple QB's and stop ignoring the most important position on the field. Draft 2 or 7 for all I care but stop ignoring the position. A competent QB is the only thing you need to succeed in the NFL and after this many years of futility, it should be painfully obvious to the front office. Taylor puts up points and before the Oakland game, the Bills were 8th in scoring offense with around 25 PPG which made him sort of a paradox. The problem with Taylor that became very clear during the Oakland game is that he gives you streaks of 3 and outs which A) kill you when you are holding the lead and the clock is your biggest opponent and B) hurts the defense since you are trotting them back out with no rest. We all know what the Bills will do again. There will be some good QB's available, no matter the round but we'll continue to pass on them as that Safety was rated much higher on their board.
12/11/2016 8:39PM
Why not leave the Ryan brothers in place? This way the bills get a better draft pick and Whaley can give it away! Hopefully when the Ryan's leave they take Bylsma with them. Once the coaches are gone how about changing the front offices? Time for a total overhaul Whaley is not the answer. Why not try a former player or proven GM. Mr Elway and Mckenzie seem to know what they are doing!
12/11/2016 8:41PM
does Rex and his Bro know enough about "Tackling"? this defense is HORRIBLE !!!!! Bills had a TOP 5 D 2 years ago? and Rex has improved it? the Gilmore Girls again play a great game from the cheap seats- can Rex tell them Football is a "Contact" sport? Fatboy got run over so many times? he had foot prints on him? AND we have TITEWAD- this had to be the worst game he ever played- someone tell him he can dump the ball before taking a sack- all this makes it important to Cut Rex and his Bro and have them take Titewad too- I'd rather lose with a rookie QB that can develop into a good QB- Whatta a Waste of another Year- Bills should play everyone for the next 3 games- a Talent Show for 2017
12/11/2016 8:51PM
Please Terry
Both your teams are the same. Overhyped and paid, under coached, weak-minded and weak willed. Pittsburg comes into town, ploughs through the snow and buries your overmatched troops. Washington comes into town, beats down your baby boys and laughs in their faces. I have never seen both Buffalo teams so miss handled, so pathetic and so emasculated. Do something. Grow a pair. Don't just sit back, be consistent and be losers. ZMc
12/11/2016 9:02PM
move the team already. We don't care anymore... signed WNY
12/11/2016 9:15PM
Just not good enough effort period.
for a team to be fighting for a playoff spot, You didn't see any urgency to get the job done. And oh boy here came the excuses, like we left to many plays on the field. The offense once again wasn't on the dam field. Remember it was the defense that they were counting on to bail them out. And they were getting run the hell over. No this game show all us a few things, Yes we need a QB, yes we need a real coach and coaches. Players need to be cut or traded they know who they are. Both the offense and defense on the lines need to be up graded and so on. We really don't need a repeat performance for next year, I mean like dam they been injured all season and every dam season. But hey bills fans lets look at the bright side if you can. We want be in the playoffs on national tv and getting the dog sh@#t beating out of us. Well here we go lets go sabers it going to be a long a cold winter for sure.
12/11/2016 9:17PM
Really, that is the best you can come up with
blame it all on Rex, go Sabre's? Follow the stink with your reporters nose Simon - it reaches the offices of Whaley & the Pegula's as well. Ryan was Terry's hand picked man. He lavishly extended Whaley while ignoring draft blunders, bad contracts, and poor free agent signings. While no supporter of Rex, he deserves a better fate then scapegoat. His primary failure is his own BIG MOUTH & captain friendly attitude towards an overhyped roster. Fortunately, few listen to Bylsma so the same can't be said for that sad team
12/11/2016 10:13PM
Can the Nimrods
Not only the Ryan bros, but Doug Whaley needs to go too! The Bills will not go to the playoffs as long as he is GM. He is another Tom Donohoe who Ralph also got from Pittsburgh. A disaster! Bring in a real football man to revamp the organization. Can you say Bill Polian, Ron Wolf or Tom Coughlin?
12/11/2016 10:25PM
Dump Whaley Monday
Please...dump that useless incompetent scout that somebody thought would make a good GM. Then start the new GM search immediately. Unless the Pegula's hire another member of the Ryan family as GM, nobody in their right mind will keep Rex, Rob or probably anyone on the staff. Please.
12/11/2016 10:28PM
wny jets
the Bills defense can't hold a candle to the Jets d
12/11/2016 10:44PM
You could pull out tapes/videos out from Bills games from many years over the past 4 decades when they were eliminated or almost eliminated and see the same "run for the bus" effort: dropped passes, guys giving up on plays, defenders trying to tackles high (not the legs) every time, foolish penalties. This team has very poor character, leadership, and atittude. Mr Pegula if you are reading this, I would find out who in the organization leaked the Rex firing to the press/LaCanfora and fire that Benedict Arnold first. Getting that big salary and not being loyal to the franchise and keeping their mouth shut is a disgrace. I'm sure it leaked into the locker room & thru the player ranks before/during the game and may have contributed to the dispirited effort of the players. What a disservice to the franchise. You give the players an inch and they will take a mile, give them an opportunity to take the easy way out & coast, and they will take advantage of you every time. Bills fans everywhere are watching.
12/11/2016 10:54PM
Bills Defensive...
effort was glaringly embarrassing. Dareus, Clay, Watkins for 2 firsts and a 4th rounder, Darby, Lawson in the first, E.J in the first round. Steelers Fb Nix makes Felton look like a high schooler. The writing is on the wall, Whaley and Rex must both go.
12/11/2016 11:23PM
finally we may get a QB and coach that uses his players strengths.
12/11/2016 11:43PM
Of course Tyrod Taylor gets the blame
once again for a deplorable defensive performance / effort. They would have 10 wins now if they had an even average defense.
12/12/2016 2:02AM
Make the proper change.
In - Bill Polian. The cost is the dismissal of Brandon, Whaley, and Ryan. That's what he asked for last year. In hindsight this was a no brainer. Let's hope Ownership has come to this conclusion also. I'm not holding my breath, nor do I know Polian would still come in. I sincerely hope he does, and we have some actual hope here. But if they want to sell hope staying the course, then why not go for an even 18...
12/12/2016 3:51AM
How does Whaley get a pass from you.
He should have been fired yesterday.
12/12/2016 6:00AM
Firing Rex is likely to happen at the end of the season and Whaley should be sent packing as well. All those fans wanting to see the rookie Jones are going to be disappointed because EJ will be back at the helm. Whaley hasn't given up on him yet! Brandon is culpable also. This latest fire Rex rumors have Whaley written all over it.
12/12/2016 6:10AM
REx needs talent to work with.....Whaley should be fired...
Bills lack MAJOR TALENT on both sides of the ball. No way should Rex be fired. This mess falls on the GM Failurs.
12/12/2016 6:23AM
Get up off your arse TERRY
Get rid of him right here right now. Play Cardale Jones, bench Tyrod, Promote Lynn as he may be gone anyway as another teams head coach. Let Lynn fire Rob Ryan.
12/12/2016 7:23AM
Shill Cashillio
Shill Cashillio sucks. Fire everyone. Any time they've "fired everyone" they hire a third rate nobody to tell the owner what he wants to hear. Time to dump a truckload of money on someone with ring's door and knock their socks off to come here and control all of it. No more protecting Whaley, no more protecting Brandon. No EJ Manuel Cashillio, SCORCHED EARTH. You and Jon Shillphy need to stop making excuses and stop pretending they've every rebuild from scratch like a professional organization does.
12/12/2016 7:29AM
See if Jim Swartz is interested?
I really doubt it,but who knows? T.T. would be let go immediately.
12/12/2016 7:46AM
you ask for comments yet dont post them. why do you waste our time? is it because only your opinion counts?
12/12/2016 7:50AM
Whaley>>> sitting T.T. and playing C.Jones??
That has to be reversed, I can see Rex benching t.t. and playing C.Jones but not Whaley? Whaley has been a t.t. fan forever? This report is to save Whaleys job and rex is the scapegoat for sure. Whaley has been here all these years with failure this is another bad decision to keep whaley for sure!
12/12/2016 8:07AM
clean house
Whaley has to go too. This is as much his doing as Rex. From keeping EJ Manual on the roster (should NOT be on an NFL roster), to trading a first round pick (A FIRST ROUND PICK) for a WR in a deep draft (who hasn't done anything of note since he came here, and can't stay healthy, which I get thats not his fault but still). I don't care about discord between the two, I don't care about a power play by management to get rid of Rex over QB disagreements, They are both part of this problem, they both need to go. And as far as Tyrod is concerned? If he is not a part of their future plans, which should be a pretty obvious conclusion at this point, he should not, check that CAN NOT, play another down for the Bills. Even in an emergency situation. If he gets hurt that contract will be guaranteed. In my opinion, the Bills need to draft a QB in every draft until they get it right, (If they can even do that right because their talent evaluators clearly are not top notch either). I'm not saying in the first round, but somewhere. Some round. Because you never know. Finally, I've been a season ticket holder for many years. This was my ultimatum year, make the playoffs and i'll stay. Well after the Steelers debacle, the streak is almost old enough to sign up for the draft, and with that I am done. I can stay home and watch my dog drop a deuce outside for free, why should I pay for it?
12/12/2016 8:17AM
Here we go again
Gotta clean house. Also, people should wake up regarding Terry Pegula. He doesn't need the money! He's done what he's does because he loves the city of Buffalo. At least realize that, people!
12/12/2016 8:27AM
Mr Pegula, Please clean house..........
The entire Front office, Whaley, the Ryans, and the scouting staff. It is not just the coach, but a lot of the old mentality that carried over from the Ralph Wilson years. Work with outsiders who will give you a sober and objective overview. Bring in a football man who will put an end to all of this nonsense.
12/12/2016 9:33AM
Rex out of football?
Rex said in one of his opening press conferences something like, "This is it for me. Buffalo will be my last stop so I better make it worth it." Judging by how all of his other promises have fallen flat, who thinks he'll get another job? He's out of touch, out of mind. He still thinks him and his brother know how to scheme defense, and then just concedes in post game pressers that the other team is just good. Welp, good defenses can at least give good offenses trouble. Go get another tv show!
12/12/2016 9:34AM
They both need to go. When they are fired I will be happy that I wont have to look at Rob's nasty grill and hair. What a creature. I also will be happy to not see him on the Dunn tire commercials. Slobs!
12/12/2016 9:39AM
It ain't Cardale Jones who gets a chance it's back to EJ per Whaley's desire.
12/12/2016 10:02AM
Intrinsic Motivation
Watching yesterdays game, it became apparent that the body language of many of the players appeared to be disinterested to be on the field. Many looked as though they were simply going through the motions, unenthusiastically. There was no passion. No sense that this was the first game of what needed to be a 3 game home-stand in for a team desperate for a string of 4 wins to remain in the hunt for a wild-card playoff berth to break the 16 year franchise drought. Worse: many of the players looked to be more concerned with slipping in the snow and losing their footing than with playing with fire. I'm not sure if they are practicing exclusively in the field house, but the one advantage the Buffalo Bills should have is the elements late in the year. Instead, it looked like the Bills were the team from some warm weather climate who didn't know how to play in the snow. Marv Levy always spoke about motivation having to come from within the players themselves. If yesterday was any indication, in the biggest game of 2016, with the exception of McCoy, Watkins, and Incognito, there wasn't any one in a Bills uniform playing with the passion needed to get into the playoffs. That's not the GM. That's not the coach. That's not the QB.
12/12/2016 10:31AM
Everything is wrong with the sports franchise
Rex Ryan is at his very best an average coach. They want to move on from him fine. The larger problem is that Doug Whaley is the worst GM in the NFL. You can't find a worse GM anywhere. Whaley shares the same philosophy as Rex Ryan that is this antiquated version offense built around running the football 85% of the time. Whaley like Buddy Nix, Marv Levy and Tom Donahoe before him has put no premium what so ever on the QB position. For too long having a terrible GM at the helm has resulted in not putting enough importance into finding a real top tier QB. What is so maddening is that it isn't Cardale Jones that Whaley wants to give a test run to these last 3 games but rather the worst QB in the NFL EJ Manuel. EJ Manuel is the worst QB in the NFL and this is fact. It's impossible to have any faith at all in this team when the people that have destroyed this team which are Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley will continue making the personnel decisions. An utterly hopeless situation!!
12/12/2016 10:44AM
Cheerleaders help?
I blame this whole thing on lack of cheerleaders ;-)
12/12/2016 11:11AM
Its a aste of time to talk about the Bills. Firing Ryan is just the first step. Russ Brandon needs to go then Whaley. Bring in a Guru of Football operations that understands the current NFL and find a GM and Coach who work together. then sign Garapollo or draft a QB and if we are bad so be it only means a top QB in the draft. While we are at it, trade McCoy, Dareus, Watkins. all are hurt, overpaid. McCoy only has 1-2 years left and we are rebuilding. The Media isn't any better. Stop having these clowns on the station to spew company line and ask softball questions. Terry Pegula must also accept responsibility as he agreed to a 5 year contract with Ryan. Anyone new gets 1 year contract 2 most until proven.
12/12/2016 11:25AM
Sabres Fan in Kingston
Fed up = Blow it up Mr. Pegula.
12/12/2016 11:27AM
Wrecks Ryan - the Self-Promoter
Wrecks is the biggest self-promoter in the league and the Bills fell for it hook, line and sinker. But then again, if all the dysfunction we're hearing about is the case with the front office, simply firing Wrecks and the GM won't change anything. The dysfunction seems to stem from the owner. How much longer is the Pegula honeymoon with the fans going to last?
12/12/2016 12:36PM
Here we go again.....
Bills should clean house but will anything change? Terry Pegula will chase after the biggest name available that will take his money. We'll be doing this all over again in 3 years.
12/12/2016 12:48PM
EMERGENCY, emergency, emergency
THE BILLS need competent real Football minds, coaches, assistants and players. To the US MILITARY...please abduct all good hard nosed qualified Football people that KNOW how to win, manage, scout, deal, motivate, play & WIN WIN WIN and air lift them to WNY and drop them in Orchard Park, ny. PLEASE Remove all existing GARBAGE, flubs, blubs, dubs, dweebs, wankers, panzies, farts, losers, babies, whiners, panty twisters, thumb suckers, softies, hippies that currently occupy the buffalo bills organization and DISPOSE of them to area 51 to never be seen or heard from again... thank you.
12/12/2016 1:03PM
:Re "Intrinsic Motivation" and "Trampled..."
You are both spot on.
12/12/2016 1:08PM
That was a bunch of imposters posing as Bills football players yesterday. We used to call them "posers". Shame on them and shame on Whaley and Ryan for letting them get away with that effort and collecting a paycheck.
12/12/2016 1:17PM
Real Bits and Bites...Rex Ryan's defensive philosophy works. Variations of it are used by the NFL's most successful franchises; Seattle, New England, Baltimore for examples. The main problem in Buffalo is they don't have a secondary that is reliable. They don't have enough skilled cover dbs that can cover and safeties that are interested in tackling. This all points to inadequacies in the personnel department. Further more Pittsburgh's running game could have been stopped simply by using "run blitzes" against the Steelers o line. Rex knew this but that would have exposed the Bills sorry secondary even more against the pass. Again NOT ALL REX'S FAULT. Everyone knew Tyrod's limitations when they got him however he was the Bills best option moving forward and to this day probably still is. The fact that has never been addressed to improve on is once again NOT REX'S FAULT! An "intelligent" football fan only has to study the Brandone-Whaley 2 headed monster's history of personnel decisions and will quickly understand this franchise's seemingly endless futility. Ownership needs to remove the amateur leadership and replace it with NFL personnel. Firing endless coaching without management change has no effect longterm.
12/12/2016 1:25PM
I know Mr. Pegula and I know the # 1 focus is getting a quality long term solution at quarterback, a modern, attention-to-detail coach, and building a great offensive line by drafting and/or signing QBs & O-Lineman galore. He knows it won't happen any other way. Plan from there is they will build out the roster with as many smart, tough, productive, motivated players of character sprinkled in with extraordinary, motivated uber-talents whenever it is possible/available. Hopefully playoffs in 2019.
12/12/2016 2:27PM
Re: REx needs talent to work with.....Whaley should be fired...
How much talent? You, I and everyone else could be a winning head coach in the national football league with "talent to work with". So, not exactly praising rex. In general, good coaches go farther with less, bad coaches always need more.
12/12/2016 3:43PM
Chad Kelly
Heck I will try anything at this point...
12/12/2016 4:06PM
New management needed
New management is desperately needed for this team in that Puss Brandon, Jim Overdork and Doug Failey need to get canned immediately. They are responsible for destroying this football club. Puss and Overdork's path of destruction goes back at least 10 years. Pegula needs to shatter this front office in the same fashion that his team was shattered by the Steeler's yesterday.
12/12/2016 7:54PM
Chopped Liver...
... there is too much chopped liver on this roster. Even Lombardi couldn't make filet mignon out of the imposters on this roster trying to pass as "dedicated" football players. The Bills need more Edelmans, Finneys, and Nixes (steelers Fb) and fewer fakers, especially the clowns on defense doing those "O'Lay's" on the attempted fake tackles.
12/12/2016 9:40PM
Deja Vu all over again!
Didn't Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff claim to have a plan that would work long term? And weren't they basically laying a course of mediocrity for an indefinite period of time to try and be free of being judged for not winning? Well we have the same thing here with The Bills. Clean house. Bring in a football Guru and go from there. No guarantees; but the current scenario evokes no sense of hope for the future as for us Bills Fans...
12/12/2016 11:37PM
Brandon Isn't Going Anywhere
Russ Brandon makes the team money so he isn't going anywhere. Rex isn't the biggest problem either. You give him or any NFL coach a Top 10 QB and that coach suddenly becomes HOF material. Jim Caldwell, Pete Carroll, Jack Del Rio and Andy Reid were all fired from previous positions. Now they look pretty darn smart when they coach rosters with above average QB play.
12/13/2016 8:22AM
12/13/2016 1:28PM
Tissues Anyone?
Hey Terry I know how you were feeling when you bought the Sabres, were All crying now.....Teams are a joke!
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