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Tyrod: "I feel I've done enough to be the starter here"

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

While Tyrod Taylor made it clear he wasn’t happy with the way the final week of the season played out, he didn’t discount a return to the Bills and even kept the door open to a restructuring of his contract.

“That decision is on them,” the quarterback told reporters during locker cleanout day. “I feel like I’ve done enough as far as my play to be the starter here. It wasn’t like I was outplayed. It was simply taken from me. Like I said, that decision came from them, and we’ll see what the future holds.”

Taylor was benched for the team’s finale at MetLife Stadium Sunday for what interim head coach Anthony Lynn called a “business decision.”  He has a contract extension awaiting him if the Bills decide to exercise it.  As part of that extension, the team would have had to pay roughly $30 million in guaranteed money if the QB got hurt severe enough to have the injury rehab go into the new league year beginning in March.  Many have speculated that move means the team will not pick up the option.

“I guess once the conversation—we haven’t really sat down and talked about it. Once the conversation and it’s actually explained to me why it was done the way it was, we’ll move forward from there. But we’ll see when that happens,” Taylor said.

Taylor has been dealing with a groin injury and said he will get a second opinion later this week.  “Hopefully it’s not as bad as they think it is,” he said, adding if surgery is necessary he’d like to get it out of the way as soon as possible so he can be ready for the offseason. “It’s not about the guarantee."

Instead of outright not picking up the option, Bills management might go to Taylor and ask him to renegotiate the new deal.  The QB said he doesn’t prefer to do that but didn’t close the door on that option if the team comes calling, either.

“We’ll have to weigh those options when it happens.  It’s too early to tell right now.  Maybe that’s a possibility down the line, but we’ll visit that when and if that happens.”

Taylor said he wants to remain in Buffalo, citing the community and his teammates, and hopes that happens.


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01/02/2017 1:15PM
Tyrod: "I feel I've done enough to be the starter here"
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01/02/2017 1:39PM
Probably right
He's probably right, enough to start in Buffalo. Anywhere else (besides Cleveland), he'd be a back-up. Sorry Ty, you're pretty good, but the scrambling plays are usually created by you because you refuse to step up in the pocket. So, the result is either no gain, a sack or a scramble. Not what a top=level starting NFL QB is taught. This is not the QB we need at this point.
01/02/2017 2:51PM
Get rid of him!
Get rid of Tyrod. I've seen enough. He is a below average QB and even on his best day he isn't anything more than an average QB. He isn't capable of getting 300 yard passing games and can't lead the team from behind for comeback wins.Two years in a row with this bum and no playoffs and really not even close to making the playoffs. They should have cut him last year. He is back up material at best.
01/02/2017 3:03PM
01/02/2017 3:20PM
Quite Frankely
Tyrod is probably correct. Not a future hall of famer by any means, but he should probably start next season, unlike Doug Whaley.
01/02/2017 3:31PM
Doug Whaley is right
The Bills DO have the league's best backup quarterback. But he's not EJ Manuel; he's Tyrod Taylor, who gets trotted out as a starter nearly every week because we don't have a better option. He's no better than the 19th-or 20th-best QB in the league.
01/02/2017 3:40PM
Grow Up Tyrod ... You Should Be Better Than This
Point 1: "It [starting QB] was simply taken from me." Puh-leeezzze. Be a LEADER, be a TEAM player for the Bills organization, be an ADULT, USE your BRAIN, and DON'T be a little crybaby drama queen!!! Anyone possessing enough smarts, big-picture organizational loyalty, and maturity to want/expect to be an NFL starting QB OUGHT to understand and KNOW that the starting QB job for the Bills game 16 was merely a 1-game assignment. It was an exercise in "let's see what we have before we make off-season roster shaping decisions" -- NOT a typical "BENCHING" of the previous starter, or necessarily any expression of "dissatisfaction" with Tyrod's performance (not that he was playing at elite franchise QB level, though). Everyone knows starting E.J. Manuel at QB was 100% about the Bills -- who had been eliminated from the playoffs -- using the opportunity presented by a meaningless game and needing to make a final evaluation of E.J. to give him an actual real-game chance to show he belonged on this team (or in the NFL at all) -- or not -- going forward. The Bills had invested a #1 draft pick in E.J. after all, and it would have been borderline irresponsible (and arguably "unfair" to E.J. personally as a "good soldier" for the team) to simply cut him loose without providing that last chance. I have zero problem with that decision, and now the Bills can cut E.J. with a clear conscience. And as for not activating Tyrod at all and instead giving Cardale Jones the opportunity to back-up E.J. and eventually get into the game, again Tyrod needs to use his BRAIN and recognize that the Bills' "braintrust" truly would have been idiots to allow him to play a MEANINGLESS game (simply to stroke Tyrod's ego and desire to play) that would RISK having to pay him almost $30 MILLION against next year's Bills salary cap IF he got hurt -- EVEN IF Tyrod was no longer on the team !!!!!!!!!!!! It's sheer economics -- nothing personal. And -- as a supposed "leader" and "team player," would he really want to hamstring his employer's ability to compete going forward by saddling them with an unworkable salary cap scenario??? Point 2: "I've done enough ... to be the starter here ... It wasn't like I was outplayed." Again, puh-leeezzze. He's NOT Joe Montana (who, after going 4-0 in Super Bowls, actually lost his job to Steve Young through no fault of his own), he's NOT Tom Brady, he's NOT Aaron Rodgers or Russell Wilson, and he's NOT even Joe Flacco or Dak Prescott for that matter. The fact that he was "not outplayed" by the likes of poor E.J. Manuel (who too-often can't hit the broad side of a barn) or a very raw rookie project in Cardale Jones is hardly a ringing endorsement of his qualification to go forward as "the guy" or someone who has demonstrated "franchise QB" status -- even for the lowly Bills !!! The objective truth is that Tyrod was the "least bad" of our 3 marginal QBs ... he showed SOME moments of promise, but also MANY moments of sub-standard play that simply isn't consistently good enough for the Bills to become a playoff team -- let alone an elite one aspiring to be legitimately capable of winning a championship. Given that reality, if he truly believes he has what it takes, he SHOULD WELCOME the CHALLENGE of a QB COMPETITION whereby he can demonstrate and prove his superior skills -- NOT WHINE or EXPECT the starting QB job to be HANDED to him !!!! Point 3: "he ... even kept the door open to restructuring of his contract" That's good -- because that's a GIVEN if he wants to be the Bills' starting QB next year. The Bills simply can't allocate nearly $30 MILLION of its salary cap to the QB position -- especially for an UNPROVEN non-playoff QB.
01/02/2017 3:43PM
Done good & Done enough but is done?
Tyrod would do better on another team that appreciates his abilities. Maybe he will join Rex on his next assignment. JF
01/02/2017 3:44PM
Ummmmm, NO!
160 yards per game is NOT enough to remain a starter in the NFL. Sorry!
01/02/2017 3:56PM
Doug Whaley
Is a joke.
01/02/2017 4:40PM
Would love to have Tyrod back!
The rise to developing a winning program is a progression. You don't go from bad to great in one step, you move to better, good, very good then great. Tyrod is a special athelete who has made us better and can take us beyond that step. He has the respect of his teammates and they want him to be their QB. So do I!
01/02/2017 4:48PM
AGREE with @ Doug Whaley
Tyrod would be a good back-up and change-of-pace option, but he is NOT starting NFL franchise QB material. E.J. -- NO. Tim Tebow was a better NFL QB than E.J. !!! If E.J. is ready to hang up his cleats though, the Bills should hire him as a scouting intern -- he's a quality person, and sometimes marginal players make the best scouts because they possess "some" playing insight at the NFL level while also recognizing their own limitations and discerning the capabilities of others who truly do have "what it takes" to succeed at pro football.
01/02/2017 4:50PM
TiteWad ?
Face it TT you can come into a game as a backup and probably win a few games BUT look at your game film and stats?you have major flaws that you seem not able to accept of try to correct- not even with David Lee the "Greatest QB guru" in the league- let's hope the Bills can find an average QB with potential?
01/02/2017 5:29PM
There is no "I" in team
As important as the QB position is no one can succeed without a decent defense! Just ask Drew Brees. The Bills should be headed for the playoffs if it wasn't for the sub-par play of the defense against Miami. Over 400 yards rushing by Jay Ajayi in the 2 games where Tyrod led the Bills to a total of 58 points in a run oriented offense.If the Bills could have improved their defensive play and run a more pass oriented offence their record would have been at least 10-6 and Tyrod's passing numbers probably would have been better. This said it would have been great if Sammy and Robert Woods would have been healthy all year and honestly they are only average receivers at best.
01/02/2017 6:08PM
I agree........
Tyrod is our best hope in 2017. When you look at the Bills all time passing statistics he is 9th or 10th in many categories with less than two full seasons to do it. Starting over will only put us back even farther. We are not going to find anyone betterin free agency, and the 2017 draft will not yield immediate results. Besides the defense needs a complete overhaul, starting with showing Gilmore and Dareus the door.
01/02/2017 6:09PM
Probably Right
As long as Whaley is here he's probably right and the Bills will probably never get better than third place in the NFL East. Too bad the Pegula's don't understand they'll never progress where they are if they do not hire a real winning professional football GM and coach and get out of the way. The Bills are destined to be another team like Cleveland - maybe not as good as them.
01/02/2017 6:15PM
It wasn't until the last two games you played that you started looking down the middle of the field for receivers that were wide open most of the season. A good back-up is all you are, nothing more.
01/02/2017 6:44PM
What -----?????????
You have been the starter here? Look what you have done so far???? Nothing?? Seen enough.
01/02/2017 6:50PM
Whaley is not in touch with the team and fans
After watching the post season press conference, I sat an listened with my jaw on the floor I found his lack of knowledge or caring very upsetting, He came off arrogant,and feels he i gods gift to the Bills. I don't think he has any respect for fans, Staff or the owners. Parades Anthony Lind into a press conference unprepared to answer questions he should of answered before it took place. Please for the love of god DO NOT let him choose our net head couch and maybe since he has so little concern for his role or his job. He claims we are close, yet we do not have a coach,quarterback or manager. If Tyrod gets a better offer I'd jump at a starting job,He's a great backup and will rarely embarrass you but not a team leader. He stated he had no knowledge of the Ryan brothers firing but claims Rex suggested Lind take over as intern head coach...OK
01/02/2017 11:09PM
None of you have a clue.
Anyone who doesn't believe Tyrod Taylor is a good QB belongs in a facility for the mentally insane, and throw away the key because you are a menace to society! Let him throw, like in a real NFL offense, and you'll see; not this high school offense we've been running. And if not for his scrambling abilities, this team would have won 2 games. The reason this season was yet another failure was the horrible, awful, deplorable defensive effort. And coaching. Any of you that are old enough to remember probably wanted Rob Johnson over Doug Flutie. How'd that work out for you? No playoffs since then. You got what you deserve in that last game. Get ready for more of the same in 2017, if they get rid of Tyrod Taylor. P.S. - unless you have season tickets you are totally unqualified to have an opinion on the Bills' QB or any other matter concerning the team. Just watch on your television and keep your opinions to yourself.
01/03/2017 8:31AM
That fully explains Taylors rise to starting. Let him go somewhere else. Lets see if another team, maybe one of the teams that we played will pony up $30,000,000.00. The teams that had 8 in the box and DARED Taylor to prove he was a REAL QB. Most athletes are delusional about their ability. So that's why he believes he's a starter. Sure, he may start for Cleveland or someplace that is needy, but to go to Denver. Not likely. Contenders want REAL QBs, not Athletes that throw. The Tyrod Taylor experiment is over. Time to move on, unless he takes a substantial cut in pay. Which he won't. DELUSIONAL.
01/03/2017 9:32AM
He’s decent enough to get you beyond 8-8. The defense lost the games along with a non-coach coach. He’s not perfect but neither are one third of the NFL quarterbacks. Hold unto him until something else breaks the Bills way. The real 17 year issue here is that Buffalo has a toxic media in a poor town. They have to keep selling papers and air time so they morph into the National Enquirer and sell spin hype and negative propaganda to the sheep. So the sheep eat it up and end up repeating on call in shows what the announcers and their writers drafted up as if the callers believe they thought of it first. What a joke. So now the Buffalo News and WGR want to run Tyrod out of town. Really? He was a 3 issue on a scale of 0-10 issues. Rex Ryan was the #10 issue. Defense was the #9 issue. Get your facts lined up and deal the deck but take care of the more pressing issues first. However, if someone lands into your hands like Cousins then that’s a game changer on Tyrod but just don’t throw your assets away until you have a better alternative. Keep him for now and keep searching.
01/03/2017 1:33PM
Mr Jackson
If they're not going to clean house (meaning fire the Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley) then they might as well keep Tyrod because then it would be clear that they're planning on another season or two of mediocrity. If they're going to clean house then get rid of him and draft a qb...that means they're serious about rebuilding so they can become a contender. Plain and simple.
01/03/2017 5:09PM
He's right
Lynn x Taylor = Top 5 offense (if you remove games 1, 2, and 16). No. 1 rushing offense. Is he worth 30 million? No. Is he worth a restructured short guaranteed deal around $15-20M? Yes. (And if you don't think he'll get offered at least that much in free agency in a league starved for QBs, just ask Brock Osweiler.) In fact, if the defense played anywhere near where they were before Rex, they're in the playoffs the last two years. Feels weird saying this, but offense is not their problem right now.
01/04/2017 1:30AM
Chad Kelly!
Wait for his knee to heal and work him in slowly. With Jim as his mentor this could be the next franchise QB! Keep Tyrod for another year or two just to hold the space.
01/04/2017 3:24AM
@ None of You Have a Clue
That's rich -- the utterly preposterous comment emanating from your condescending attitude ("unless you have season tickets you are totally UNQUALIFIED to have an opinion ...") proves that it is you who are lacking in the clue department! One can possess superb football knowledge (and even be a former player of the sport/QB position), and thus be eminently "qualified" to have an opinion on the Bills ... and yet not possess the $$$ to be able to afford season tickets !!!! Just as, conversely, vacuous bubblehead Hollywood celebrities can afford to attend a Super Bowl to "be seen" while nonetheless being utterly clueless about the sport !!!!! Now let's get real: the relevant issue is NOT whether TT is a "good" QB or not; it's whether he is "so" good as to be worth a near-$30 Million hit against our salary cap next year. He*l, even Tom Brady probably won't amount to that big of a cap hit to New England !!!! Presently, yes, Tyrod is the best of the 3 QBs we have. And yes, our defense cost us several games this year -- but so too there were games where our defense got the job done and the Tyrod-led offense failed miserably to uphold its end (the Baltimore game is a perfect example). TT is NOT a horrible QB, but he's far from a great one, either. And we need great QB play to win a championship -- and that should be the benchmark and the true objective, NOT merely sneaking into the playoffs after all these barren years. More often than making magic happen with his scrambling, TT runs into tackles. He fails to hit wide-open receivers. He lacks a lengthy resume of rallying the Bills at the clutch moment. Does he deserve to stay on the Bills? Yes -- BUT NOT at $30 Million. p/s I was a Flutie fan over "China Doll" Rob Johnson by far -- Flutie was a winner who almost always rose to the top in the clutch, unlike the uninspiring Johnson.
01/04/2017 9:51AM
Re: None of you have a clue
I completely agree with you. Tyrod is a good starting NFL QB! Buffalo lost 6-games when scoring 24 or more points. Just win 3 of those games and their record is 10-6. Too many fans and media today judge a QB from a Fantasy Football (man I hate Fantasy Football!) perspective of yards and TD passes. Whatever happened to judging a QB on the productivity of scoring points (top 10 scoring offense)? Whatever happened to the philosophy "run (top rushing team) and stop the run (defense failed at this)"? These concepts did not go away but have been replaced by the analytic's of stat nerds who have never played the game. Buffalo played 4 home games after Thanksgiving this year. Running and stopping the run is vital in bad weather games. Tyrod is developing and the contract is very team friendly. Failing to pick it up would be a huge mistake and set the Bills back at least 3-5 years. If Buffalo decides to move on from Tyrod I see Denver signing him and him winning a SB with their defense. I don't see Paxton Lynch as a starter........
01/05/2017 6:38PM
@ Re: None of you have a clue
Tyrod is NOT a "good" starting QB. He is average. That means he should probably have a spot on our roster, BUT NOT AT THE COST OF NEXT YEAR'S MASSIVE CONTRACT/SALARY CAP HIT. To deserve to stay on the Bills roster, Tyrod needs to get real and re-structure his contract downward so we can afford to pay more $$$ for better players in other spots. $30 Million per season is what somebody like Tom Brady, Cam Newton, Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger, or maybe Eli Manning -- i.e., the upper tier QBs in the NFL -- might command. Be honest: Tyrod has not demonstrated that he is anywhere near that upper strata yet. As for the arbitrary 24 point cut-off for analyzing won/loss records, I'm not sure what's so magical about 24 points ????????? It's a TEAM game where you can't isolate out the offense from the defense and assess selective blame for an entire season failure -- least of all not around some arbitrary 24 point standard that appears to be cherry-picked. Yes, the defense was horrible and melted down in several games (especially the first Jets game and the second half of the Raiders game). But it's flat-out dishonest and disingenuous to ignore the fact that, FAR TOO OFTEN, the Bills' offense was absolutely anemic (if not outright putrid)! Don't forget we lost the game to Baltimore 13-7 where the defense did the job, but not the offense ... and there were a couple of other games where we managed to win with great defensive performances while the Tyrod-led offense nonetheless failed miserably to rise even to your magical 24 point standard (16-0 in the first Brady-less New England game, and 16-12 at Cincinnati). Do those games "not count" with you? And let's not forget the fact that the offense did nothing late in the first half at Oakland, and then Tyrod froze while the offense utterly failed to respond (and hung the defense out to dry by keeping them on the field the entire second half) while the Raiders counter-punched and scored. Let's also not forget that the offense scored late during "garbage time" in several games (e.g., Pittsburgh, both Miami games) to make the games APPEAR to be closer contests than they really were and hide the fact that the offense was "MIA" (missing in action) virtually the entire game -- and thereby placed incredible pressure on the defense by failing to place scoring pressure on our opponents. In terms of a "bright line points standard," the truth of the matter is that there has been a paradigm shift in the NFL over the years, especially the past decade. In the old "three yards and a cloud of dust" days when even great championship QBs like Unitas, Starr, Staubach, Griese, Bradshaw, etc., rarely passed more than 10-12 times per game (if that), most teams ran the ball 30 times per game and would win games if they could score 17-20 points on average. As the game evolved from the late '70s/early'80s into the '90s, passing increased, but the great dynastic QBs of that era (e.g., Montana, Kelly, Elway, Aikman, etc.) still averaged only about 20-25 pass attempts because all of them also had great RBs and running the football was still a huge part of the game (one exception of that era might be Marino, because the Dolphins never bothered to emphasize the running game in those days any more, and it cost them). In that era, teams would usually win if they could score 24-28 points on average. BUT in TODAY'S NFL, with most decent QBs averaging 30-40 attempts per game (and very few running plays), most teams need to score at least 30/31 points in a given game to have a decent chance of winning -- NOT merely "24." Applying that more realistic standard in the setting of "today's NFL," had the Bills offense met that standard , we would have finished with NO WORSE than a 10-6 record ... with the possibility of having finished 12-4 and definitely in the playoffs (applying the 31 point cutoff, we would have defeated the Jets in the final game 31-30, and tied Seattle, where we may have won in OT). This revisionist analysis is NOT meant to "trash" Tyrod, or to suggest the offense was the only/main culprit in our failure to reach the playoffs -- rather, it's meant to illustrate that it's a TEAM game, the fact that the defense (however horrible at times) was not solely the reason we had another failed season, and to assess honestly TT's performance and place his "salary cap value" into proper perspective.
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