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Bills head coach candidate tracker and info

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

Here’s a look at the Buffalo Bills head coaching candidates either confirmed by the team or reported by the noted media outlet (coaching bios provided by each candidates' Wikipedia page):

Sean McDermott

Defensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

Age: 42

Confirmed interview by team


Harold Goodwin

Offensive Coordinator, Arizona Cardinals

Age: 43

Confirmed request to interview by team


Vance Joseph

Defensive Coordinator, Miami Dolphins

Age: 44

Request to interview reported by NFL Network


Frank Reich

Offensive Coordinator, Philadelphia Eagles

Age: 55

Interest reported by The Buffalo News


Kris Richard

Defensive Coordinator, Seattle Seahawks

Age: 37

Interest reported by USA Today


Anthony Lynn

Interim head coach/Offensive Coordinator, Buffalo Bills

Age: 48

Formal interview reported by Associated Press

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01/04/2017 9:32PM
Bills head coach candidate tracker and info
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01/04/2017 11:18PM
Lynn is a RB Coach and Nothing More
Listening to Murphy and Jones was absolutely ridiculous. Both (of course) feel Anthony Lynn deserves the job. When asked about Frank Reich Murphy replied "But is he ready?' I had to turn off the radio.Unbelievable how WGR continues to tow the company line with Whaley.No curiosity whatsoever why the Bills aren't going after the big names like McDaniels/Coughlin. I'm sure Lynn is a good guy; but his resume is weak at this point. They are setting him up for failure. His reputation will be destroyed by this organization. The man deserves better.Lynn has never coached anything more than RB's in his entire career.The only organization to ever promote Lynn beyond RB's is Buffalo. Yeah, McCoy is a great runner because he's better coached! At least Reich has been a coordinator, worked with QB's and Wr's, WGR...please get it together. You guys are on the way to irrelevance.
01/05/2017 4:06AM
Who knows?
Do you want retread who was already fired or some unproven guy who's never done it?
01/05/2017 4:31AM
Josh McDaniels. Matt Patricia.
01/05/2017 6:30AM
Clean House
01/05/2017 6:33AM
None of these candidates fill Rex Ryans shoes?
Sorry, its the truth.
01/05/2017 6:49AM
it took Jim Kelly to tell the nation they do not have a quarterback to take them to the next level. even the sports announcers in Cleveland said: the Bills can have Taylor!! what is wrong with you Taylor backers?? are you so used to losing you can'ttell good talent when you see it??
01/05/2017 6:51AM
Sean McDermott!!!!!
01/05/2017 6:57AM
Terry Pegula = Howard Hughes
That is AWESOME. Socially awkward and weird since the day he rode into town as our so called savior. He is not emotionally invested in the Bills and it shows. Great job Peter King!!!!
01/05/2017 7:39AM
slim pickings this year.
01/05/2017 7:52AM
nota good winner in the that bunch.
perhaps, none of these coaches are proven winners.
01/05/2017 8:35AM
Frank Reich -or Jim Schwartz
01/05/2017 8:41AM
I don't see any head coaching experience on that list
ready to harken in a new 14-43, Kay Stephenson/Hank Bullough era, I see #Who'sthePuppetMaster?
01/05/2017 9:19AM
get rid of murphy and jones
01/05/2017 9:57AM
Look at the FACTS !
We fans are totally UNIMPRESSED over this "search" for a new Bills head coach. The ONLY name on this "illustrious" candidate list of any interest is Frank Reich -- and that's primarily because he has a history with the Bills. We KNOW that Frank is a smart guy (Jim Kelly himself credited Frank for his vital role on the great Bills teams), a very decent man & leader who will bring a sorely needed and highly welcome infusion of good character to the Bills, and he's also someone known to love the Bills and WNY -- he "gets" us and would not simply be using us as a stepping stone to another ("better") coaching job. Of all the candidates listed, Frank is the oldest and most mature ... but I don't know if even Frank is yet ready to be a head coach ??? As for the others, I am highly skeptical, and it seems the Bills job would merely serve as "dipping the initial toe in the water" of the head coaching world and getting some experience for them. After 17 consecutive non-playoff seasons and counting, I DON'T WANT THE BILLS TO BE THE EXPERIMENTAL LAB or PROVING GROUND for other teams !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at simple facts alone -- at least in the history of the Bills. Hiring a previous pro head coach, even one with a fairly decent reputation, is no guarantee of success for any team -- and in all honesty, it has too frequently ended in disappointment for the Bills, even though none of those who disappointed (except perhaps for John Rauch) came to the Bills as winners at the perceived top of their game (e.g., John Rauch, D Jauron, Chan Gailey, Rex Ryan to name a few). BUT the ONLY four decent coaches the Bills have ever had who at least got us into the playoffs had ALL been head coaches at previous pro stops (Lou Saban, Chuck Knox, Marv Levy, and Wade Phillips). Stated alternatively, EVERY time in my memory we provided a "first pro football head coaching opportunity" to someone, it has ended in UTTER DISASTER for the Bills (e.g., Joel Collier, Harvey Johnson, Kay Stephenson, Jim Ringo, Hank Bullough, Gregg Williams, etc.). Armed with these EMPIRICAL FACTS, why does the Pegula "brain trust" -- led by football operational failures like Russ Brandon and Doug Whaley -- insist upon IGNORING the FACTS and pursuing UNPROVEN candidates ????????????? I understand Terry Pegula is a self-made man, and he might believe he can get a winner by finding the "right guy" and merely providing him the opportunity ... BUT this is not a Bills organization that has the luxury of that experimental latitude, as might be the case after "only" a few years of failing to make the playoffs. After 17 years without making the playoffs, enough is enough -- the Bills must give themselves the BEST chance of turning this failure around. And that means looking at FACTS and team history, and pursuing (or at least interviewing to obtain their candidate ideas and suggestions) PROVEN WINNERS such as Jim Harbaugh and/or college coaches who have won MULTIPLE national championships and have demonstrated programmatic dynasties such as Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, etc. STOP LIMITING our search to wannabes who have NEVER DONE THE HC job at the pro level before !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/05/2017 10:05AM
No Idea what they are doing.
Firing Rex and keeping Whaley. And then tell Whaley to lead the charge for a new coach. Wow how did these people become millionaire's. Who in there write mind would want to coach a team that has had 3 coaches in two years. Whaley is an Issues. untilhe is gone nothing will be fixed. They should hire Tom Coughlin as GM head of football. Let him get the coach.
01/05/2017 10:06AM
Get rid of Poop and Bulltard too!
01/05/2017 10:22AM
Waste of an article
If Sal the shill had any integrity he'd not publish this garbage. Lynn and Whaley planned the firing of Roman and Ryan with the knowledge that Lynn would take over. Everyone knows it except for the clueless Buffalo media
01/05/2017 10:26AM
as the jerky boys once said..........
SUE EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
01/05/2017 10:50AM
There is no savior
for the Bill's - certainly not amongst those listed. They are the sacrificial lamb candidates given the glorious opportunity to divert attention, deflect criticism, and buy time for a franchise in disarray. Thank you to all the Ted Nolan trophy participants! A different league, different sport, same owner, and the same basic strategy is going to be employed. It takes time to build a consistent winner dear fans. Please be patient, buy tickets, and don't forget to check out our new line of merchandise!
01/05/2017 11:00AM
Seriously, none of these candidates have resumes that jump out at you. But that is what this world has come. No employer wants someone who will think outside the box. They want someone that will wait to do what they are told and take no initiative. The same is obvious in the Bill's front office. They want a coach that they can control and that will take what ever is put in front of them and try to be productive. This team is going nowhere but to be a bottom dweller just like the Sabres. The teams are just tax write offs for the Pegula's. It is time for the fans in Western New York to stop accepting it and make a stand maybe when the seats are empty the owner will wake up.
01/05/2017 11:15AM
Same old story......
Looking for a respectable QB and/or coach has been Buffalo's Titanic for 17 years. You want to stay afloat, get rid of Brandon/Whaley! Look at Bills history. Front office has been a disaster for last 10-12 years!
01/05/2017 3:22PM
Underwhelming list
This is a very underwhelming list of candidates. I guess the best way to parse this list down would be to omit any candidate from the list that hasn't been on a superbowl winning team. This would start with McDermott and Reich. McDermott because he was part of the superbowl losing panthers last year and prior to that the superbowl losing Eagles. He also coached a defense this season that went from very good to garbage over the course of one season. At least Goodwin was on the Pitt staff that won it all in 2008 and Richard was part of the Seattle team that won it in 2013. Lynn won 2 superbowls as a player on that Denver team that won back to back titles in '97 and '98. He also coached under Parcells so he knows what it takes. Reich is the candidate that would be setup to take the biggest of falls here. He was part of a team that lost the superbowl 4 years in a row and while it wasn't his fault per say that the team he was on never won, he still has no experience or knowledge of being a champion. Reich also is a local legend among Buffalo sports. He would be expected to do well here and win. Problem with this team is that he will be coming in here with no Philip Rivers or Carson Wentz. He will have almost no chance of succeeding here as the head coach. This would severely damage Reich's legendary reputation here in the same way that Marv Levy's was damaged during his utterly disasterous tenure as GM.I would say that if a candidate is going to be selected from this list then Anthony Lynn is probably the best choice. It would at least represent some form of continuity being that the system on offense would not change provided that Tyrod Taylor is the QB next season.
01/05/2017 9:58PM
So Sal, is there anything in statistical analysis that is applicable in hiring a head coach? How about an analysis of the actual passing accuracy of college QBs that would be useful in drafts? (Completion percentages don't tell us enough as it doesn't filter for over-throws, wide throws, out-of-the-ordinary catches, etc... when what we really need is knowing if they can actually deliver. Strength can be developed, but accuracy in throwing can't really be taught can it?)
01/06/2017 1:51AM
@ Who knows?
I want the RIGHT guy -- NOT a first-time coordinator who hasn't been in that role for long, and NOT simply JUST ANY "re-tread" who was previously fired an another place. Young first-time coordinators who have only been a coordinator for a year or two are too raw and inexperienced to ascend to NFL head coach. And many re-treads only can function well as a coordinator or a position coach and should not be elevated to HC in the NFL again -- BUT NOT ALL "re-treads" fit that model of limitation. Some of them (e.g., Bill Belichick, Marv Levy, Chuck Knox, Tom Coughlin, Jack Del Rio, Andy Reid, Wade Phillips, Jon Gruden, Tony Dungy, Don Shula, etc. found NFL head coaching success (some even won Super Bowls) with new teams after having previously been fired from a different NFL head coaching job.
01/06/2017 2:14AM
One Thing is for CERTAIN
NOBODY presently with the Bills (either individually or collectively) is qualified to find the right guy for our next head coach -- NOT Whaley, NOT Brandon, NOT Overdorf, and NOT the Pegulas. Instead, we NEED a PROVEN football senior executive with a lengthy record of success hiring great coaches, running a winning NFL operation, and discerning prime talent (especially outside of the 1st Round of the Draft) to serve as a "Czar" in charge of football operations to find the right coach. Without such a person in the fold and calling the shots, we are doomed. The others mentioned have proven themselves incompetent to find the right coach.
01/06/2017 3:46AM
give Rex a moustache and rehire him under the name Lex Bryan
or we're back to crappy OC/DCs
01/06/2017 10:25AM
Tom Coughlin!!!!!!!
Why are we not throwing everything at Tom Coughlin. He is a proven winner.
01/06/2017 4:08PM
@ Tom Coughlin
Maybe, maybe not. He is now "old" as head coaches go, plus he was FORCED OUT in NY because his Giants teams were too often sub-par (except when they made the 2 Super Bowl runs). But he DEFINITELY IS a "proven winner" and a disciplinarian who ought to know what needs to get done. Don't forget he also did a great job coaching the Jags into the playoffs with a young Mark Brunell (and ended the Bills perfect playoff record at the Ralph in Jim Kelly's last game). AT A MINIMUM, COUGHLIN IS A MUCH BETTER HC CANDIDATE THAN ANY OF THE 6 LISTED/TRACKED !!!!!!! I also wonder if Jim Schwartz might be a good younger candidate for "the next Bill Belichick type" waiting to emerge in a second chance NFL head coaching opportunity ?????????
01/07/2017 9:46PM
Black & White
As long as Doug Whaley is a black man, his choices for Coach and QB will always be "colored" the same as his skin. Regardless of their's a case of a minority taking care of his "blood" no matter what happens with the team. He'll be able to look at himself in the mirror and say..."I took care of my own".'s a racial thing for sure...and the divide will get bigger and bigger
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