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From The Locker Room: Sabres-Jets

Marcus Foligno, Zemgus Girgensons and Brian Gionta all scored 3rd-period goals on Saturday, capping a 4-3 comeback win for the Sabres.

Marcus Foligno
"In the 2nd period we took penalties and they got a lot of momentum off their power play. We usually have better responses after we kill off the penalty. This time, it was garbage . . . it felt like they were still on the power play after."

"TV timeout ended up being a good timeout for us. It really just turned the game. I think everyone listened, everyone paid attention. We weren't playing pucks in deep. When we did, it was night and day, it was what we saw in the 3rd. It's great to get rewarded after not playing so well."

Zemgus Girgensons
"That [TV timeout] just got us together. After that, the guys looked to each other and understood that we have to play for each other. That's what we did. I thought we played physical . . . we finished hits, we put the puck on the net, crashed it. That's how we need to play."

Brian Gionta
"I had to pull [the puck] through the middle and then nothing was open so you just keep going, keep going until something finally gives. It finally paid off being able to hold it that long. I was able to find an opening after the fact."

"We knew we weren't playing the way we wanted to. Again, turnovers in the neutral zone are something that kill us. They go down with momentum or score a goal . . . we gotta come out a little more desparate, a little more looking to play our game right off the bat, not waiting for things to happen."

01/07/2017 5:04PM
From The Locker Room: Sabres-Jets
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01/07/2017 10:35PM
First, let me say I'm happy for the fans and the guys on the team. Coming from a big deficit behind in the third period to win -- that's great. That said, we SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN IN THAT POSITION IN THE FIRST PLACE, and we WON'T ALWAYS HAVE "TV TIME-OUTS" TO SAVE OUR BACON !!!!!!!!! It drives me crazy how the players ALWAYS seemingly KNOW "WHAT" they "HAVE TO DO," yet rarely seem to actually DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUST DO IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm tired of hearing interview responses that "we need to play with more energy," "we need to play for each other," "we need to pay the price," "we need to finish our checks," "we need to jump on them and not let up," "we need to put pucks on net and crash," "we need to avoid dumb penalties/stay out of the penalty box," "we need to forecheck better," etc., etc., etc. ad nauseum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know what to do -- so just do it and stop floating and losing, thus necessitating the ridiculous, mindless interview cliché responses.
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