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HC Power

Bills may give new coach more power

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

Whether it’s been Doug Whaley or his predecessor Buddy Nix, the general manager of the Buffalo Bills has had control and final say over the the team’s 53-man roster for the last seven years.

That could very well be changing if two different reports from this weekend are accurate.

Although Schefter’s report was vague and didn’t mention exactly what kind of control the new head coach would specifically have, USA Today’s Tom Pelissero went a little further:


It would be a curious move if true, considering the team is likely to hire a first time head coach, judging by the list of candidates they’ve either already spoken to or are reported to be interested in.  Also, the new head coach may very well be reporting directly to Whaley, a change from the past two years when Rex Ryan and Whaley both reported separately to owners Terry and Kim Pegula.  I'm told either structure is still possible depending on what coach is hired and what he and the front office determine together.

Meanwhile, team officials were reportedly in Seattle Sunday to interview Seahawks defensive coordinator Kris Richard for the head coach position.  Richard would be the fourth formal interview, following Panthers defensive coordinator Sean McDermott, Cardinals offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin, and the team’s interim head coach/offensive coordinator Anthony Lynn.

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01/08/2017 10:35PM
Bills may give new coach more power
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01/08/2017 11:13PM
Well this makes sense.
Since the GM doesn't seem to do anything or know what's going on, or even have any opinion of anything. However, I'm not sure if giving the 22 year old Detroit Lions' Assistant to the Assistant Quality Control Coach complete controlof the Bills' roster as our new head coach is the brightest idea; even by Bills standards.
01/09/2017 5:51AM
The new coach will be a in trouble unless he reports to Whaley. The organization has been dysfunctional with Whaley selecting and controlling the roster and the HC not reporting to him. Let Whaley have total control and whether the team wins or loses is totally on him. In my opinion he will be exposed as the problem. You can't build a NFL team with FA's and expect to compete within the salary cap. Whaley's draft choices have been suspect in respect to value for what he has given up.
01/09/2017 7:25AM
Why all of sudden now?
This BS to sell tickets etc? Never should have let Rex leave. Whaley is the problem.
01/09/2017 7:36AM
just dont hire chip kelly then.
we like McCoy.
01/09/2017 7:46AM
Roll the Dice
Wonder Whaley will NOT interview or hire an experienced coach- he wants a coach that he can control- so Fans have to deal with a "Rookie" coach and hope for the best
01/09/2017 8:56AM
This doesn't matter at all.
Unless the Bills realign into a different division or Tom Brady retires. Disciplinarian? Doug Marrone quits 2 years in. Player's coach? Rex is fired less than 2 years after that? Up and coming coordinator? Gregg Williams flames out. Former head coach? Jauron, Gailey both fired with never earning a winning season. They've literally tried everything, without any answers. Remind me again how well that #continuity and #synergy #OneBuffalo #Strategy #Inventory #ContentDrivenMarketing is going Russ Brandon? He'll have some catchy, buzzy, market-researched term for the 2017 season ticket sales push. Reserve your 2025 playoff tickets now! 888-BBTicks!
01/09/2017 9:06AM
Drive the bus
I hear the new coach will also be responsible for contracts for laundry, cleaning services and must have a chauffeur's license incase an emergency bus drive is needed. Whaley thinks of everything.
01/09/2017 9:49AM
Not Good..
That scenario NEVER works...If you were going that route, Let the OC and DC pick Their own Squads as it is Their System being installed and they know what they need. First choose an Organized person for HC, then choose the Type of O and D you want and hire the coaches that practice that Style. This Isn't Rocket Science...
01/09/2017 11:00AM
Whaley says the Bills are close
The Bills are close to what?. Does anyone believe that if the Bills were the wild card team, they would still be playing next weekend. Do you really think they could have beat Steelers offense or Texans defense. Just getting into the playoffs is not enough, you have to win once you get in the playoffs.
01/09/2017 11:03AM
Anthony Lynn
How are they considering this guy as a serious candidate? At the beginning of the year he wasn't even a coordinator. He has no experience?
01/09/2017 3:10PM
Never should have let Rex leave?
They didn't 'let' Wrecks leave...they made him leave.
01/09/2017 3:54PM
more power meaning
they get to decide which breakfast sandwich they bring Whaley every day to work. GOLLY!
01/09/2017 5:02PM
frank reich second comeback
bring in the best comeback man in bills history
01/09/2017 5:32PM
Frank Reich
Yes Comeback man good offense bring Schwartz with you. Trade for QB
01/09/2017 6:08PM
One Way To Get This Done.....
is to fire both Whaley and Brandon.
01/09/2017 7:30PM
The problems start in the owner's box.
Mrs Pegula is a great sports management mind! At least he feels she is.
01/09/2017 8:44PM
how incompetent are head coaches?
why do these guys need roster control, they should apply for the GM positions. These coaches and their staff just rotate through the league. Seems to me they just end up getting lucky with enough disciplined and talented players to make a winning team. They don't do a better job at picking players than the next guy. What's the name of the scout that found Tom Brady and said "This guy is going to be our franchise quarterback"? Shouldn't that guy be the most well known and highest paid GM in the league?
01/10/2017 6:41AM
It would bring is millions in sales of Cowboy hats, gloves, boots, vest, etc. It would make Jerry in Dallas happy. We have been a bummer ever since Billy Buffalo debuted in 2000, the first year of our playoff drought. He is the only constant on the team along with the Branding Iron guy since then other than pain and suffering. Even the owner has changed. Clearly the mascot must go in order for us to reach the promised land.
01/10/2017 7:11AM
Smelly Garbage ?
I throw it out. Buffalo keeps its trash. At best keeps buying new bags to put it in.
01/10/2017 7:29AM
If you can't get a QB to beat Tom Brady forget it.
Brady might play until he is (50) years old? Lets see what year will that be 2028, I think? Its hard to tell he looks like & plays like he's 25. By then the Pats will find his replacement to continue the rule of the AFC East.
01/10/2017 9:53AM
More power?
I don't think it a case of more power at all.I think it's establishing a chain of command same as the military or any well run business.The HC reports to the GM,the GM reports to the Owner.Makes sense to me.
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