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McDermott hired as Bills head coach

By Sal Capaccio

Twitter: @SalSports

Sean McDermott is the 20th head coach of the Buffalo Bills.  The team made the official announcement via Twitter and their website Wednesday:

Team owner Kim Pegula, via text, told WGR Wednesday evening that McDermott "is ready, prepared, and a winner."

“We believe we have hired a smart, determined and hard-working head coach who has been training for many years to achieve this goal," said Bills owner Terry Pegula in a team statement.
"Sean is an ambitious leader who has the desire to lead this organization to compete for and ultimately win a Super Bowl. We look forward to working with Sean for many years to come.”

“Sean McDermott is an excellent football coach and we feel he is the perfect leader for this team," said Bills general manager Doug Whaley in a team statement. "Sean’s intelligence, leadership qualities and vision for our team impressed us throughout the interview process. I am excited to begin working with Coach McDermott and his staff."

McDermott has been the defensive coordinator of the Carolina Panthers for the past five seasons, ranking in the top-10 in four of those years.  McDermott replaces Rex Ryan who was fired before the end of the 2016 regular season.


Sean McDermott

Former Defensive Coordinator, Carolina Panthers

Age: 42

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01/12/2017 5:06AM
McDermott hired as Bills head coach
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01/12/2017 6:16AM
This Qualify's him for Head Coaching position???
REALLY? The players will except him over someone like Rex Ryan, good luck with him?
01/12/2017 6:29AM
He reminds me of somebody, already here in town.
Mark Kelso, who might even be better qualified? LOL. Didn't they both go to the same school, William & Mary? Just having some fun this is only a joke.
01/12/2017 6:38AM
Waa happen to me lucky charms post?
Bring in ye bag pipes now will ya and he isn’t moving to the 1st ward. Philly cheese steak subs were wet really and soggy when I lived down there. Me thanks me lucky charms that Lynn weren't hired for coach. If hired ships McCoy makes a pair on offense. Phillip Rivers? Really at 36 years old. He would get arthritis in the weather here and stiffen up. So would Romo. Let’s have a Whaley watch as he’s on the clock because of his boring draft choices. Each Whaley draftee should be given a walker, cane and a Medicare card. Tyrod’s Wonderlic score is a 15. League average is 20. NFL classifies a player as literate at 10. Next lowest quarterback score is 20. A score a 15 means it takes a person longer the see and process information. Kind of sounds like Tyrod. I scored a 28 1st time on the internet sample test. It’s a tough test as you do have to think. So posters take the test and post the scores. I will bet a bowl of malarkey that Bills fans average Wonderlic test scores will be in the 7 to 8 range so that would mean they can’t read this paragraph. So Buffalo News the real reason that your newspaper readership is down isn’t because of the internet, cell phones and man – boy games. It’s simply because no child left behind along with common core.
01/12/2017 6:54AM
Well at lease it's a fresh start.
There are a lot of fans who are like this is a bad move. But if you look at all the other coaches out their. Well let say he was the best choice at this time. Hey if Lynn stays with us, than we know our offense will be on top again in 2017-2018 season. Now if he can bring our defense back into the top 5 or 10 in this league than i am all for it. And if he don't than Whaley might be the next one to go, and some of the front office people too. and of course the bills will draft another qb this spring. So see fans everything you have been screaming about is about to happen. So you just sit back enjoy the ride.
01/12/2017 7:35AM
Doug Whaley, Diversity and Wonderlic
A comparison of the 2017 Buffalo Bills Roster to 2017 playoff teams rosters. Includes New England, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Atlanta, Green Bay, Seattle and Kansas City to Buffalo. Buffalo. Take a peek at the rosters as a trend does appear. Go Whaley
01/12/2017 7:44AM
Lets see much pull he has, drafting a QB?
Make trades to get Either QB Deshaun Watson from Clemson National Champs or QB Mitch Trubisky from NC Tar Heels. This is must! Watson could/would be very exciting? Most of the other QBS not really worth a #1 draft choice?
01/12/2017 8:18AM
Sal Sal Sal
Sal overall you do a fine job covering the Bills. But when it comes to breaking news you are behind Vic Carucci and the National Media. So when you keep pointing out your sources including Kim Pegula. It seems at least Kim would throw you bone once in a while since you spread her SUNSHINE all over the radio. Maybe you should change your sources to Billy Buffalo and Vic Carucci. Vic story was from the beginning of the season where was yours?
01/12/2017 8:51AM
Poor Guy
Moral in this town is at an ALL TIME LOW! McDermott is going to have to show we Bills fans something and show it soon!! A lot of pressure for a first-time head coach. Makes me wonder why such a sought-after candidate would take the Buffalo job. Prediction: 2 years and out for this poor guy. Hope I’m wrong, but let’s face it; I’m probably not.
01/12/2017 9:26AM
English 101
The lack of basic grammar skills in the comment section is painful.
01/12/2017 10:08AM
welcome Sean
welcome to WNY/Bills Sean. Let's win some games and have some fun. Blessings much
01/12/2017 10:44AM
KNOCK KNOCK: Ranking all 32 NFL front offices, from worst to first
Buffalo Bills #29; 4th WORST OVERALL After Rex Ryan was fired, GM Doug Whaley was asked about how the decision was made: "I wasn’t privy to any part of Rex Ryan being fired until I was told by [owner] Terry Pegula,” he said. Then when asked what exactly he does for a living if he's not evaluating coaches or even being in the loop in the evaluation of coaches, Whaley laughed. And still the Bills are only No. 29.
01/12/2017 10:55AM
The whole world is watching you Douglas. Your entire lot of scouts are terrible and you were too lazy to remove and replace them with your own hires, Is that because you don't know what you are doing or just stay with the status quo because its easy. MSM,MSN and HBO knows it.
01/12/2017 10:57AM
Reggie Ragland, Doug Whaley and WONDERLIC another gem oh my
Ragland was a dynamite player at Alabama and figures to have a long career in the middle of Ryan’s complicated scheme. But there were whispers that Ragland could have a steep learning curve ahead of him with the playbook. This is from Bob McGinn’s pre-draft capsule on Ragland in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Administered the Wonderlic test twice, scoring 10 and later 15. “There was a little knock on him learning the playbook early,” said a third scout. “Talking to people at Alabama, you’re not going to throw an NFL playbook at him Day 1. But in time he will learn it. When he learns it he can retain it.” … “Great (expletive) kid,” a fourth scout said. “He’ll knock the (expletive) out of you. Fast, explosive, not very smart. That’s going to affect him on the next level.”
01/12/2017 11:15AM
Good Luck Anthony Lynn
ESPN's Josina Anderson reports Anthony Lynn is "currently scheduled" for second interviews with both the Rams and Chargers. The "currently scheduled" is important as the Rams seem close to hiring Redskins OC Sean McVay, but the Chargers job remains wide open. Lynn's chances of landing a top job took a hit when the Bills decided to go with Sean McDermott, but he still has opportunities. NFL Network's Ian Rapoport reports Lynn is willing to keep on OC Ken Whisenhunt if he lands the Chargers job, which is exactly what the organization wants their next coach to do. Source: Josina Anderson on Twitter
01/12/2017 11:39AM
RESPONSE to the ENGLISH 101 elitist
Hey Enguish 101 teacher. This comment section is the product of unsecured open boarders, one child left behind and common core values along with a combination of parody and satire, fiction and nonfiction and a blend of good ole USA counter intelligence. We can’t help it if you’re a card carrying DNC party member that is so stiff from taking it up the Woohoo for the last eight years that you can’t laugh. How about commenting on the correct use of punctuation and sentence structure next.
01/12/2017 11:47AM
WIKIPEDIA POST on Mike McCoy dated Jan12, 2017 @ 11:46AM EST
Michael P. McCoy (born April 1, 1972) is an American football coach and former player. He was the head coach for the San Diego Chargers of the National Football League (NFL) from 2013 to 2016. McCoy currently serves as the offensive coordinator for the Denver Broncos
01/12/2017 11:53AM
Cappuccino from Capaccio
Now that's just like going to the Broadway Market instead of Chefs for Spaghetti Parmesan
01/12/2017 12:00PM
Denver Post
Joseph and Denver general manager John Elway are expected to interview two veteran coaches for offensive coordinator Thursday: Mike McCoy, the former San Diego Chargers head coach who was the Broncos’ offensive coordinator from 2009-12; and Bill Musgrave, a Grand Junction native who was let go as Oakland Raiders offensive coordinator this week.
01/12/2017 12:08PM
Well, after 40 years, I'm done.
At least the Bills now have a coach with as little identity as the team itself. The fact that someone this generic and inexperienced can get a head-coaching job in the NFL, while the guy who led our team to a top-10 offense isn't even seriously considered is just stupifying. The NFL is dying a slow death. Let's just take it out to pasture already.
01/12/2017 4:00PM
So let the bitching begin. Hey how about that Vance Joseph a total of one year as a Defensive Coordinator. Yep he's qualified. How bout that Ant Ney Lynn. Was that less than one year and he didn't even write the playbook. So at least you have aguy who has had a top five defense as a Coordinator for several years. That's an accomplishment and not a token handout. Hope the Broncos c pap out.
01/12/2017 4:10PM
Well, After 50 years, I'm Done
Right there with you @ After 40 Years ... . I'm unlucky enough to have been "just" too young to know about/follow the Bills when they were AFL Champions, and only discovered the wonderful world of football when the Bills started stinking :( So badly that it entitled us to draft O.J. Except for his 2003 yard season and a couple others (all of which he ruined for me by becoming a criminal), and a few glorious seasons which nonetheless ended in soul-crushing Super Bowl disappointment, the Bills haven't given me much hope or true enjoyment. What they have delivered is lots of frustration and pain. What's particularly disappointing -- to the point of being spirit crushing -- is that the Bills organization and those responsible for running it DON'T CARE and DON'T TRY. As long as rumps fill the seats, all is good as far as they are concerned. How else can one explain season after season, decade upon decade, of the same nonsense by the Bills -- while other franchises, despite occasional lean times, always exert the will to rebound, get things right, and win some more (it's no accident that certain teams are perennially in the playoffs) ??? ANY OBJECTIVE OUTSIDER knows that successful organizations employ PROVEN SUCCESSFUL EXPERTS/LEADERS who have accomplished great things in their chosen field of work, and who therefore KNOW what needs to be done to be successful -- it's NOT "rocket science" that you hire an expert to perform the job you SUPPOSEDLY want to be accomplished that requires that specific expertise (e.g., hire a proven championship football executive to pursue a football championship !!!!!!) It's so obvious and fundamental as to be laughable but for our ongoing misery and pain. So -- despite many fans' pleas (and clear common sense) to hire a PROVEN FOOTBALL EXPERT to fix the Bills mess and make us a winner -- common sense gets ignored (again), the Bills affirmatively refuse to hire such expertise, they refuse to jettison proven flatterers, flunkies and sycophants who have shown themselves to be utter FAILURES at FOOTBALL OPERATIONS, and we end up with a weak non-threatening first-time head coach hire ... an UNPROVEN commodity who will treat the job as an OJT learning lab, and we will have continued losing seasons. NO MORE -- deal me out !!!!!
01/12/2017 7:38PM
McDermott's future!
Nothing against Sean McDermott but, he more than likely will be fired by the Bills in two years. That's what the Bills do. What do you expect when you have stupid people making the decisions? You get a team who hasn't made the playoffs in seventeen straight years. How pathetic is that?
01/12/2017 7:44PM
McDermott or McPuppett
Is he going to have some say in the players he gets to work with or does he fold and take the scrubs that Whaley drafts and brings in during free agency? There is rumor he brings in Mike McCoy to be the OC. This is because McCoy was able to work wonders with QB's. The Bill's need a QB for him to work with. The big question is will Whaley draft a QB of continue with the lack luster ones on the roster. Only time will tell and if they don't produce wins this year hopefully Whaley gets the ax and a real GM is hired that can spot talent that want to earn the paycheck that they are given. Only time will tell!
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