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My head hurts thinking about the Bills

You have been thinking about the draft since before the season started.

You think Ryan Fitzpatrick is the long term answer at quarterback.

You aren't sure about Fitzpatrick in large part because you have been burned falling for any one of the flame-out QBs the Bills have started in the past decade.

You think it doesn't matter how good the quarterback is if the offensive line doesn't protect him.

You know the draft order tiebreakers don't favor the Bills.

You watch the scores on the ticker looking not for the Bills divisional rivals but rather Carolina, Detroit and other 1st pick contenders.
You would like to see what Brian Brohm and Levi Brown can do before the Bills pick another quarterback.

You are convinced that the Bills are getting better because watching the games doesn't make you want to catch a wolverine and keep it as a pet.

You think if the Bills ended up with the 1st pick this April that rather than come play here, Andrew Luck would climb a mountain in the Himalayas and never come down.  Until the Bills traded the pick so he could play anywhere but here.

You think the Bills 1st pick would be better spent on a defensive hell raiser.

You are encouraged by the development of the Bills passing game under Chan Gailey.
Monday through Saturday you think about the draft pick but on Sunday you just want to watch your team win.

You have found yourself trying really hard to believe in quarterbacks other than Luck in the draft.

You wish the Bills had made a move on Michael Vick when he got out of prison.

You think the long range health of the franchise depends on the Bills getting a new franchise quarterback so they can start winning and decrease the likelihood of the team being sold out from under us.

You think Fitzpatrick is a gun slinger.

You really hope the team never leaves.

Surely there are some omissions there.  Perhaps the statements above describe your feelings on the Bills in 2010.  A few of them describe mine; others not so much.  Here's the point.  We're all Bills fans.  It seems possible to me that over the course of the past mind numbing decade we have grown so bored with the losing and the ineptitude of the franchise that we have taken to kicking the crap out of one another.  Look, I love a good disagreement and I deal in the business of public discourse.   But this is getting ridiculous. 

The theme of this season at this point seems to be they have gotten better at losing.  Seriously, boil it down and that is what we're talking about.  Can we do better than that? 

My opinion about how to go about accomplishing that has not changed since the summer.  The Bills need a franchise saving, game changing, canal digging, bridge building, skyway wrecking super hero.

Or, you know, a quarterback like Andrew Luck.

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