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BULLDOG: Looking ahead

I'll never claim to be as resilient as the 90's Bills, who got off the mat from the ultimate disappointment three times in a row.  I am, however, already in full bounce back mode following the bummer of an ending for the Sabres.

A big part of it is believing what I was saying about playing with house money and all of this extra hockey being a gift.  So we rolled snake eyes.  What are you going to do?  Complain about hits from behind?  Come on.  The Flyers were better.  I thought it even after the Sabres won Game 1 of this series and once their goalies stopped donating crappy goals to the Sabres cause, they demonstrated it.

So that's that.  The hockey season is over and we've got until the Fall to wait to see our Bills or Sabres again.  That's alright.  The season we're just starting now can be pretty good too.

Felling kind of bummed when I got up this morning, I was pleased to see the sun and feel some warm air when I went out on the porch to get my newspaper.  The kids were in a good mood because it finally felt like Spring.  On the bus and off to school for them and off to run in the park for me.  Just as I cross Parkside I can smell it.  There is a man cutting the grass near the giraffe house at the Buffalo Zoo.  Fresh cut grass.  My first whiff of the year.  That smell is all it took to get me in a good mood thinking about this season.  Not the football season.  Not the hockey season.  The Spring and Summer season.

Lawn fetes and little league.  Car washes and cookouts.  Bike rides and bocce.  Lawn mowing and lazy days falling asleep in the sun.  Digging through the tubs of potato salad in the cooler to find that beer that has been soaking in an ice water bath, just waiting for you to grab it.

The park is full of people today, the long cold days of Winter when I would be one of only three or four people there are a distant memory.  There are kids on bikes with training wheels, old men golfing, and young men playing basketball.  The people here mostly look pretty happy.

I think it's going to be a good season.

See you at the cookout.

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