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Mike Schopp

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Mike SchoppHometown:
Grand Island. Born there, live there now.


Love 'em. Some of them anyway. Bulldog's kids are great.


Many koi and goldfish, swimming year-round in our pond.

Funniest On-Air Experience:
The Cereal Baseball All-Stars, the
Colorado School of Mimes football team, and the many other ingenious ideas brought to life by our own Greg "Buck" Bauch. 

Strangest On-Air
Mistakenly asking Duke basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski
about his 19 kids. Ask me about it sometime. And yes, this was really just an excuse to spell Krzyzewski. Twice.

Biggest Moment in Buffalo Sports:

Ralph Wilson bringing the Bills
here once he couldn't find a way to put them in Miami.

I Attribute WGR's Success To:

Smart on-air hosts diverse enough and
willing to show their personalities, not just their opinions on sports, and management willing to help them do so.

My Hero Growing Up Was:

Alex P. Keaton.

Favorite Restaurant in WNY: 
The Towne.

Favorite Movie: 
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

Favorite TV Show: 
Ours, once someone gets smart and puts it on TV so
that the many people who enjoy it can do so from home more conveniently.

If the Bills release Tyrod, would you be worried he'd be really good elsewhere?
  Yes. That's a big reason why I think they should keep him.
  No. I think we have seen his ceiling.
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