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West Seneca

To Kirsten on June 19th, 1999. Yes, the day of no goal.

Owen, 6 and Leo, 4

English mastiff, Pearl. (Like i would ever have a small dog.)

Funniest On-Air Experience: 
Almost any time Greg Bauch plays the
three holes in one in a row bit. The machine gun gets me every time.

Strangest On-Air Moment:
One time back on WBEN, I had Nick Bakay in
studio for a couple of hours. Men were calling and asking Nick for gambling advice and little girls were calling to ask him questions about being the voice of the cat on Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Biggest Moment in Buffalo Sports: 
Houston Comeback seems so obvious. I
want to mention 10,000 people showing up outside the arena to watch playoff games on a TV. That was (and still is) remarkable to me.

I Attribute WGR's Success to: 
the communities passion for our teams
and the talented people working here 

My Hero Growing Up: 
Sabres defenseman Jerry Korab. Or OJ, which now
almost makes me cry to talk about.

Favorite Restaurant: 
Franks Sunny Italy

Favorite Movie: 
Almost Famous. It is just such a big sloppy wet kiss on the lips of rock and roll.

Favorite TV Show:
Austin City Limits

What day should be known as "Eichel Day"?
  April 10 Sabres lose at Columbus, top 2 pick locked in
  April 18 Sabres lose lottery, will pick 2nd in draft
  June 26 Sabres select Jack Eichel in the draft
  July 1 Sabres sign Jack Eichel
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