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Rapoport: Seems far fetched Taylor wouldn't be back in 2017

NFL Network's Ian Rapoport joined Schopp and the Bulldog on Thursday to talk about Tyrod Taylor and his future in the NFL.

Schopp: Drama building on Taylor's future

The Tyrod Taylor Saga continues -- if one exists.

Schopp:, my latest obsession

Check out the latest craze that has got Mike hooked.

Bulldog: Stupid Falcons

I don't like the Atlanta Falcons. I'd go for something stronger here like I hate the Atlanta Falcons but really, isn't there already enough hate in the world right now? Read more here:

Schopp: Imagining the Bills as open

As far as I know nobody was expecting today's call from the Bills about an afternoon press conference. These things are usually predicted, or predictable: when a new coach is hired, or the first night of the NFL draft, or of course after games. Read more here:

Schopp: Have Bills looked ahead?

Is Cardale Jones the new plan, if there even is one?

Bills: Which way do we go?

There's nothing new around here talking about whether the Bills should make a coaching change, or maybe a change at general manger, or perhaps just at quarterback. This franchise tests the mental and psychological limits of long-time fans; I, for one, have been wondering lately if the human brain can only have these conversations a certain number of times.

Bulldog: The unraveling

You could kind of feel the lug nuts coming loose over the back half of the third quarter and into the fourth. A 24-9 lead for the Bills in Oakland was starting to get away. Read more here:

Bills season so far perfectly predictable

The preseason win total was eight. Last year's win total was eight. Had New England not pulled Tom Brady to rest him for its upcoming playoff run, the 2014 Buffalo Bills' win total probably would have been eight. This season the Bills have never been more than two games above or below .500.

What Week 10 feels like

The Bills thing to say right now is how it never changes. The 2016 season is so much like all the others in the playoff drought. "In the hunt", "run the table", etc., etc., etc.

How true is it?

I looked back through the drought to see just where the Bills stood after 10 weeks. Their best record after 10 weeks of a season since 2000 is 5-4, which they've had

For half the AFC it's 'just get in'

The Bills' season is almost half over and even though a massive contract was agreed to in the summer, discussing Tyrod Taylor's value and worth to the team is ramping up as a talk-show topic.
If you landed in this traffic jam, is it your fault?

The biggest mistake most sports fans make

Let's say you're me, and your workday just ended so it's time to leave Amherst and head to a bar to your home on Grand Island. You take the same route every evening, so you don't need any GPS direction. And the day was stressful so rather than listen to news or any more sports, you have music on. Read more here:
Pumping up a Bills win comes with the changing season.

Conclusion: Conclusions can wait

There they were Sunday, as regular an occurrence here in early fall as the changing leaves: This and that about how this first Bills win is proof that good days for this franchise finally have dawned.

Hot takes disguised as cold truths. And not always so well.

The new offensive coordinator called better plays, they said. The Bills played with desperation, they said. The crowd inspired the

COME ON, Tyrod Taylor

You saw the game, and now you've seen the play. The Bills' first offensive play of the 2016 season has a chance to define it. Read more here:

Schopp: Hard truth about Bills

Well we all know the Bills didn't "win the off-season". Unless the game was stupid stuff, in which case, maybe.
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