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Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon

Mike Schopp and the Bulldog once again held an open forum for their 'Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon' on Tuesday. The idea behind the creation was to gather the very best in sport for one Ultimate Hall of Fame. This way, Babe Ruth wouldn't be on the same level as Bruce Sutter. The ESF of P makes sure that Wayne Gretzky does not reside in the same building as Joe Mullen.


In defense of the Bills, and not

Some mistakes are defensible. Some are not.

Here are some examples.

Drafting EJ Manuel in the first round: defensible. The Bills needed a quarterback and everyone knew it. The Bills chose to use their highest 2013 draft pick on one, which is the best way to get a good one. They picked a player in Manuel that was not considered by most an elite prospect, but with no other quarterback grading

Orton move reveals lack of cohesion, vision

Ever give an afternoon to a jigsaw puzzle only to have pieces missing at the end? Or start off on a crossword only to have one corner stump you, or maybe have someone spill coffee on the page?

Trying to figure out how the Bills in Week 5 ended up starting Kyle Orton -- a player that's never taken a snap for them in a game, including preseason -- might engender similar

My motto for Sabres: "Do the best you can"

Attention Sabres players,
A new season is upon you, and like most of the last 35 years I’m probably as excited as most of you are. A chill in the air, that sound of puck on stick, seeing my kids light up when SabreTooth comes to our section … I love it when hockey arrives, knowing I’ll have games to spend evenings watching either at home or in the arena. I’m a season

Is Bills' drought about to end?

The Bills' 2-0 start has our attention, and fans everywhere are asking each other if this is the year the Bills do the unthinkable and make a wild-card game maybe to get run over.


Five reasons why yes, five reasons why no:


1. The defense is good. The offense, and in particular the quarterback, commands most of the attention. But the Bills'


Bills fans, you got your wish.

Today reports have it that Terry and Kim Pegula -- or should it be Kim and Terry? -- are crossing the T's on a deal to buy the Bills. This means fans can relax about the team skipping town, a story that has trailed and taunted us for almost 20 years.

It's a great day.

Four years ago few of us had ever heard of the Pegulas. It was the end of November

Everybody knows everything

Soon the Bills will have a new owner, and conversation about who should make important football decisions for that new owner will get heavy. If the Bills don't challenge for a playoff spot, Doug Whaley's and Doug Marrone's futures will be big storylines. Actually they're pretty big already.

Fans won't come to a clear consensus on whether Whaley should stay on. He only

Buying into Bills is, as usual, a challenge

It's been an interesting off-season. The Buffalo Bills are about to be owned by someone other than Ralph Wilson -- unless you include Tom Brady -- for the first time since their inception 54 years ago. Their first-round pick, Sammy Watkins, is the rare Bills player of the 21st Century to gain national approval as a star-in-the-making. Their stadium is undergoing major renovations; my view

Sabres' roster a flip in the making

Nine thousand fans for a July scrimmage? And is that even surprising?

I've been saying lately that my enthusiasm for the youngest, newest Sabres is stronger than usual, even perhaps stronger than ever, and last night's crowd shows I am not alone in that. What a joy it must have been for those young guys to skate out to that turnout and play in front of it.

As I get older my interest

Pegula's plan would mean what for Whaley?

File this one for when all this NHL Draft and World Cup hubbub quiets down.

(Wait, what?)

I'm thinking ahead to when Terry Pegula buys the Buffalo Bills.

What will change?

Ever since March when we got into football draft-mode we tried to figure out why the bosses at the for-sale Bills wouldn't want to spend future assets on immediate needs. Turns out, they did. Sure, they

Jim Kelly and me

I’m at a bar in San Diego, no idea which one.

Steve Tasker and I are palling around the week of the Oakland-Tampa Bay Super Bowl, each of us in town working for Adelphia. Steve suggests this place because his buddy Jim Kelly will be there. This is tonight’s hangout.

I see Donovan McNabb, and baseball pitcher Jack McDowell, and then I see Jim. He’s sitting on a

The Sammy Watkins trade, as life

The most interesting NFL Draft to talk about in my memory is over. The Bills didn't draft a famous quarterback, they didn't have multiple first-round picks and they didn't pick first. Still, it was my favorite year of this.

This draft, with the Bills picking ninth and being rumored to trade up, had all the intrigue you could ask for, and that's good because probably next year

Draft preparations here continue

You can feel it in the soaking air around here. I'm ready, and she's ready. She's never seen a football game but I know my daughter Garnet is both prepared and pumped for next Thursday's First Round of the 79th Official Player Selection Meeting of the National Football League.

Just as the teams are doing, Garnet is finishing up her preparation. She did not have any players in

Sabres' keyword: Optimism

I've been getting some interesting e-mails lately. Not many people send me e-mail anymore -- well, other than those who send me e-mail almost every day, like my wife, Nigerian princes and someone named Jason Korczak. But in the last few days, as the Sabres' season ends and perhaps a first overall pick awaits, certain fans are checking in and they are ... want to guess? ...

Winning is everything, except when it's a lie

Ready for some baseball trivia to mark another new season? Let’s go back to the famous Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Many baseball fans remember details from that game vividly, especially Mets and Red Sox fans of course.


From easy to hard, five questions with the answers right below:


Who made the error that allowed the Mets to score the winning
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