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"Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon"
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07/10/2009 3:32PM
Earth Sports Fortress of Pantheon
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07/10/2009 7:50PM
great radio
07/10/2009 10:22PM
ESF of P > HOF
It's too bad this place doesn't really exist. The Halls of Fame are a joke now, everyone gets in.
07/10/2009 10:48PM
Roger Federer doesn't belong in. Tennis is in a downtime and he is dominating a bunch of players that don't matter. Pete Sampras deserves alot more credit than Federer
07/11/2009 2:16AM
tedy bruschi
do i even need to explain?i mean, the guy (if he even is human) had at least 15 "hits" in a sunday night game against the bills....pretty remarkable.
07/11/2009 10:53AM
Where's Larry Bird?
How do you not have Larry Bird, THE BASKETBALL JESUSIf Magic's there, then Larry Legend definatly deserve to be there
07/11/2009 10:59AM
Re: Tedy Bruschi
How about Bruschi?-He came back from a stroke-Won Super Bowls-Singlehandly won WWI and WWII-Solved the Cuban Missile Crisis-Killed Hitler and made it look like a suicide-Pulled 15people out of fires-Arrested the Son of Sam-Was the first man to fly across the Atlantic-Discovered the cure for cancer-Broke Baseball's color barrier-Led the Civil Right's Act-Delivered Earthquake relief to people in Puerto Rico-Saved a dying man by giving CPR-Took a bullet for Bill Clinton-Helped liberate France-Inspired every hero related song ever writtenOr at least ESPN would lead you to believe. LOL
07/11/2009 2:13PM
The show is much better when Schopp is on vacation and worse when Bulldog is on vacation.
07/11/2009 9:32PM
Re Bruschi
Vacation, you forgot found a cure for polio, gave birth to Christ,invented the cotton gin, the usb device and fried chicken. In addition, he leaps tall building in a single bound, and he is always there to save Miss. Lane. What a joke; The only way Bruschi gets in is if they actually build it, and he pays just like any other customer.
07/11/2009 11:02PM
You're worse than Les Nesman
07/12/2009 9:34PM
no phelps?
07/12/2009 11:38PM
Auto Racing shouldn't be included. Maradona should be in on the soccer list. Christiano Ronaldo should be considered as well as Alex Ovechkin even though they are still young they dominate there respective sports
07/13/2009 9:37AM
to andy roth
put shopp, bauch, and griswold out of their misery
07/13/2009 12:01PM
No Joe Montana, Lance Alworth, Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Annika Sorenstam, etc. Why have this thing if they're not included?
07/13/2009 12:02PM
No Joe Montana, Lance Alworth, Patrick Roy, Martin Brodeur, Roger Federer, Bjorn Borg, Ben Hogan, Bobby Jones, Annika Sorenstam, etc. Why have this thing if they're not included?
07/13/2009 1:39PM
to andy roth
bauch is best on show
07/13/2009 3:28PM
re: bauch, schopp
to the clown that wants schopp and bauch off the air...i dont even know how to respond to that other than, you're an idiot.
07/13/2009 3:42PM
get them off the air
keep drinking the wgr kool-aid. i understand that you think their horrible comments and sound clips are hilarious, but really...they arent
07/13/2009 11:39PM
Brodeur's Over-Rated
Roy is a definite. Terry Sawchuck, Jacques Plante, Hasek even.
07/14/2009 1:22PM
Pistol Pete
what about Pistol Pete Maravich? 44.2 PPG without a 3 point line at LSU. With the 3 point line he would have averaged 57 PPG. NCAA D1 alltime scoring leader still and couldn't play his freshman year on varsity because it was against NCAA rules. also known for his famous wrist pass.
07/14/2009 3:40PM
Billy Jean King?
Four others who are more worthy.Roger Federer -15 Slams and probably the best player ever.Bjorn Bjorg- 5 Wimbledon Titles and 6 French Opens. The best player of a difficult eraSteffi Graf - 22 Grand Slam TitlesMartina Navratilova- 18 Grand Slam Singles Titles and 31 Grand Slam Doubles Titles.
07/17/2009 2:20PM
re: get them off the air...
actually they are hilarious. i laugh every time schopp puts some idiot like you in their place. you're probably the type that calls up with some asinine opinion with nothing to back up. After schopp undresses you, your inferiority coplex that you've been living with your whole life kicks in and you want to hate him, but don't know why....maybe its because you're a simple minded clown who doesnt get good humor when it smacks you in the face.
07/20/2009 3:11PM
you're right
my "coplex" kicks in. panther noises and drafting countries, hilarious
07/21/2009 11:32AM
Cy Young
Cy Young (511 wins)Ty Cobb, Sandy Koufax, Joe DiMaggio (56 game hitting streak), Patrick Roy, Joe Montana, Larry Bird, Pete Sampras
07/22/2009 1:03PM
re: you're right
well im glad your only insult is a minor typo i've made. pretty weak. now go back to your "best of carrot top" and "ali g" dvds. btw...if you dont like schopp and bulldog, dont listen. to be honest, the airwaves could use one less ignoramous
07/22/2009 2:24PM
that's my point!!!
one less ignoramous: schopp!!! ok good, so we agree then
07/24/2009 1:08PM
So many more
Rocket Richard(Babe Ruth of hockey) Mario Lemieux(Best physical talent ever 1723pts in 915gms) Ray Bourque(19 time allstar 1579pts 11th alltime 5 norris trophies.400 goals as a defensman!!! Walter Payton(Changed the RB position forever) Reggie White (Enough Said) How About Coaches? Scotty Bowman Vince Lombardi Red Auerbach
11/21/2009 9:50AM
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Auto Racing
Has to be jacques villeneuve, he won the Formula One and CART Championship
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