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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Brandon mum on sale process

There hasn’t been any shortage in new reports or speculation since the Buffalo Bills were put up for sale in 2014. The entire time that the team has prepared for the 2014 regular season has played second fiddle to what will inevitably happen to the team.

The trust of late Bills owner Ralph Wilson has been reportedly meeting with prospective owners that have advanced as finalists into the next stage of the sale process. One man that has been there for those meetings has been Team President and CEO Russ Brandon.

Unlike most years, Brandon has been away from training camp practices as the sale of the team has ramped up over the course of the past few weeks. His presence at the team’s joint practice with the Pittsburgh Steelers at Saint Vincent College in Latrobe, Pennsylvania was notable because of the ongoing sale.

The team president hasn’t addressed the media since the Hall of Fame weekend in Canton, Ohio, but took questions from reporters on Thursday night. Not surprisingly, Brandon didn’t offer up much new information about the impending sale of the franchise.

“Well what I can say, unfortunately, is pretty much what I've been saying in that the process is ongoing. It's a private transaction and I'm not really at liberty to discuss it at any length or form,” he said. “We know the level of interest, but we also appreciate the private nature of this moving forward.”

The sale, by many accounts, could be wrapped up by early October if all goes well. On October 7-8, the NFL will get together for one of their owner’s meetings and the ratification of the next owner could be completed.

Brandon wouldn’t comment if that was the preferred resolution.

“There's no timetable on anything,” he said. “It's a process and that's why we handed that to the investment bank and to the investment council. We'll leave it with those two fine firms and, stay tuned.”

The latest report, from Tim Graham of The Buffalo News, indicated that the sale could be Terry Pegula’s to lose. Brandon was simply asked to comment on how close the sale was to nearing a conclusion, to which he replied, that he could not at this point in time.

Pegula, Jon Bon Jovi and his Toronto-based group, Donald Trump and Tom Golisano are the four reported finalists in the sale of the Bills.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/14/2014 9:23PM
Bills' Brandon mum on sale process
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08/15/2014 12:00AM
Council or counsel?
I feel like Ross is referring to the lawyers here and it should be counsel
08/15/2014 12:14AM
So what else is new? What is the purpose of the article -if Brandon has nothing to say? Must be a slow news day.
08/15/2014 7:27AM
Terry and Kim
I think Terry and Kim Pegula would be perfect owners for this team i hope the trust is smart and goes ahead and chooses them and in a timely manner this is wearing on all those involved most of all us fans who really are the ones who pay for all those huge salaries and owners profits so let's go and make a choice
08/15/2014 8:57AM
He actually talked to Bon Jovi's drummer.
08/15/2014 9:19AM
NFL news never stops...
Reports have surfaced indicating that there is no news regarding the ongoing sale of the Buffalo Bills. Stay tuned as this story continues to develop.
08/15/2014 9:48AM
Re: Brandon
I'd like to take some time to comment on the "slow news day" point if I may. To truly address that matter, well...there actually is nothing new to add to that as the statement pretty well sums itself up there doesn't it? Ok, I guesswe'll just have to re-visit that topic at another time...like Sunday morning.
08/15/2014 10:21AM
Hughhhhhhh? What a Joke!
Mum? Why waste this slot to write this drivel then? These sale articles are getting annoying besides. It won't be long to pass by all the Byrd articles written last season. What was it? Over 1000? This slot could have been used for who the Sabres are going to trade before training camp starts. They better not be done yet or that will be a Joke again.
08/15/2014 10:26AM
No Thanks
I already bought some mums on sale at a nursery ready to plant this weekend.
08/15/2014 11:03AM
Russ Brandon should be let go when new ownership takes over
Russ Brandon is awful. Our record since 1997 when he joined the organization is horrendous.
08/15/2014 9:37PM
I care why?
He obviously doesn't know anything about football. He's just keeping the seat warm for a real team president.
08/16/2014 8:30AM
Say it isnt so
Russ the Manipulator is talking out both sides of his a** again because he is setting it up for the group that will retain his services to buy the team Why do you think he is sitting in on all the meetings. He does not want to lose his job and I say Get Him Out of Here Now.....Russell Must Go and Quickly, along with Littman.
08/16/2014 11:33AM
Brandon will probably be leaving the team after the sale. I think he has done a great job and ultimately his work to expand the fan base opens the door for the team to remain in Buffalo under a new owner.
08/16/2014 12:06PM
Well if it terry to lose then.
than why should we worry. I mean he is a local guy, he got the fans on his side. He is already building things downtown. And i like the idea that his wife kim have something to do with the team. We need that women input too. And terry you show know how to pick them. You got lovley wife. So to me that a great combination kind of will remind me of ralph and his wife. Lets go kim and terry.
08/17/2014 9:07PM
Brandon has to go
How this marketing guy managed to work his way up to the top of a franchise is beyond me. He started making organizational decisions in 2005 that directly hampered this team and continued spiraling it down into the pits of its existence. His tenure completely coincides with this teams lack of success. And his claim to fame is generating revenue by stripping the Bills of a home game and selling it off to a city that could give a crud.
08/20/2014 8:07PM
That's where on the cheap began, to keep the Bills...ON DA BOTTOM.
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