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By Joe Buscaglia
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Observations: Buccaneers 27 - Bills 14

It took three-and-a-half preseason games and 19 possessions, but the first-team offense of the Buffalo Bills finally got the hefty piano off of their backs. At long last, they marched into the end zone for six points.

Outside of those two drives to open up the second half, it was a game that were full of mistakes that the Bills will need to correct quickly ahead of their upcoming preseason finale on Thursday. What were the biggest takeaways? Here are some observations from the Bills’ 27-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

A first half to forget
- EJ Manuel and the first-team offense came into Saturday night with one goal in mind: to take the ball, drive it down the field and end a drive with a touchdown. It’s been an elusive goal for them in the preseason leading up to the Buccaneers game, only doing just enough to bring kicker Dan Carpenter out on to the field for a field goal attempt. The way it started in the first half, it didn’t look like that drought was ending at any point in the near future. Eight drives in the first two quarters resulted in just 82 yards, six first downs, seven penalties, three turnovers and not a single point. The fans in attendance at Ralph Wilson Stadium let their feelings known for the sloppy play by raining boos down on to the field. In their defense, it was well warranted. Scott Chandler just fell down on his route that led to an interception, C.J. Spiller couldn’t hang on to the ball after catching it and EJ Manuel couldn’t hit his receivers at nearly enough of a consistent rate to get the ball down the field. In his defense, the offensive line allowed some pressure and big hits to come his way. That said, Manuel needed to be much better than he was in the first half against Tampa Bay’s top unit. He turned it around in the second half against the Buccaneer backups. Regardless of who it was against, you can’t completely ignore a 10-for-10, 131-yard two drive performance that resulted in two offensive touchdowns. A solid showing in however much time he’s allotted against Detroit’s top unit is in order.

Spikes, Rivers, Bryant stand out early
- The offense had a poor start to their evening, but the first-team defense looked the part once again in the preseason. The Bills got pressure, forced errant throws and once again looked quite stout against the run. Of all the issues from 2013, the revamped run defense is among the most noteworthy improvements. The two players that really stood out in that phase on Saturday were middle linebacker Brandon Spikes and strongside linebacker Keith Rivers. Spikes got through his blocks and anticipated the lanes to come away with six tackles on the day. Rivers shot through the lanes and even had two tackles for loss to go with his six total tackles. Defensive tackle Corbin Bryant, who started for the injured Kyle Williams, shined in his place with a sack and two quarterback hits to go along with all his pressure. Bryant has stepped his game up this summer and is the top reserve at the position, replacing Alan Branch in that role. The defense started slipping as the first half wore on and some starters were replaced, but they had yet another solid start. The first unit is the most encouraging aspect of the preseason.

O-Line penalty problems
- The Bills shot themselves in the foot repeatedly with the amount of times they were flagged on Saturday. The problems started up front on offense; four of the five starting offensive linemen accounted for at least one penalty against Tampa Bay. Cordy Glenn and Erik Pears each had two, while Eric Wood and rookie Cyril Richardson each had one of their own. The only starter not to commit a penalty? Rookie right tackle Seantrel Henderson. Not only did they take penalties, they took them after some big gains and cost the offense some of their drives. That is sure to be a point of emphasis for head coach Doug Marrone in the short week leading up to their next game.

Bye, bye Branch?
- When the inactive list came down roughly an hour before the game started, the biggest surprise was the inclusion of defensive tackle Alan Branch. He wasn’t listed with an injury at all during the week of practice and took all his normal reps at practice. Marrone made the announcement after the game that Branch had been arrested, and shortly after it was found out that it was for drunk driving. The writing is on the wall for Branch and his future, or lack thereof, with the Bills. After he signed his three-year extension in December, Branch was a no-show, no-call to Organized Team Activities, showed up to training camp out of shape and failed his conditioning test, he’s fallen down the depth chart behind Bryant, Stefan Charles and Landon Cohen and now he gets arrested the night before the team’s game. It was also interesting that Marrone included the fact that he couldn’t get ahold of Branch, but that the team had to communicate with him through other people. It would be a complete shock if Branch is still a member of the organization when the team trims down to 53 players, and he could be gone even in the first round of cuts due by Tuesday.

Battle for backup QB is wide open
- When EJ Manuel finally left the game, to the shock of many, Dennis Dixon was the next quarterback to enter. Dixon, who has been the fourth quarterback all summer, got his first real taste of preseason action on Saturday. It didn’t go well. He was only credited with one fumble, but the ball slipped through his hands three times in just a six-play span. Those ball security issues forced Dixon out of the game after only one series and the team turned to Jeff Tuel. Tuel was able to move the offense and ended with 90 yards, completing 8-of-14 pass attempts. Thad Lewis, however, did not play a single snap. After the game Marrone said that all three were battling for the backup job. One would have to think that with the lack of definition through most the summer, the team will likely look to free agency to see if anyone is available. Tuel is likely safe, but both and Lewis and Dixon need to pick it up in the coming week, or else they could be joining the lengthy cut lists around the league.

Renovations debut
- It was a gorgeous day for football and the Bills were smiling wide as they got to show off all the new improvements to Ralph Wilson Stadium. The widened concourse areas, the new Bills store and the new scoreboards on the opposite end of the stadium all went over very well with fans. While they didn’t get the performance from the team that they all wanted, it’s hard not to be impressed about all the new features that they’ve done in the offseason.

Bills’ MVP: LB Keith Rivers
- Six tackles, two tackles for loss and he was one of the keys to a solid run defense for the fourth game in a row.

Bills’ LVP: QB EJ Manuel
- The second half was solid, but his first half performance left a sour taste in the mouth of most Bills fans.

Up Next: The preseason finale on Thursday, August 28 versus the Detroit Lions. Kickoff is set for 7 pm.

Final Thoughts:
- It would be foolish to go overboard and predict that the Bills will have a terrifyingly bad season based on what they did in one half against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It’s likely to be an impulsive, gut reaction, but it still is only the preseason. Manuel and the first-team offense did not look good when they were up against the best Tampa Bay had to offer. It’s discouraging, but not damning. The real test will begin on September 7 in Chicago for the start of the regular season. That’s when the real judgement of Manuel and the offense will begin. However, if that unit looks anything like they did on Saturday, it could be a long season no matter how well the defense plays. The book isn’t written just yet, though.

Twitter: @JoeBuscaglia

**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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08/23/2014 11:37PM
Observations: Buccaneers 27 - Bills 14
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08/24/2014 12:24AM
What to look forward to.
Like most seasons the Bills will be done by Thanksgiving.
08/24/2014 12:44AM
4 wins in 2014?
PLAYOFFS!... (in my best Jim Mora) That had to be one of the poorest performances by a Buffalo offense I can remember. I'm not impressed with scoring on the second team of Tampa.I'm trying to be hopeful about EJ, I really am...but he isn't making it easy. Way too many missed passes for play at this level. I felt like i was watching someone who was competing for the 3rd string QB slot. This was our 4th preseason game. The offense should be able to execute a simple swing pass by now. I wish I had more hope, but at this point the Bills have given me no reason to hope.
08/24/2014 2:34AM
More drivel from this pathetic radio station coming at 6AM Monday morning. Tune in to get a laugh.
08/24/2014 2:37AM
WALMART football at its worst
08/24/2014 3:11AM
Come on Joe!
"The book isn't written just yet though?" It's been written, revised, released, reviled and rejected. The movie is even worse!
08/24/2014 4:49AM
? 2-14...or 0-16 .. yeah possible
The Bills will most likely fall on their face this coming season, there has been very little to cheer for at the QB position this summer. I do not believe that the coaching staff should be fired but an effort during the season as well as in the draft 2015 to find our franchise QB!! Even if it means, drafting a QB in all of our rnds 2-7.. yes extreme!! That seems to me, the missing piece to a playoff contending BILLS.
08/24/2014 6:04AM
The Bills need a QB and with no 1st round draft choice in 2015 the will still need one until 2016. The Doug duo will be looking for work by then.
08/24/2014 6:48AM
Oh boy!
We have our Jamarcus Russell/Baine Gabbert.
08/24/2014 6:50AM
08/24/2014 7:38AM
Get a QB !!!!!!!!
I have heard that Seattle will have to release a pretty good QB. The Bills should get him. Disgusting display on Sat. Another crappy year in Buffalo.
08/24/2014 8:01AM
Come on Joe! (reply)
Thank you to whoever wrote this comment. Very funny. Good to be able to laugh as the reality of another lost season begins to set in.
08/24/2014 8:10AM
That this offense hasn't jelled yet. You hear every year about a team or two with a terrible start, turning it around and having a good year. Hope that's our Bills this year.
08/24/2014 8:10AM
Feels optimistic to me. At least we know what all the fights were about during camp... Way to go O-line! Chandler is stumbling, Spiller is fumbling, Manuel is bumbling, and Branch is in the pokey - but we scored against the backups!
08/24/2014 8:36AM
need to find a qb
they've got to trade for a better qb ,get some better options in here four games wasted on garbage
08/24/2014 8:43AM
Hackett is part of problem
Hacker the oc. Does not help. His offense with the full back is horrible. With these players you should spread the field. Every game our offense is so predictable.
08/24/2014 8:53AM
Cleveland is......
Watching and laughing at Barfalo.
08/24/2014 8:58AM
good bye
Good bye : Russ , Marrone, special assistant Buddy. Good Bye Doug Whaley. Unless Manuel has a miraculous breakthrough or they find a quarter back
08/24/2014 9:28AM
Absolute freaking disaster.
08/24/2014 9:39AM
Hackett is a big part of the problem
EJ is horribly, incurably inaccurate. But Steve Tasker said it all yesterday when he commented that the Bills offense looked like it had only 4 plays that they ran over and over again. This offense looks like something a high school team would run. Itis amateur hour at One Bills Drive.
08/24/2014 9:44AM
Tampa no less!
Just a reminder that this deplorable performance by EJ and the offense was against a sub par defense. No worries though, as long as the rest of the NFL plays a defense comparable to Tampa's second team defense the Bills could have a decent year.
08/24/2014 9:56AM
do the right thing
sit EJ and give Tuel a REAL chance to play - last year Tuel got the hook after the KC game- one loss and he was gone? EJ lost a few and he is still bumbling around? the offense ran smooth with Tuel but you have to give him the same chance EJ had- a couple of games?
08/24/2014 10:08AM
No coach no QB
After watching the game two things are clear buffalo has no capable nfl caliber qb's on the roster and Doug marrone has already lost the team. Too much faith in EJ and his anti fighting rant at practice, Eric wood's body language says it all!
08/24/2014 10:25AM
My Reaction
The book is already written Joe. When does hockey start?
08/24/2014 10:32AM
looks like another perfect size QB is a bust !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I remember correctly, back in the late 90's the bills picked up the perfect size QB (Rob Johnson) and a not so perfect size QB in Doug Flutie (who happens to be the last good QB the bills had). Proves the perfect QB is just talk!!!!!!! Look at Sonny Jurgenson, Fran Tarkenton, Doug Flutie, just to name a few. All these guys were small (according to NFL standards) but they were great QB's. Why because they improvised!!!! They made the game exciting!!! AND above all they could complete passes over guys twice their size, and deep ones too. Remember Doug Flutie? He didn't stay in the pocket, he moved around, made plays happen and was exciting to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The bills, with Manuel, aren't going to go anywhere, cause he can't complete a pass over 5 yards, and has more tipped than a QB of his size should have. He wasn't any good at Florida State (look at their Win Loss Record while he was there) and he won't be any good for the Bills either. He does not have the desire!!!!!!! TALK IS CHEAP!!!!!!!!!!!!! ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS!!!! MESSAGE TO BILLS: find a Quaterback with the heart and desire to play the game instead of the "perfect size"!! AND to SPILLER, TALK IS CHEAP!! you haven't proven anything yet except that you can run to the sideline and you have BUTTERFINGERS.
08/24/2014 10:45AM
Fire the equipment coach
Bills players on both offense and defense slipping and falling. Many TB passes completed because the coverage had slipped!
08/24/2014 10:46AM
Tampa coasted in the second half.
If this was a regular season game, the score would have been far worse. Say 45-0. Tampa relaxed in the second half going through the motions. Tampa is ready for their opener. No sense risking injuries.
08/24/2014 10:51AM
Cannot win in a quarterback's league
when you don't have a quarterback. Another wasted year on the way. Wow, this franchise just doesn't get it.
08/24/2014 10:52AM
I am not a football guy, but good qb play is pretty easy to identify. Leader, calm, on target, vision, strength, play maker, and available. Did it not seem reasonable to make a fair judgement on the qb after a full season last year? Injuries and the inability to play due to same should be considered in conjunction with performance and as such it's fairly obvious they did not have their man. But for some reason it's vogue in bills management to treat sunk costs as an asset.
08/24/2014 10:54AM
Take a Deep Breath
Yes, it was an awful performance and yes their should be concern, but slow down, its preseason football. Should we be concerned, yes. But dont throw the baby out with the bath water, just yet. Changes need to take place, but maybe more so in the offensive coaching ranks, specifically at O.C. Unless things change drastically, we will be counting on our defense to win or hold on to the win in a lot of games.
08/24/2014 11:06AM
Last years rookies
Rookie Team Prez, GM ,Coach, OC & QB are all learning on the job together, still gettin their feet wet like kids jumpin up & down in a puddle barefoot. But it's the fans getting soaked while we find out if they get it. Are Buddy Nix & Marv Levy free?
08/24/2014 11:19AM
Rerun for the last 14 years
It feels like we are watching a re-run of the past 14 years. Nothing has changed. Quarterback play is awful and the Offensive line stinks. The back-up QB'S are pathetic. I can't believe the people who run this operation really believe in this QB. What were they thinking. My goodness to think that they could have at least went out and got a Vick or a Sanchez and didn't do it. They are an undisciplined team. Very discouraging to think the season is over before it begins.
08/24/2014 11:45AM
E Ject Manuel....
Which is what the fans will be shouting and the Bills will be doing.... "E Ject Manuel!!"
08/24/2014 11:49AM
Tebow Time
Why not bring Tebow in? Gotta be better than the backups we have now!
08/24/2014 11:49AM
No respect for the fans.
Terrible showing?
08/24/2014 12:08PM
It was real painfull to watch the offense. In Bortles 3rd game with Jacksonville, he looked one heck of a lot better than Manuel. It takes more than size and strength to be an NFL QB. I don't believe lack of experience is the biggest problem. It's his ability to recoqnize, anticipate and control the offense. Everytime he threw one of those chuck the ball passes I gagged.
08/24/2014 12:20PM
Only Selling Hope
All Russ Brandon, Whaley and company are selling at this point is hope. There is no tangible evidence what so ever to suggest that this team is any sort of a contender. They are still lacking in talent behind most of the good teams in this league. The Bills are disjointed and incomplete. They have a very good front four on defense a solid offensive line among the starters even though there are depth issues at certain OL positions and a pretty good group of WR's (that is only when Watkins is healthy). The rest of the team though is below average at just about every other position. Below average again when you compare them to the better teams in this league. Even with signing Brandon Spikes who really is just one dimensional in that he can only play run, the linebackers overall are among the worst in the NFL especially with Kiko Alonso being out for the season. The secondary is below average now that Byrd has departed. Every player in the secondary would probably not start for any other team in the NFL. Even Gilmore who is more of an idea and whose talent is greatly exaggerated. Gilmore is not a top CB in the NFL. He is not even close to that. Gilmore is proving to be average at best. He is injury prone, lacks speed and underwhelms. The rest of the CB's and safety's are terrible. I don't care about Searcy's interception. He will not make a play like that again for the rest of the season. They have no TE and the running back by committee garbage that they employ just is not working for them in this preseason and certainly will not work for them in the regular season. It's not even worth dissecting the QB situation other than they have the absolute worst group of QB's on this roster in the entire NFL. This all adds up to what likely will be a 4-12 season.
08/24/2014 12:34PM
Where do we start with this mess.
You run the same plays for a whole half. You got ej dumping off passes or handing off the football for one yard or none. well i am not going to blame ej for that mess. Because when they came out to start the half; some body open up the play book and it showed right off the bat. I don't know how much time they think they got but it a wrap for time. The only good thing about our team this year is the defense. but when they open up that play book good things happen. that was good to see i am done with hope hey just prove to us on the field. Because if they play anything like that vs the bears. We will get tore up from the floor up. This is going to be scary to see; And back up qb's we don't have a back up qb period.
08/24/2014 12:34PM
Normally I'd say at least we have the draft next year to look forward to. For now we can only anticipate Hackett getting fired and EJ on the waiver wire. This is a playoff team with even half decent (Alex Smith type) QB play.
08/24/2014 12:52PM
YOU! Have been BLINDLY buying and supporting terrible products from these 2 "professional sports" organ- EYE- zations for over FIFTEEN (15) YEARS! YES! WALMART and the Bills have had NO PROBLEMS peddling their tickets as successfully as snake oil salesmen to their fan-dummies! So why in the world should they change and pay for top level football and hockey gms coaches and scouts? When they can just keep rollin out their GARBAGE year after year and YOU BUY IT! HOW BOUT TRYING THIS: STAY HOME! STOP BUYING JUNK PRODUCTS! Then see how fast things change when the stadiums are EMPTY!!!!
08/24/2014 1:31PM
Not going to panic just yet
I'll hold off judgment until the reg season. Can't do much running 4 plays, especially if the other team is watching game tape from three preseason.. This isn't tecmo bowl. I think the Bills are extremely worried about giving up their secrets before the reg season that they'll take all this ridicule until then. So we shall see. For now, I'm not going to have a panic attack for a fake few games and then feel like a fool if they are good.
08/24/2014 1:35PM
It's got to be because of the sale of this team
It's like Brandon and Whaley have been told to hang low and do nothing it seems. Under normal operations heads would be rolling. It's not fair to the fans who witnessed that collapse yesterday preseason or not. The sale should have been done already before camp started. Brandon and Whaley are not being allowed to do their jobs it seems. This season seems wasted already. Might as well be waiting till somewhere in October if the sale gets completed. All possibilities exist being 0-8 at the bye week. Hope I'm completely wrong here.
08/24/2014 1:51PM
Come on!
How many years do we have to watch and watch and watch a sub-par team take the field? Does anyone know what Russ Brandon winning percentage since taking over the Bills? I do believe it's around 350! Really!!!! How many professional GM's/VP/CEO ( what ever you call him) keeps their job with that percentage? NOT ONE! Russ if you read this you have done a excellent job of marketing the BIlls, but that's all! No matter who buys this team your days are coming to a end!! The front office will not look the same a year from now and either will the team. I am really hoping that a new owner takes effect by the October Deadline so we may have some change and something to route for. The phrase "the buck stops here" is all on Russ and his actions are NOT EXPECTABLE. Yes I know it's a preseason game, but we all know what's next 3-14 maybe 5-11 and another year we say OMG!
08/24/2014 2:14PM
Go Bills 32nd favorite team!
08/24/2014 2:29PM
Funny, isn't it?
Joe Buscaglia relentlessly criticizes EJ Manuel and the team admittedly has a tough half and the boo birds are out. Yet the folks at the station think they did not influence the masses? People are quick to pull the trigger due in part to the constant ripping this team gets on your station. Its become an embarrassment to even attempt to listen to this station. My hope is that EJ and company get the last laugh.
08/24/2014 3:29PM
"Regardless of who it was against, you can’t completely ignore a 10-for-10, 131-yard two drive performance that resulted in two offensive touchdowns." I'll absolutely ignore this! Who cares that EJ and the ones can score on scrubs who won't be in the league next week. That said, I'm glad that Coach Marrone left the starters in the game. Every rep matters, and boy do they need it. Also, if we "can't completely ignore" what EJ did against backups, then we also can't ignore that Tuel seems to accomplish AT LEAST as much as EJ without the starting talent surrounding him. I think we should expect our first round QB to outperform a street free agent. Sadly, this isn't the case, and it probably wouldn't matter all that much who we put back there if all Manuel is going to do is dump the ball off the running backs and miss on most every throw past five yards.
08/24/2014 3:30PM
Absolute Joke.
You can see how ridiculously incompetent the people who are running this organization are when they so confidently back a QB like Manuel, who isn't even NFL caliber much less starting QB caliber. To not have anything after him, and to give away next years first rounder to get him a WR, is simply inexcusable. This team was scrambling for a QB LAST YEAR when Manuel went down, and here we are a year later and they have done absolutely NOTHING to improve the situation, and by trading away next years first rounder, they've made it harder to address even into NEXT YEAR. I hope the new owner cleans house after this absolute disaster. And when the lack of QBs becomes apparent about a quarter into this season (really it should be apparent now), the bills cheerleaders, led by the people on this station, will pretend there was nothing the bills 'brain' trust could have done about it, which is absolute nonsense.
08/24/2014 3:32PM
Everybody knew this guy isn't NFL ready. He has slow eyes and he can'tsee the field. Everybody knows this but management.
08/24/2014 3:40PM
Bills fan
I've watched every Bills game I could since 1970, until the last 5 years. I watch less and less often as they have become unbearable to watch. It's funny that I chose last night's first half in quite some time, to be the first half I would force myself to watch no matter how bad they looked. It looks like nothing will change, although I know it's preseason. Despite a few terrific moments from EJ last year, I just don't see much potential for becoming a competent QB. The bad throws and apparent lack of decisiveness. He just doesn't look good throwing a football. I don't want to feel myself HOPING for every throw to be successful, instead of EXPECTING them to be so. I hope very much that I'm wrong about him. I doubt it though.
08/24/2014 3:56PM
EJ a wash
Lets just state what most of us not on the radio are ready to admit, Jamarcus Manuel is not going to make it as an NFL QB.
08/24/2014 5:03PM
You People are pathetic
Get a life losers. Have you watched the 49ers this preseason ? Their offense has been awful. 28 possessions 2 FG 8 turnovers and 2 missssed FG. Anyone want to bet wether or not they make the playoffs? It freaking preseason. All of you have been brain washed by this nerd that has never even touched a football. What are Joe B's credentials? Communications degree in the SUNY system? Get a life. Top Five Defense Hands Down. News flash NFL QB's get more than 10 regular season games and a handful of preseason games before they are considered a bust.
08/24/2014 5:15PM
Backup Plan in Place
the plan is Jim Schwartz the DC- when Whaley admits Marrone is not head coach material? the DC becomes HEADCOACH- over n done
08/24/2014 5:50PM
Manzel should been drafted to buffalo. Or pick up Tebow
08/24/2014 6:07PM
All Excuses
He's continuing to progress...down hill. We haven't installed a complete game plan...because we don't have one. The play book is full...of empty pages. We'll put our best players out there...if we had any.
08/24/2014 7:00PM
same old story
On a legitimate team manuel would be back up at his best
08/24/2014 7:01PM
overreact much?
These comment are comical! Its preseason people get a grip!
08/24/2014 7:10PM
Oh my!
How does Russ Brandon get promoted after 14 straight non-playoff seasons ???...and soon to be 15! Hopefully the new owner will take care of this problem soon!
08/24/2014 7:10PM
Worst Rookie last year
Hackett was the worst rookie Bill's had last year. I'm fearful he'll be the worst 2nd year guy this year. Marrone's problem last year was that he wouldn't get rid of Hackett. We're still where we were last year.
08/24/2014 7:21PM
Worse than the Stooges
After that embarrassing mess the Bills called a game, I turned on the 1934 short film with The Three Stooges called Three Little Pigskins. You know something - Curly, Larry and Moe play football better than the clowns pretending to be professionals against the Bucs Saturday and they're more fun to watch.
08/24/2014 9:16PM
Manuel just doesn't have it
He cannot read or manipulate defenses. His constant check down after check down reminds me of Trent Edwards. The bills brought in wr's with a qb that cannot get them the ball. 6-10 at best
08/24/2014 9:26PM
Lost & Found
With the new renovations did they move the lost and found? I'm just asking because if someone could tell me where it is I might just find the offense.
08/24/2014 9:32PM
it's a shame
The Bills have a very good defense, great run game but absolutely no quarterback play.EJ is horrible and anyone who thinks otherwise is either blind or a member of his family.I say try to trade for Cousins or Mallet. New England has 3 QB's that are better than our starter, what's wrong with this picture?
08/24/2014 10:10PM
We.re going to the SHOW
12-4....First round bye..Manuel throws 40 TD's...Spiller rushes for 16O0 yrds..Watkins catches 20TDs...amazing what that synthetic stuff does to you!!!
08/24/2014 10:15PM
Worst qb group in the League!
08/24/2014 10:52PM
Not Just a Back Up QB...
We need to be looking for a starter....So far Tuel is in the running for starting QB, yes that is correct starting QB. He has far outplayed EJ in every aspect, we need a veteran QB to come in and challenge Tuel for the starting job, EJ is a backup and not a very good one either!!
08/24/2014 10:55PM
At least the new owner is at peace
There leaves little doubt the entire org chart established in the Wilson Era must be cleaned out. We were a cheap mismanaged organization and that will soon stop
08/24/2014 11:00PM
The Bills need to cut Lewis and Dixon -and sign the best QB available from the other teams final cuts. That wont get them to the playoffs this year, but they desperately need to find competition for Manuel. And, by the way, they should have kept Pettine -as head coach!
08/24/2014 11:02PM
Master Plan?
Is Kirk Cousins available next year, that just may be their backup plan......
08/24/2014 11:27PM
With the first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft...
the Browns select .............
08/25/2014 12:54AM
Bills make me wanna puke.
08/25/2014 9:28AM
No owner, no coach, no QB
This has been the story since the early 90s. The Bills just keep sucking.
08/25/2014 9:55AM
2014 Bills will be the 2013 Houston Texans
On paper the Bills a carbon copy of what Houston was last year...except Houston had more talent defensively. How many games did Houston win last year? It was 2. They were a 2-14 team last season and therefore it's safe to say that the Bills will only win between 2-5 games this season.
08/25/2014 9:58AM
Most of you people are idiots. This is preseason morons. It has no bearing on the real season. Let's wait to judge until they start calling real plays from their actual playbook before deciding how bad they are. I don't know if EJ will be good or bad this year but I'm not going to let a pathetic vanilla preseason game shape my opinion. This is typical Buffalo. People love negativity. Let him play 5 real games with the real 53 guys and then tell us all what you think.
08/25/2014 10:06AM
WALMART will back in the playoffs this coming NHL season in the 7th spot.
08/25/2014 11:07AM
1st Team Offense STILL hasn't scored a TD
The starting O scored in the 2nd half when Tampa was resting their starters. As far as I'm concerned, they STILL haven't scored a TD. My throat is still a little sore from my booing at halftime....
08/25/2014 11:36AM
We Have........
The worst QB in the league, hands down this guy is horrible.
08/25/2014 12:07PM
Mrs Wilson do the right thing and sell Bills to Bon Jovi. Get out of town!!!
08/25/2014 3:15PM
Team Speed?
Where is the team speed?? I certainly don't see it. There really is just not a lot of team speed overall here.
08/25/2014 7:02PM
Re: We're going to the SHOW
Yep, the same show we've been going to the last 15 or so years...THE GOLF COURSE.
08/25/2014 9:27PM
Operation Overlord
The Bills are like a George RR Martin Game of Thrones character: you love them at the start of the season and six weeks into the season they are written off for dead.
08/26/2014 7:46AM
Tebow? Really?
To those clamoring for management to sign Tim Tebow: there's a reason that he is a free agent. He isn't accurate. Yes, he can run, but his passes are much like those of Manuel. So, we'd have the same QB issue with that clown. Enough already. Tebow your man crush sucks. Get over it!!! And everyone gets offended when Bills fans are deemed stupid. The asinine comments on this site, complete with kindergarten grammar, prove that there are a lot of idiots in the #billsmafia.
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