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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills' Bell Hints He's Starting, Reveals Injury

After getting the first team reps on Wednesday at left tackle, Demetrius Bell hinted that he may be in line to get the start for the Buffalo Bills.

"They said they were gonna give me a shot, so I hope so," Bell said.

Bell returned to action for the first time this past weekend since Week 4 in Cincinnati. A struggling Chris Hairston gave Bell a chance, and he took advantage of the opportunity. A rather ambiguous "shoulder" injury had been the reason for the left tackle to miss all that time.

He clarified that the injury was actually a fractured collar bone that requires six-to-eight weeks to heal. Since then, Bell said he's been feeling great since and has had the most strength in his legs that he's had in some time.

"Once I started to work out, everything came back all at once. I'm glad about that because if it didn't I would still be sitting back and I probably wouldn't be starting right now -- or playing."

Bell is also a free agent at the end of the season and is focusing in on performing well in the final three weeks.

"To tell the truth, I haven't even talked to my agent about free agency. My main thing was just building good film, that's all I wanted to do is have good film going in to - if I reach free agency."

When asked if the Bills had any discussions with him about a potential extension, Bell said he hasn't heard anything.

"No, nothing has been said on my behalf."

The Bills take on the Dolphins Sunday at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

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