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By Joe Buscaglia

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Bills' Hughes confirms he was behind the wheel at time of Dareus incident

Since the news broke regarding Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Marcell Dareus and his car accident in Hamburg, it led to the discovery of another player on the team being a part of the situation. Starting defensive end Jerry Hughes was identified as the other driver in question of the alleged street racing.

Following Wednesday's practice, Hughes admitted to being behind the wheel of his black Camaro on Friday, the day of the accident.

"Was I there? Yes," the defensive end said. "I was driving my car. I was on the street while [Dareus] was on the street driving his vehicle as well."

Past that, Hughes wouldn't say much regarding the situation and rightfully so. It's an ongoing legal matter, so the veteran couldn't divulge much information regarding the case. The insuation of the case is that the two were street racing, which led to Dareus crashing into a tree near a Hamburg area restaurant.

Hughes was asked point blank if that was the case, and they were indeed street racing. He paused, thought about it, gave a half laugh and then went to a similar refrain throughout the three-minute interview.

"Like I said, they won't let me speak on the facts. So, it's a legal matter that the Hamburg Police is working on right now," he remarked. "They won't let me say too much about it. The facts are the facts though, I will say that."

Hughes has been approached by head coach Doug Marrone and the two talked about the situation. The player didn't divulge the contents of that conversation, but he did say he's going to abide by what they talked about when the situation was broached.

As for Hughes, he isn't going to change his driving habits. He believes he is a law-following citizen, despite what has unraveled over the past couple of days.

"I've always been one to abide by the law and to follow the guidelines and speed limits that they have set out there for us," Hughes said. "Will my approach change? No, because I've always been one to abide by that."

The defensive end was a full participant on Wednesday during the team's fifth practice of Organized Team Activities. There have been no formal charges issued by the Hamburg Police to Hughes, while Dareus faces three misdemeanors and four traffic and property violations for his role in the incident.

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**Photo courtesy of The Associated Press

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06/04/2014 1:34PM
Bills' Hughes confirms he was behind the wheel at time of Dareus incident
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06/04/2014 2:36PM
Hughes involved in Dareus incident
It is possible that Dareus was the only one 'street racing' and Hughes didn't accept the challenge. Then when Dareus crashed Hughes stopped to help. In that case there wouldn't be charges against Hughes.
06/04/2014 3:39PM
cant fix stupid
grow up dummies
06/04/2014 3:51PM
My Godd Already
Why can't you guys drop this incident already? It's over and DUNN! Sometimes you guys in the media can be a JOKE carrying on a JOKE.
06/04/2014 6:55PM
Breakin News!!!!!!!!!!!
Co- Driver Hughes revealed today that he was just following Fatboy and that Fatboy was actually chasing a Mr. Softie Ice Cream truck- conflicting reports says it was really a Schwanz Food Truck making daily deliveries thks heavens the Oscar Meyer WeinerWagon wasn't on the road that day? it could have been a disaster
06/05/2014 7:59AM
see ya
In this defense a Jerry Hughes is useless anyway. What makes me laugh is we brought in all these tweaners last year, and now we expect a bunch of guys who are only 240 to 255 pounds to play DE. I think the hire of Jim as D coordinator was a huge mistake.We better hope our offense shows up this year. As far as Marcell trade him now for anything we can get. If you noticed he doesn't fare well in the standard 4-3 defense either.
06/05/2014 12:33PM
Genius Comments ^^
We are not playing a standard 4-3. Hiring Schwartz was a great move, who else would have been a better candidate? Fat jokes is all you can come with? Pretty easy staring in the mirror all day. Despite the comments, Joe, great work!
06/05/2014 5:30PM
get over it
How many people speed? EveryEveryday on the thruway I see people flying through traffic and getting no attention. We all do it, these guys got caught because of an accident with a tree, if they were speeding in traffic then we can talk about how stupid they are but I havnt seen anything saying they endangered anyone but themselves so who cares. Everyone needs to stop being hypocrits and saying theyre supposed to be role models, they werent smoking crack they were speeeding something we all do.
06/06/2014 11:04AM
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