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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills? Kyle Williams: ?We expect more out of? Dareus

It’s déjà vu for Buffalo Bills defensive tackle Kyle Williams.

Not even a week and a half after saying how he’s spoken with Marcell Dareus about making smarter decisions and how he believes his teammate is a good person, Williams once again discussed him for yet another incident off the field. It’s Dareus’ second run-in with the law over the course of the past month and has left his partner at defensive tackle telling him the same things yet again.

“Obviously he's had a string of bad decisions. We as players, teammates and friends, we expect more out of him because we need him to play football for us,” Williams said. “Hopefully these things are kind of a silver lining for him. But, I don't think there's any disguising the fact that he has to be accountable to his team and coaches and our organization for the decisions he makes.”

Just like last time, after the 24-year old Dareus was arrested in Alabama on felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, Williams had some words with his younger teammate. The message was pretty clear.

“He knows. Everybody knows when you make a good decision or a bad decision -- especially when it's that drastic -- you know,” he said in reference to the most recent incident in Hamburg, NY.  “Hopefully the foresight comes in, it's like, 'this probably isn't a good idea, maybe I shouldn't do it.' And that's what I'm trying to get across.”

There’s little doubt that this is the overwhelming message from most of Dareus’ teammates and coaches. Now it’s on him to decide if this month will be the anomaly, or if it’s the start of a slippery slope. As long as he’s got Williams and head coach Doug Marrone, they’ll continue to try and hammer the same message into his mind.

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