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By Joe Buscaglia
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Report: Bills are "Pegula's to lose"

The entire time that the Buffalo Bills have been preparing for the 2014 regular season during training camp and their multiple stops on the road, most everything has been underlined by the impending sale of the team. The future of the franchise is on the line and multiple jobs in the organization could depend on who gets selected as the winning bidder.

Through all those thoughts, there have been four identified bidders on the Bills during the process -- with only two groups that have made the majority of headlines: Buffalo Sabres owner Terry Pegula and his wife Kim, and the Toronto-based group fronted by Jon Bon Jovi. Still a few weeks before binding bids will be made to the estate of Ralph Wilson, a new report has indicated that things may be trending in a certain way.

And, It's a direction that will likely draw cheers from Bills fans that have been paying close attention to the sale.

According to Tim Graham of The Buffalo News, the franchise is now "Pegula's to lose," and that their competition is not as strong as first thought. Graham also tweeted that the Toronto-based group with Bon Jovi, Larry Tanenbaum and Edward Rogers is both "unfocused" and "disorganized" in their attempt to win the franchise.

Graham also wrote that an educated source told him that the Bills will remain in western New York "for a very, very long time whether they get a new stadium or not."

Outside of the two aforementioned main players, both Donald Trump and Tom Golisano have also made it through to the next stage as finalists in the sale process. According to John Wawrow of The Associated Press, three of the finalists have already gone to a presentation performed by officials of the Bills. The meeting was to give each prospective owner "extensive financial and background information on the franchise."

Pegula, the Bon Jovi-led Toronto group and Trump have all sat through those meetings within the past two weeks, according to Wawrow's report.

The team is expected to continue to march through the sale process and have binding bids due around the start of September. Once binding bids are in the estate can start to narrow down the candidates and ultimately select a winner, with the expectation and hope that the new owner(s) can be ratified at the league's upcoming meetings on October 7-8.

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08/14/2014 11:55AM
Report: Bills are "Pegula's to lose"
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08/14/2014 12:34PM
Only WGR's , trying to read into every sneeze!!
08/14/2014 12:34PM
lord some good news for a change.
i think pegula will be a strong owner for the bills. well you know all the fans are pulling for him. Plus he knew what the late mr wilson stood for and what he love about his team being here. You know it really hurts me that he could not see his team win it all. I meant it like when i see the bills now. it's like his face is in the eyes of the front office coaches and players. This is going to be a great season for the bills. Because they want to show the world just how much they miss him. Lets go ruff buff.
08/14/2014 12:37PM
Great news !!!
Before you know it Terry will have the Bills on the winning track just like the Sabres....Bahahahahahaha
08/14/2014 1:01PM
Is something finally going our way?
The Bon Jovi group "unfocused" and "disorganized"? This is a beautiful thing. Nobody could have summed it up better than Andre Reed.
08/14/2014 1:02PM
"may be trending?"
This is a done deal, just let it play-out the way it's supposed to already would you?
08/14/2014 1:13PM
My God
Can you guys make up your mind whats going on with this or are you all enjoying riling up everybody with drivel? For cry in' out loud, just stop already. One minute, its Toronto and the next is Buffalo. Is L.A. next? Just stop it! Can't we just report and get ready for the upcoming season instead of reporting a bunch of nonsense until the sale actually happens? Dam!
08/14/2014 1:25PM
Graham also wrote that an educated source told him that the Bills will remain in western New York "for a very, very long time whether they get a new stadium or not." TERRY!!! TERRY!!! TERRY!!!
08/14/2014 1:39PM
every day you list gossip as facts, no one knows anything but the trust. Stop the hype, it's embarrassing.
08/14/2014 1:43PM
Come on Terry !!!
Perils !Pegula ! Pegula ! Pegula !
08/14/2014 2:03PM
Toronto loses twice to Buffalo
First loss: Josh Gorges Second loss: Bills If you can't beat the "armpit of America", what does that say about Toronto?
08/14/2014 2:12PM
best news ever
wow bills are not going any where. E J looking good so far we all know you can't judge talent. U were wrong a lot the past few years about players on the Bills.
08/14/2014 2:47PM
Please let it be terry!!!!!
The team is starting to go in the right direction and terry is the right man to lead us!!!!
08/14/2014 3:04PM
YESSSSS!!!!!!! Make it happen Terry and Kim
08/14/2014 3:38PM
The NFL owners still have to approve the sale to Pegula. I think they want the Bills in a larger market - so as with all Bills games, even when it looks like they're winning - they will probably lose.
08/14/2014 4:53PM
What a bad choice, Pegula or Bon Groovy
Hmmmm, the Bills stay here witha fool for an owner, or the lying snake called Bon Grooveball moves them. One is only a bit better than the other. Maybe Golisano or Trump can save the day. It is so hard to stomach thinking Pegula could control all of Buffalo'as major league sports. Remember his stubbrn "I don't care what the fans think" attitude that Pegula had about keeping Regier? Remember how he disappeared when things got tough? Remember all his tearful promises that were nowhere near kept, about Hockey Heaven? Remember how he privately kept saying the Sabres were his team and he would do what he wants? Yup, Mr Bigbucks loves the applause but can't take the tough going, he wants to be a hero without the work, Pegula absolutely loves to be the bigshot. Money can buy him 2 teams, but cannot buy winning.
08/14/2014 5:17PM
Pegula wants a team in Calgary
He will move the team to Calgary and they will be called the Calgary Oilers!
08/14/2014 5:20PM
The only bidders that matter.
08/14/2014 5:35PM
Yeah, right!
Tim Graham? Whats the point of printing anything he says? His educated source is probably a fourth grader.
08/14/2014 6:11PM
NO NO NO to Golisano!!!
Yes he saved the Sabres....Thank You for that, but then he gutted a cup contender! Add to that that he would be likely to bring in that Idiot Quinn....No Thanks!!! I would take the Donald many times before even considering Golisano!
08/14/2014 6:17PM
Big Willie
I certainly hope that Mr. Pegula wins the bid for the Bills! I think he should run for Mayor too.....Keep this wonderful sports town going in the right direction!
08/14/2014 8:35PM
So i'm interested in how this article at all proves or states that the Bills are Pegula's to lose........... I've read this same S*** article from this station for the past month, at no point does it prove or state anything that indicates pegula's a front runner for the bills or that the bills are his to lose.........WEAK......WEAK.....WEAK.... WGR
08/14/2014 8:56PM
Bills new ownership
06``hope so no bon jov
08/14/2014 9:51PM
go pegula!!!
Plzz plzz plzz pegula win the bid!!!! 👍
08/15/2014 10:33AM
Go Bon Jovi!!!
Rig up that steel horse and load up the wagon Festus while I go up to Doc's to see how Kitty is doing........OK Matthew.
08/15/2014 11:08AM
To The Pegula Haters
Here we have a man (Pegula) who owes our city nothing. Yet do to his fondness for our people, & our pride we take in our region reached out and saved one of our most beloved treasures (The Sabres). And not only that but he is playing a big part in revitalizing our downtown area with the new complex, not to mention giving money towards the waterfront construction as well. But nevermind all that...OUR SABRES AREN'T WINNING! BOO FN HOO! Do you people know why the Sabres have been in mediocrisy as long as they have? Do you!? Because Regier and the previous owners were doing nothing more than the equivalent of painting a crumbling house. Make it look shiny for the hordes of morons out there who know nothing more about the sport of hockey then what they see on TV. Any smart business man & sports person understands that at some point you need to cut the proverbial chord & start over. AND THAT IS WHAT MR PEGULA HAS DONE! Oh wait that's his fault because he should've fired Regier right when he walked in the door! Nevermind the fact that he had never owned a sports franchise, or the fact that he had to review years of financial records, & personnel history. Why not just fire everyone on a whim! Because that would be the smart thing to do. (sarcasm heavily applied) So in short I'd like to sum up the haters source of disdain here....We have a man who has already heavily invested in our city for no other reason outside his love it's people & the region. A man who has our hockey team on the verge of being perrenial contenders again, and now he wants to buy the Buffalo Bills on his own, meaning the price is basically no concern of his and doesn't want or need anyones help to do it. Which is basically the equivalent of us buying something for someone we love just because we can and want too....AND YOU GUYS HATE HIM FOR IT??? Bravo people, Bravo.
08/15/2014 11:52AM
Retired fanman
Let's get the team first, then worry about winning, then worry about a yes or no stadium issue. Let's not say no to a stadium before the NFL meeting as they look at it from a money making deal. That could kill the vote to accept Terry as owner.
08/15/2014 8:13PM
Pegula sports monopoly
Buffalo Bills need to be owned by somebody devoting 100% to our team. The Pegula sports monopoly will ruin our sports town. Aren't the losing Sabers proof enuf!!!
08/15/2014 10:46PM
Shady business
So when do you feel that its appropriate to mention that WGR and the Buffalo Sabres are business partners? Not when Pegula is trying to buy the Bills, because WGR wants to seem objective and impartial, right?
08/15/2014 11:44PM
Bon Jovi is our winner!!!
John Bon Jovi please save Buffalo Bills from the Pegula sports complex
08/16/2014 8:27AM
And the winner is.......................Thomas B. Golisano
Larry Quinn will know how to get a football franchise going and getting a new stadium built. A good name for the stadium could be proposed as "Crossroads Entertainment and Sports Complex" just saying. I'm all in on Thomas Golisano buying the Buffalo Bills. Would Larry know how to open up a new radio station and a television sports network without arrogant talk show hosts and beat reporters? I think so. Things would go PURRRRRRFECT.
08/16/2014 11:59AM
Thank You So MUCH! To the haters = grow up
08/16/2014 12:05PM
"Bon Jovi is our winnner"?? U clown. Anyone affiliated with Toronto has only 1 thing in mind & that is move the team to TORONTO. Don't EVER, EVER, EVER trust BJ whatever he writes or says. PS Growing up in my neighborhood Bon Jovisucked.
08/16/2014 2:03PM
I'd love to see Golisano hitch himself up to Pegula's wagon as a non-controlling minority partner.
08/17/2014 5:16AM
No trust for Pegula
Pegula should be confined to his hockey team and the sick relationship that WGR has with the Sabers. Buffalo deserves better!!
08/17/2014 12:01PM
clearly written by a homer writer trying to sell newspapers. Where are the facts??? Joe - you seem to be developing into a master of reporting nothing. Very concerning as you do appear to be smart on the surface. How about NOT writing for once...
08/19/2014 7:30AM
08/22/2014 1:24PM
To the sabres/bills haters
TAKE A LONG WALK OFF A SHORT PIER, all you want to do is get a rise out of people with negative comments. I'm sure your real lives are as pathetic as your comments.........
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