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By Joe Buscaglia
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Bills make it official: Alan Branch released

Going into the final week of the preseason, defensive tackle Alan Branch had close to zero room for error in order to make the final roster of the Buffalo Bills. Branch blew right through all his warnings and following his arrest on the weekend, and now the Bills have elected to release the defensive tackle from his contract.

Branch was arrested for drunk driving the night and morning before the team took on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in their fourth preseason game. Bills head coach Doug Marrone announced after the game that the defensive tackle was excused from being at the stadium due to an unspecified arrest.

The Bills released Branch, absolving them of most of the three-year extension they signed him to last December. It wasa three-year contract that totaled $9.3 million if it was played out in full. The $3.1 million signing bonus they paid him in December is his to keep, but there isn't many more ramifications past that.

They'll be on the hook for $775,000 against the cap, which is his prorated bonus. The remaining money owed in a cap hit would be a total of $1.55 million, which are the remaining two years of prorated bonuses. That can either be lumped all together in 2015 if the Bills choose to.

It was the last straw for Branch, who was a no-show, no-call non-participant at voluntary Organized Team Activities. He also showed up to training camp out of shape, failing his conditioning test and then fell behind on the depth chart to three younger players. Branch, 29, spent just one full season with the Bills.

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08/24/2014 4:11PM
Bills make it official: Alan Branch released
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08/24/2014 4:16PM
My take
Who would have known? Now a quarterback out there can fill the roster spot.
08/24/2014 4:28PM
Next stop
New England.
08/24/2014 5:12PM
they never learn
this is a sad day for Branch but most players will just blow this off as normal-but he still gets rewarded with keeping his bonus- there should be a morals clause in all players contracts that if for any reason they are released from the team that was a result of the players bad judgment? that the bonus be returned- 3.1 mill will buy a lot of booze and pay a lot of legal fees
08/24/2014 5:14PM
See Ya'
Good riddance. Whaley, go get a qb.
08/24/2014 5:48PM
Bills cut a diseased Branch
Let me get this straight. The Bills give him a nice three year extension and to show his appreciation, he is a no show at the offseason workouts, doesn't call, reports to training camp out of shape , and then when he is real danger of not making theteam he gets arrested for a DWI. Good going Alan. Don't let the door hit you on the way out!
08/24/2014 5:49PM
Whats He Care?
This fool will wind up blowing 30x the money an average working man would need to turn his financial life around. Pathetic man/boy.
08/24/2014 6:12PM
Con artist
Glad it's not my money.
08/24/2014 6:15PM
Too Much Time and Money
I bet he'll be broke in a week, coked up on some street corner, serving as some pimps body guard.
08/24/2014 6:31PM
...how someone can p#ss away an opportunity.
08/24/2014 6:43PM
Way to check out....
Big Boy. Stay classy.
08/24/2014 6:49PM
Put back the 8th grade picture of Joe atop the page. It goes better with the blogs. Thank you. OK, back to the topic: I didn't see this coming. I was expecting something else. Can't wait till hockey starts and the Sabres begin the fight to pushtowards the playoffs.
08/24/2014 6:51PM
good riddance
He was slugo!
08/24/2014 6:53PM
perfect fit
he was a perfect fit for the rest of these clowns.....
08/24/2014 7:11PM
What a Joke
This guy got paid $3,100,000 to mess around and never play a down for us? Unbelievable! Who "selects" these street thugs? PS- Love the ink...
08/24/2014 7:16PM
It's amazing how many players there are that like to go drincoln and drive on this team.
08/24/2014 7:18PM
No they should do the same with EJ, Moorman & Lewis
08/24/2014 7:47PM
Get Out of Town
Alan Branch...you get back what you give... very simple…bye!
08/24/2014 7:48PM
What a bumb
08/24/2014 8:41PM
job opening
can I apply for the latest opening ? I will sign for half as much and drink all night long then go on vacation. sounds good to me. hey Allen want to go fishing ? just bring the beer.
08/24/2014 8:51PM
hands up...
nuff said...
08/24/2014 8:53PM
Good Riddance
I hope you had the time of your life.
08/24/2014 9:01PM
Branch is a real character guy. Good guy to have around in the locker room. Winner.
08/24/2014 11:28PM
Operation Overlord
Bum. Good riddance. This is a wroking-class town with a solid work ethic. This man was both lazy and stupid. Hit the road, jack, and don't ya come back no more.
08/25/2014 4:32AM
I wish I could get 3.1M and be a drunk!
08/25/2014 5:37AM
Good Riddance Fatbody
Thank you Marrone/Whaley for sending this one packing.
08/25/2014 5:50AM
Well he had to see this comming.
for a player who had a good year last year and sink this low was very sad. I hope he get his life together on another team. But at his age their won't be to many teams knocking on the door. Unless they need him bad hey alan good luck to you down theroad. Because when you did play for us last year you were doing your thing. Well that will open the door for somebody else to make the team. lets go bufffalo.
08/25/2014 7:11AM
Did anyone proofread this before posting? Good lord! My 12 year old has better grammar.
08/25/2014 9:22AM
P's & Q's
Would you please pass your contributions by the Grammar Girl? Short of that, a proofreader?
08/25/2014 9:30AM
Looking for transactions
It's 9:30AM, did the Bills find a quarterback yet? IT'S TEBOW TIME!!!
08/25/2014 9:50AM
Ultimate responsibility
Let's see...you allowed EJ to be drafted, you let your inexperienced head coach hire an even more inexperienced OC, you gave up your first pick in a draft that sure looks like a top 3 next year, you wasted your number 2 pick on Venus de Kuwanjo, andyou gave this slug 3 mil to insult this team and community. You got some 'splaining to do Doug. Can't wait for Pegula!
08/25/2014 11:25AM
Signed the wrong guy
They should have re-signed Alex Carrington instead. Maybe the Bills will get lucky and the Rams will cut him.
08/25/2014 1:49PM
Second Chance
My Head Hurts..That Night Train's A Mean Wine. BRING BACK RITCHIE INCOGNITIO. No room for sallies on this team.
08/26/2014 8:42AM
A young man in trouble
Sounds like bigger issues here. Has the world at his doorstep and he screws it up. I think this young man needs serious help, more going on here than just sports.
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